Shadowhunters' Newest 'Ship: Is It a Perfect Pairing or a Major Mistake?

Shadowhunters Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers of a most sexy nature from Monday’s Shadowhunters. If you haven’t watched, return from whence you came.

The final minutes of Monday’s Shadowhunters introduced a curious new pairing — and we have a feeling you might have some feelings about their feelings. You feel?

Jace and Maia, having spent most of the hour at each other’s throats as they clashed over the Inquisitor’s new arrest-innocent-Downworlders policy, ended the hour at each other’s… well, it’s not clear how far they went, but if you’re willing to start undressing in the middle of a back alley, there’s a good chance you’re willing to do a lot more.

So, let’s talk: How do we feel about this naughty turn of events? My gut tells me that Maia and Jace are just sort of “helping” each other while they wait for the true objects of their affection — aka Simon and Clary, respectively — to become available. But is any relationship ever that simple on this show? Did Maia really mean it when she told Jace that their encounter doesn’t mean anything, or was she also lying to herself?

And if they are just helping each other out through times of loneliness, how do we think Clary and Simon will feel about that? I’m genuinely unsure how I should be processing this, so please drop a comment with your take below.

Elsewhere this week…

* Jace was appointed the new head of the New York Institute, a title he almost immediately passed along to Alec.

* A bottle of whisky and a night of reminiscing with Dot nearly led Magnus into temptation, but he was delivered from cheating by his feelings for Alec: “I’ve always been a one-soul-at-a-time kind of guy.” (In other news, can we get a flashback from Magnus’ sexy times with Freddie Mercury?!)

* Simon’s daylighting ability has turned him into something of a vampire rockstar; he’s not into the idea of being a leader, but he doesn’t mind the affect its having on attendance at his concerts.

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