The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: Saving Hope

Blissfully unaware that the greatest threat they’ve ever known was occupying the body of their youngest, most powerful family member, the Mikaelsons returned to their regular routines on Friday’s episode of The Originals.

Of course, “regular” behavior for this family required convincing Marcel to rethink his city-wide ban on all things Mikaelson. Following last week’s big kiss, Rebekah was sure she could use their old flame to melt his icy exterior (“Tell me you feel nothing for me, and I’ll never ask you again,” she told him), and while he didn’t directly answer her question, she still found herself out the door in under two minutes.

Hayley, meanwhile, wrestled the “complicated” issues facing her relationship with Elijah. And while Rebekah tried to explain that his love for her is “simple,” Hayley confided that the darkness she saw in his mind might be “who he really is at his core.”

All of those problems took a collective backseat to saving Hope once the gang realized what was going on, but even with everyone firing on all cylinders — I honestly lost count of how many Hollow followers (Hollowers?) Marcel killed in that cemetery — their enemy wasn’t going down without a fight. A brutal, bloody, daughter-against-mother fight.

Fate briefly appeared to swing in the Mikaelsons’ favor — Klaus convinced his daughter to keep fighting, while Vincent trapped Inadu in a magic circle — but it swung right back around at the last minute, returning The Hollow to Hope’s body. The episode ended on a particularly devastating note, with Elijah revealing that there might still be a way to save Hope… but it’ll mean “the end of ‘always and forever.'” Dun, dun, dun!

Additional thoughts…

* While I’m obviously proud of Hayley for taking a stand and breaking free of an abusive situation, I have to admit that I’m surprised her storyline with Elijah is going in that direction at all. I’ll be interested to see how their relationship is handled moving forward, now that it’s been firmly established as toxic.

* I do, however, still love Freya and Keelin’s relationship. I also loved Freya’s explanation for coming out: “It just hit me that when I die, I’m not going to wake up five minutes later. Compared to the rest of my family, my life is going to b so short — and I didn’t want to waste it running anymore.”

* Hayley’s insistence on sending Hope “somewhere else” (aka Mystic Falls) has me so excited for what Season 5 — and beyond, who knows? — could have in store for her.

Your thoughts on this week’s stressful hour? Hopes for next week’s finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Gilded Lady says:

    Hayley had Klaus kill a dozen hybrids for her own selfish means. Girl is just as bad as they are! And Elijah never hid what she was, so this turn just feels laughable. Elijah can do way better.

    • luvprue1 says:

      Exactly! I find it ridiculous that they keep trying to write Hayley as this sweet innocent girl who not as bad as the Mikaelson. She had 12 hybrid FRIENDS killed for no other reason but to see her dead parents. So sweet and innocent went out the window when she was on TVD. I agree with you about it being laughable. Harley come off as a hypocrite. Elijah can do way better. I feel like the writers are hellbent on making me not like Hayley. Haylijah was the best thing about Hayley. It made her interesting.

      • Kayla says:

        What makes it worse is that she knew Klaus’ reputation and knew he went after family. She stayed in the Lockwood Manor as a guest smiling in Carol’s face knowing she was setting up her death. That’s stone cold. All of the siblings acknowledge that Elijah is the best of them and Klaus is three times worst so how could he be a worst influence on Hope than her own father? Haley’s hypocritical BS as usual. I have never liked Haylijah because it brought Elijah down so I hope it is over for good. Let Elijah find someone he doesn’t need to fix or save instead of the likes of Hayley or Katherine. Bonus if it is not someone his brother has slept with.

        • Jane says:

          I think Hayley clearly admitted that she’s also a monster and she even told Rebekah that she can be okay with how dark Elijah is. But she doesn’t want Hope to learn that it’s okay to be with such a man, she wants to make healthier choices now that she has a kid and set a better example for Hope, at least in the situations that she has control over. It might not work but Hayley wants to at least try. They can still have Elijah “working on becoming a better man” and have Haylijah endgame at the end.

          • KS says:

            Yeah, but it’s just ridiculous how they’re suddenly acting like this is an abusive relationship because his spirit or essence attacked her or whatever.

          • Michael J Angelo III says:

            @KS…They aren’t portraying it as a suddenly “abusive relationship” but I don’t find it problematic that Hayley “suddenly” came to the realization that she needed to protect her daughter from that family. I love all of those monstrous siblings but they are most certainly monsters. And, in Hayley’s case (as it would be in a real relationship with two mortal human beings), sometimes the fog of love allows you to ignore what is right until you are forced to leave the haze.

            I’m not even a fan of Hayley’s, but I don’t think that she is the judgmental B that people are painting her to be.

        • luvprue1 says:

          Exactly. Everyone has a dark side. So why judge Elijah for his. I feel it’s ridiculous because they are not only killing Haylijah, but assassinating all we know about Elijah character. We all know that Elijah have done some horrible things . Some worse then Klaus. That’s why the red door was created to hide all that ugliness.
          If you pull back the layers of every werewolf,vampire , or hybrid you will find a monster. If they were to go into Hayley ‘s mind you will find a monster hidden behind the surface. Hayley a hybrid but beneath the surface she (along with all vampire) are nothing more then demons.

        • Cbradshaw6945 says:

          If Hayley really thought the Mikelsons were so bad, then why did she revive them? In the 5 years it took her to figure out the cure for Marcels bite, did she not realize what she was doing. She knew who and what the Mikelsons were about. Death and chaos follows that family anywhere they go. If Hayley was too stupid to realize that in the 5 years it took to revive them all, knowing then her daughter would be a part of their life too, why would she revive them. Really, if Haley wanted to, she could have avoided all of this. Of course that would mean the end of the show, so I’m glad that she did bring them all back! I love this show!

      • Esther A says:

        Hayley is certainly not innocent or a saint that I can say.

    • Sophia says:

      Exactly! Right on!

    • Michael J Angelo III says:

      I think that you may have missed the point. She said that she too had done horrible things and wasn’t suggesting that she was somehow more virtuous than Elijah. More importantly, her issue wasn’t with Elijah’s past or his dark nature but her fear that her daughter would realize that she(Hayley) was “fine with it”. She is only concerned about protecting her daughter.

  2. Lucy says:

    Where was Rebekah? I know she was unconscious due to The Hollow but Hayley also got knocked out much later and they both reappeared at the same time. I refuse to believe that Rebekah was unconscious for longer than Hayley. She’s on OG vampire. Although the theories were funny.

    I’m still not a fan of The Hollow nor a child being the big bad. A child being evil just never works. However, I am intrigued by the setup for the finale and the proposed time jump makes even more sense (because you know nothing can keep The Mikaelsons separated but having them fix it in a few months is pointless, the time jump makes it feel like more of a sacrifice and the reunions even more special). It will be interesting to see which 4 of the family have it spilt in them.

    Sidenote: Andy, I love your reviews week in and week out even if I don’t agree, I appreciate your time in writing them, can you please use some leeway and ask the show to use lighter lighting?

    • Lucy says:

      I’m not a Freelin shipper – I don’t hate it, but I couldn’t see their scenes indoor which feels criminal.

      • Ella says:

        Seriously, they should shoot outdoors more if they can’t afford to light a soundstage. They all looked super hot in natural light in the first couple eps and I didn’t have to strain my eyes trying to make out what was happening.

        • Lucy says:

          That god I’m not the only one that thinks that. I was sitting with the lights off and I still struggled to see. I get that this is meant to be a dark supernatural show, but dark lighting doesn’t make it one.

          It’s been going on for ages but a lot of good scenes are missed because of it. Sometimes I have no idea what is going on exactly because of it.

          • Ella says:

            It’s definitely not you! I’ve read it in other places. The random bunches of candles they use sometimes *kill* me. Like, they walk into an empty crypt and there’s dozens of ’em. Who lights them?! I think the idea that dark lighting = dark tone is pretty silly. Shows like TWD manage just fine in a variety of shades. Honestly, it sounds like something I’d hear from a first year film student who’s convinced they’re the next Kubrick lol.

      • Lydia odey says:

        what do you mean criminal Lucy?

        • Lucy says:

          I thought it was a crime to not be able to clearly see the Freelin scenes indoors, especially when you consider their sex scene or their love scene and other ships in the past got lighter lighting for that.

          • Lydia odey says:

            I just feel family watched this show, so they are being careful the seens they show.

          • Lucy says:

            But TVD and TO has no problem with the other sex scenes? But seriously, they do need to work on their lighting. I swear it was that bad in S1.

          • Lucy says:


          • Lydia odey says:

            My kids watch this show and pretend they dont, I know it but they don’t know I know so I want them to be careful what they show. consider age from 15 and above.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you! I miss half the scenes because I am thinking, “could you turn on some lamps?!”

    • Andy Swift says:

      LOL I have this problem with a *lot* of shows. Too dark! Literally. (We posted a deleted Vampire Diaries clip on the site the other day that I could barely even see.)

      • Lucy says:

        Yeah, it feels like dramas that want to be scary or dark want to use dark lighting and it leaves viewers unable to see a thing. It is possible to use low-key lighting and be able to see without losing the intended atmosphere, many films have done it in the past!
        Also I felt that the Freelin sexy times were a bit harsh to have in dark lighting, don’t they deserve to be able to see each other.

      • swrwade says:

        It was Vincent that made the comment about giving up always and forever not Elijah.

    • I thought Rebekah was daggered. Isn’t that what happened?

      • Lydia odey says:

        That’s what happened

      • Lucy says:

        I know that but she appeared to be out for too long, Hayley was taken out ages afterwards yet they both returned at the same time? Rebekah must have woken up before Hayley so what was she doing in that time? Also how did no one notice her missing?

    • Carla Krae says:

      I think you guys all need to adjust or upgrade your TVs. I’ve never had a problem seeing scenes on our Samsung flat screen.

      • Lydia odey says:

        neither have have I on my LG

      • Lucy says:

        Sometimes I watch on my laptop. It’s still the same problem.

      • Jane says:

        LOL TO indoor scenes are very dark, we normally watch this show in the dark because if there is light in the room, or God forbid, sunlight, it’s almost impossible to see some parts of an episode, especially indoor fights and action scenes

      • Jennifer says:

        I have a high-end Samsung flat screen…those scenes are dark! I even turn up the brightness and indoor scenes are difficult to see.

    • Fabrizia says:

      Clair Holt is a guest star and wants to do as little as possible.

  3. Katie says:

    So not feeling the Freya-Keelin hook-up. This episode had me literally shouting at the television screen: Hayley’s realization that at his core, Elijah’s a monster (me yelling “No s*** Sherlock! What do you expect!”), Hope aka the Hollow staking Rebekah (“OMG!!) not mention kicking Hayley’s butt (“Whoa! What?!) to Marcel being distracted by the Hollow followers (“oh come ON! Kill them and get back to Vincent!”) and Sofya not only rescuing Marcel and thus Vincent but also telling Klaus he needs to tell his little girl to fight on (“Hey! She IS useful after all!” Good advice!”) to the Hollow burning the book (“NOOO!”) to Hope walking in on the Hollow followers who bow to her (“Oh, we’re toast.”) to finally Klaus pleading with the rest of his family to not give up on his daughter and help him save her. I nearly cried at that last one. Joseph Morgan is just amazing! As you can see I’m not too emotionally involved in the show! lol! ;) For next week’s season finale, I’m going to have to stack up Kleenex. Something tells me I’m going to need it! That’ll set us up for the time jump and an older Hope, whom, I learned from another website, will be getting a love interest for next season: a newly turned vamp named Roman whose family is apparently as screwed up as hers. That’ll be interesting seeing as she’ll be at least 17 if not older with the time jump. That should be fun. Can’t wait till next week!

    • Lydia odey says:

      I thought keelin and Freya’s hookup was a waste of screen time and also mine but since I care for all Mikaelsons, I’ll let it pass. who hasn’t seen that before! I think Hope will fight and win the hallow in her body. Yes Klaus speech is amazing, what I like most in this episode.

      • luvprue1 says:

        I love Klaus’s speech to his family about not giving up on his daughter,almost as much as I love Klaus speech to Hope about why he need her in his life. I don’t like the time jump unless we are going to get some flashbacks. It seem to me like they are killing the show and replacing it with a show about a teenage Hope and some witches.

        • Lydia odey says:

          yes i also feel that’s what they are doing, replacing the show. which I’m against it I don’t have enough Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, keelin and more time.

      • Lucy says:

        I don’t ship it but the Freelin scenes don’t bother me, there are other scenes that annoy me more.

        • Lydia odey says:

          Lucy which one

          • Lucy says:

            Just when they are being dumbasses at times. Like Hayley and Klaus leaving Hope alone without a babysitter. In 4×08 Hope wanders across New Orleans by herself – the girl couldn’t have gotten kidnapped and even though she rescued Klaus, she got rewarded for wandering by herself and not punished. The Hayley worship as she leads, blaming them for staying in NOLA. Vincent tells Klaus that the acolytes stole the book with the spell to destroy the Hollow, Klaus tells Vincent he has a library full of grimoires and to take his pick.

            This week wasn’t the worst but a lot of times this season, they have left Hope home alone which leaves her in danger or just wandering across NOLA when they know that The Hollow is after Lebonair blood.

          • Lydia odey says:

            true Lucy

          • Oke says:

            This is no joke, the entire week has been fool of stupid and very foolish actions from all side. it’s been nothing but annoying. I’m surprised, are the writers unable to cook up a great story with a twist that will make our jaw drop.

          • luvprue1 says:

            LOL! Harley so concern about her daughter , yet she leaves her home alone without even bothering to compel a babysitter

    • luvprue1 says:

      I’m not feeling Freya and Kneeling hookup neither. I feel that it’s another way to sideline a character who could be put to better use. I’m also is not feeling a 17 year old Hope . Don’t get me wrong , I think seeing a 17 year old Hope would be interesting providing that the time jump is not a permanent one. We miss out on so much when there is a time jump. Plus someone will miss out on Hope growing up. So if the Originals can’t be around one another that means they are going to miss Hope growing up. I do not like the idea of that. I do not like the idea of Klaus, or Elijah not being to see Hope for 10 years.

    • Cbradshaw6945 says:

      Where did you get that info? Seriously, post a link.

    • Angelfan says:

      Exactly what this show doesn’t needs…a teen love story.


    Toxic?? How ridiculous…Freya keeps Keelin hostage and Elijah and Haley are toxic. Please explain how a man whose done nothing but make sure she’s alright and happy is toxic I’d really like to know.

    • Lydia odey says:

      laugh, that my friend is a stupid thing for them to say. He has done everything for her and she sees him as the threat. Hayley’s character never seized to annoy me.

    • Jane says:

      Carina MacKenzie tweeted that Haylijah isn’t toxic but unhealthy and apparently Hayley is used to make a statement that a woman doesn’t have to justify not wanting to be in a relationship: if she doesn’t want to, she can leave, no explanation given. I think it’s important to promote healthier relationships on tv, but it’s way too late for TO to do that. All their relationships are unhealthy, but Hayley is forever special so she’s gonna be the one to set an example for us

  5. Liz says:

    This was the most boring episode. Nothing was achieved except now everyone knows about the Hollow/Hope. The plot didn’t move forward at all, this was totally a filler episode.

    • Lucy says:

      It was filler but sets things up for the finale.

    • Nic says:

      You could seriously have fit most of the actually important stuff from the last 2 episodes into a single episode. It feels like they’re spinning their wheels right before the finale. And they’ve been boring to boot.

      • Lucy says:

        They tried to wrap things up a bit in case it got canned. But don’t let this surprise you, they are roughly the same people that use to work on TVD and look at that finale – it was like they forgot the show was ending and quickly wrapped it up in 40 minutes.

  6. Dominique says:

    while i appreciate this show finally adressing how toxic most of their relationships are – and i sure hope freya/keelin are next – hayley not wanting to be around elijah for the reasons she’s expressed in these past few episodes is really the pot calling the kettle black. she’s no saint herself, she’s killed dozens if not hundreds of people, not all of those were done to make sure her family was safe. so if she’s going to adress the monster elijah is, she has to adress the monster she is.
    i was surprised by this episode’s turn of events, and in a good way. they didn’t beat the hollow. despite all their effort, power and knowledge, she still gained the upper hand. i like it. she’ll be defeated in the end, of course, but i like that she’s not going down without a serious fight.

    • Fabrizia says:

      She did address herself being a monster. If it was just the two of them there wouldn’t be a problem, but now she has the responsability to raise Hope right and it’s already hard with Klaus without adding Elijah in the mix.

  7. Carla Krae says:

    The Hayley and Elijah thing is a weird choice and doesn’t feel authentic. Hayley’s a badass hybrid, so what is she afraid of? It’s one thing to not want Hope in the cycle of violence, but Hayley acting afraid of Elijah is ridiculous. Everything else about the season I’m in to. Just not this.

    • Lydia odey says:

      suddenly she has standard for Hope, did she leave it somewhere when she dragged Hope around with four coffins? I hate self righteous people. pretend ones.

      • gift says:

        Hahaha I quite understand that. Her self righteousness is what the writers are forcing on the character and it isn’t working. Hayley is badass, she’s always been known to do whatever it takes to achieve what she wants. How is that so different from Elijah? Zed you certainly are right that she build up this fantasy around Elijah to make he seem like a knight in shining armor. Elijah is not perfect neither is anyone of them except for Hope. And Rebekah please move on now, it’s clear Marcel has.

        • Jane says:

          I agree that no matter why Hayley is doing it, it is quite OOC for her. All these years she knew Elijah has killed thousands, she’s seen him shedding blood. If the writers wanted Hayley to do right by her kid they should’ve used the fact that it’s a relationship b/w Hope’s mum and uncle and make Hope being not okay with it, like any kid would’ve been

        • Angelfan says:


      • Fabrizia says:

        The Originals are much less scary when they are inside a coffin.

  8. Norma says:

    I love the Krio. I sadden by how Elijah is being portrayed as a bad guy. It’s like the story is heading to no love story for Elijah and Galey..

  9. Serah Cheatham says:

    Can’t get enough Freya/Keelin. They make a wonderfully gorgeous ship. Really wish the Hollow thing was over. Love the character Sofya, hoping that she sticks around for season 5. I also want more Freya/Keelin in season 5.

  10. Erick Voshel says:

    I think this was one of the best episodes of the season. It really ups the stakes for the season finale next week. So far, this season has been really great. I just wish this season had more episodes & they should have built up the threat of the Hollow more slowly. 13 episodes is not enough for an epic series like this.

  11. zed says:

    Well, I wouldn’t call Haylijah necessarily toxic, but there is one truth there, and that is the fact that Hayley had this whole fantasy thing built around Elijah, and her infatuation with him made her wear rosy coloured glasses on, thinking that he is nothing like the others, because he was kind to her and concerning unlike Klaus. Elijah also built this thing about her as he is always looking for Tatia in all these women actually. But saying that, Delena had the most abusive relationship and yet JP put them together in the end. And I think Haylijah will be back on in season 5. Hayley, a monster herself will accept Elijah, the monster as well. They will scamper away into the sunset holding hands.
    Other thoughts- well, Klaus opening up to Hope telling her about his own monster within- right. And Hope now having the load that her father will not succumb to his darkness only cuz of her, being his anchor of goodness is a bit heavy to carry, isn’t it? Being good and wanting to change should come from you deep inside you. There is always this conflict now with the Originals- do we want them reedem themselves or not? I would like to see them at the end of ends actually do something for the greater good, and not just their family. Raise the bar with that family doing something involving them to get rid of some super evil next season and save the world. Lol. But why not. Lol. Next season must be super epic.

    • Fabrizia says:

      I think Klaus will die in the end.

      • Jane says:

        Nah too repetitive, we’ve already got one brother dying ending in TVD. They might end up in the coffins and it will be an open ended final with a hint that someone will awaken them in the future

        • Oke says:

          Ending up in the coffin will be the same thing over and over. some is going to die but it certainly not Klaus. Have the gone nuts? if Klaus dies, the show is done for. Even people that clams they don’t watch the show for Klaus are lairs , you hate him or love him, the show is Klaus.

  12. Caitlin says:

    So Elijah from a thousand years ago, just newly turned into a Vampire, doesn’t realize who Hayley is and beats her up/nearly kills her. Now we’re supposed to believe this falls under domestic abuse!? He didn’t see her as the woman he loves. He saw a stranger. But because of Trump, Plec insists she must end that relationship so it doesn’t romanticize abuse. KOL LITERALLY KILLED DAVINA and they’ve run off in the sunset together now. Giiiiiveee meee a breaaaaakkkk

    • Lucy says:

      If this was a different episode like the one before then I’d believe it slightly. But in the same episode they claimed Halijah as abusive while having Kolvina ride off into the sunset. It just doesn’t add up.

    • Kenzie says:

      It’s ridiculous. There may be legit reasons to end Hayley/Elijah, but this “abuse” claim isn’t one of them because there was no actual abuse in their relationship.

      • gift says:

        Her attitude is a good reason. it isn’t right. Before the originals what family did she have then?

        • Jane says:

          I think she’s kind of missing the fact that Hope will be Mikaelson no matter where she goes. She can’t hide Hope from this. And her breaking up with Elijah doesn’t really make a big difference. Elena’s parents presumably were in healthy relationship, but she still ended up sandwiched between two murderers and became a murderer herself. Can’t run from the fate

          • Oke says:

            There is what they called faith, destiny and no one can change their faith. No matter how one try, they end up in the same place you are meant to be. In TVD stafan and Damon was blamed for Elena’s predicament but in fact she was meant to face all this troubles, Klaus would have gotten to her even though the brothers weren’t there. infact, they kept her alive for so long. Hope might go anywhere but will still end up where she is now fighting​ her family’s and her battle. so Hayley get over your idiotic self.

    • luvprue1 says:

      Never mind the fact that Elijah was technically dead, which is bound to make you a little angry. So because Hayley invaded Elijah’s mind and went behind the red door (she could have stood outside the red door and yell his name like Hope did for her) that no one is allowed. He attack her because he never known her in his past and all demons are just demons. So she broke up with her and she claims it’s for Hope sake. But Hope is going to grow up thinking that she did something wrong. She loves her family and Hayley claim she need to send Hope away from them to protect her innocent does not hold water, and it’s not even possible considering all Hope been through. You can take a Mikaelson out of New Orleans, but you can’t take a Mikaelson out of a Mikaelson.

  13. Lydia odey says:

    Hayley, Hayley you make me laugh, where in the world was hope ever going to be save? she was was far away and the hallow still got to her who were you trying to throw blame at? Poor Elijah has been defying his brother Klaus since he met you, for you. again you make me laugh. Klaus I’m loving you more. Hope is a fighter, she will fight her way out. Rebekah I hope you finally go the answer about Marcel, move on already.

  14. Jodi Masciave says:

    Hayley has admitted several times throughout the season that she done terrible things in her lifetime. She reaffirmed again last week saying in her speech to Jack that she was a nonster too. When she said, I know what I have to do, I just gotta be brave enough to do it. I think she wasn’t just referring to Elijah, she was also talking about herself.

  15. luvprue1 says:

    I don’t like the direction this show is going. I haven’t really like it all that much this season compare to the other season. I hate Marcel, I don’t trust Vincent and I’m sick of Hayley being a hypocrite.

    I wish they hadn’t made Freya come out as gay. I loved her chemistry with Stefan,and with Lucian in season 2 . I feel by permanently establishing her as gay ( why can’t she be bisexual?) They are missing out on a lot of interesting storyline . Like her dating one of Elijah, or Klaus’s friends. Her and Rebecca falling for the same guy. I think as gay she’s not going to have the intensity in her relationship as the other characters have had.

    I stated last week that Rebecca was setting herself up for a heartbreak ,and sure enough I was right. Rebecca once again had stand by and watch Marcel being all loving towards Sofya. I wish they would write a better storyline for Rebecca. They should give her a new love interest . Someone other then Marcel.

    Harley and Elijah broke up. So are they going to get rid of Elijah, or Hayley? If they decide to keep them both , I wish they will give Elijah a new love interest.

    So Davina left town and did not tell Marcel, nor Vincent that she is back and alive?! Doesn’t that seem a bit odd? What is even odder then that is the fact that Josh haven’t told anyone that Davina is back.

    The hollow is inside of Hope and Hayley notice it right away . I glad they didn’t drag it out . Vincent had a plan to free Hope of the hollow. However he tells them in order for the plan to go through they must Never see each other again. I am calling bullying on that plan unless the writers never want to see the audience again. Someone need to call the charmed ones because i’m sick of the Hollow and I don’t want this stupid storyline to continue into season 5. This season has been a totally crap fest. The show had gotten rid of everything that made the show original. Klaus and Elijah no longer has a storyline. The Originals are no longer the strongest vampire around, and now the show is not going to be abouts the original family?! There is nothing left . There is no reason for the core audience to return next season if they get rid of all the Originals.

    • Lucy says:

      She is bi.

    • cjk51 says:

      Wow, I think I agreed with most all of what you said. They’ve been ripping down everything I loved about the Originals for seasons now, just to promote other characters Instead of using their popularity to promote the show.

    • Andrew Ciaccio says:

      I think the same thing… They turned part of this towards an Elena and the Salvatore brothers type story cause why? It’s off air? Now fraya is talking about not living forever and Klaus says she’s part of it now but then Vincent says there’s going to be no more forever… Sounds like she’s going to die and become leader of the ancestors or something… Kinda stupid if they go that way… But it does sound like some one is out…

    • Oke says:

      Lol, Luvprue1 you’ve pretty much said it all. I like your thinking. Freya is a bi. I also sincerely hope they don’t distort the show by killing off the originals. Marcel, Hayley, sofya, keelin can die in the show for all I care but I will not stand any of the originals dying and most especially not klaus. I’ve said it before Marcel should be returned back to be a normal vampire that I can stand.

      • Oke says:

        destorying not distort

      • luvprue1 says:

        I agree. I hate that they are giving Marcel the super hero treatment. Marcel being stronger then Klaus Marcel might be why viewers are tuning out. That and the fact that the show became preachy. This is not a show about heroes vs Villains, nor about good vs evil. This is the show about the villains and heroes and in this show the Mikaelsons are both. That’s what Klaus said to Elijah in season 2

  16. AM i the only one who heard Vincent say to beat the hollow they have to never see each other again sounds like an ending to me I’m sick of Hailey and her dramatics she’s terrible at her core too she had good jackson and didn’t want or love him so cut the nonsense

  17. bluesman3535 says:

    I loved this penultimate episode. As I think about this season, I’ve decided it’s my favorite season of the show thus far. I really enjoyed this year’s story. It was well written and deepened many of the relationships on the show, even those involving dead, or previously dead, characters. What made this season different from previous ones was the tight focus on the story. Earlier seasons introduced tons of complex mythology, supplemented by a multitude of flashbacks and a stream of new characters entering this show. In years past, we had to deal with cutting the strings to Mystic Falls, establishing the New Orleans mythos, expanding the Original’s family, introducing many werewolf clans and politics, and the Stryx. We had many flashbacks to explain the new characters, explore their ties to the Originals, and set up the season’s mystic underpinnings. There were so many new, complex characters and plot lines to keep track of it was difficult to keep track of it all. This season, in contrast, was very tight. Fewer new characters were introduced – Hope, who was new yet not new, Sofya, and Keelin are the only ones who come to mind (I don’t count the nameless Hollow acolytes), and of course, the Hollow. We had very few flashbacks, only a handful to provide backstory for the Hollow plotline. I liked that the big bad wasn’t someone from the Original’s past, it freed the writers to keep the story tight and focused since they didn’t have to explain a thousand years of backstory between the villain and the Mikaelson family. By keeping the plot and characters set relatively simple, the writers really gave attention to the relationships between the characters, which had been through so much in the previous three seasons. Klaus and Haley. Haley and Elijah. Marcel and Rebekkah. Freya and her new/old family, etc. They even had time to revisit dead characters, such as Davina and Cami and show how those characters, even in death, affected others. Klaus evolved so much this year and last night’s episode really drove home how much being a father has changed him and by extension the entire Mikaelson family. This was the best season of the show, by far. I can’t wait to watch the finale!

    PS – as for the Season 5 time jump, I’m intrigued. My wish – merge the time jumped Originals, Mystic Falls remnants, i.e. Caroline and Alaric’s magik school, an older Hope and make this show the rebooted Charmed show.

  18. Kenzie says:

    This whole thing with Hayley and Elijah is ridiculous. While I wouldn’t necessarily call their relationship healthy – though almost no relationship on either TVD or TO was healthy – it’s a far cry from abusive. JP, and anyone else who sees this relationship as abusive, clearly doesn’t know what that word means. Damon/Elena? That was abusive. Damon continually violated Elena and stripped her of her consent. Damon also abused Caroline and Andie, while Katherine abused human-Stefan. Klaus spent most of the first season violating Cami via compulsion, Freya spent several episodes holding Keelin hostage, and Kol literally murdered Davina, though that one’s a bit more difficult to classify since he was supposedly not in control of his own actions at the time. None of these actual abusive dynamics gave her pause, but Hayley/Elijah did? Elijah, whose mind was literally shattered via magic to the point where he didn’t even recognize Hayley. Elijah, who wound up trapped in a memory of his earliest days as a vampire when he hadn’t learned to control his blood-lust. Elijah, who attacked Hayley in his MIND and he’s the one who gets labeled an abuser? This is the scene/moment where JP decides to draw a line? There may be a few legitimate reasons to end the Hayley/Elijah relationship, or at least put it on pause for a while, but this so-called “abuse” isn’t one of them.

  19. Danielle says:

    I was so confused lol please help! How did this plan not work…Hope was fighting and the mark disppeared, the Hollow was confined, and Vincent was doing the spell. I mean other than the fact the storyline has to continue…what went wrong?

    • gift says:

      you and I both can ask that again. lol I was confused too. Hope also disappeared from the the darkness where the hallow kept her. how did it not work?

      • Jane says:

        Yes it was strange. Plus I thought that the alternative body to put the Hollow in would naturally be Hayley – she also comes from the Hollow bloodline and all. It will be strange to have TO without TO ever being in the same room again.

    • Fabrizia says:

      the hollow is a badass and she overtrowned Vincent’s weak as* bound.

      • Oke says:

        The hallow is one witch, powerful or not she’s been Dead for a long time. she can’t be more smarter than Klaus or perhaps powerful with all their power combined. yes they’ve made it seem so, Klaus isn’t smarter anymore, he doesn’t even do the thing with his painting where he thinks and make his plans. what exactly did Freya even learn from their aunt Delia? she spent almost all her life with her, how come she learnt nothing! Well this is disappointing.

  20. gift says:

    oh I’m pissed! The Mikaelsons are powerful witches and beings, are they trying to say they​ don’t know how to cast protection spell for Hope or Waldorf spell or perhaps a spell to make sure the hallow wouldn’t inhabit Hope’s body again after leaving it to fight them. I won’t even start with Hayley she is conflicted. But what I do love is Klaus, his actions and speech. The way he spoke to his family it’s the best in over the history of the originals. Not a bad episode but definitely annoying in some parts.

    • Jane says:

      Yes it’s a bit strange, some 200-yr-old vamps and one witch just recently destroyed the whole freaking HELL, but Klaus and his siblings can’t do anything about one creepy witch with Vincent basically guiding them and Sofya giving Klaus advices like to actually check up on Hope, how she’s doing being possessed and all. Klaus hasn’t been very powerful lately. And I noticed that even the wildest Mikaelson – Kol – always get his butt kicked by absolutely everyone, Damon back in tvd, and in TO – by witches, Finn, Lucien etc. How did they survive for so long is a mystery

      • Gift says:

        hahaha that is a question to ask. where is kol anyways, his family is fighting for their life and he is off having a honeymoon. I hope he shows his face at the finale next week’s episode. show some loyalty. I know that they want to have something for the finale but I would really appreciate it if the story is convincing. This episode wasn’t so, they could do better. Freya seemed very powerful when she was introduced as the witch sister. Now she gets knocked out before battle.

        • Leah Pipes says:

          I’m sure Nate has been available for the show but they choose not use his character.

          • Oke says:

            very bad then what is an original without family and drama. Gift is right, kol might be cool but he needs to balance loyalty for his family and the woman he loves. because it doesn’t matter what family does we experience it every day in our lives, family is family good or bad.

  21. Marsha darrington says:

    Julie and carina pick haylijah ship to show that they have morals now

  22. Marsha darrington says:

    Carina and julie are terrible writers look at hayley and elijah I can’t believe how different there characters are now

  23. Guest says:

    So tired of Hayley! Please Julie just write her off the show! I don’t care if she admits vaguely that she is a “monster”. She’s clearly passing judgement and has decided that Elijah is a threat to her, her child, and her “innocence”. If anyone is a threat to Hope, it’s Hayley and her general idiocy. If it wasn’t for Hayley’s ridiculous plot armor, she and Hope would be dead. I HATE Haylijah and I’m glad they are breaking up but, even I think Hayley is completely full crap. Hayley is making a good decision to send Hope to the school but, they – of course – have to make Hayley a “victim” and crap all over Elijah in the process. He was unstable and screwed up and she’s acting like he’s some abuser she needs protection from. She saw who he really was and ran in the other direction because he’s “too dark and it’s part of who he is”, lol. So stupid.

    After seeing Hayley on her murder sprees and treating everyone like garbage at her convenience makes this direction absurd. If she wants separate herself from the Mikaelsons – fine. But, don’t act like Elijah’s got some defect and Hayley doesn’t. I can only imagine what we would find in her mind. Probably nothing but, empty space. And, Hayley deluding herself into thinking Hope is going to live some sweet is outrageous at this point. Hope would be better served being taught how to survive in a world that will be hostile to her. Instead we get Klaus filling her head with fantasies and Hayley ensuring a “good environment” while letting the kid wander around unsupervised. They are a mess. I can’t take anymore of Elijah pining away and worshipping Hayley. Hopefully he’ll move in the time jump and Rebel will die as well. It is painful to see Rebekah be so pathetic.

    • Oke says:

      Hope would be better served being taught how to survive in a world that will be hostile to her. That my friend is a point made. I’ve been saying that for awhile now. Hope is not a normal child, she comes from a crazy, insanely powerful line of family tree, she was not and never born to be an innocent, normal child. They’ve​ said countless times that she inherited all the enemies of the Mikaelsons family and you expect her to not learn how cruel the world is? Hope needs to be taught how to be strong, be a fighter​, smarter and over come her enemies. Adjust to the family, world, and life she has.

    • luvprue1 says:

      It is stupid, especially if you consider that she spent five years trying to chase Down the 7 werewolves tribes just to find a cure to bring them back…Hope just got to meet her family, now Hayley decided that she do not want Hope around the Mikaelsons? It’s plain stupid . Especially from a girl who had 12 innocent hybrid friends killed just so she can be able to meet her dead parents that she never met in her life and do not have any emotional bond to. One minute she saying that she doesn’t want Hope going up without family like she did, the next she saying that she has to take Hope away. That’s the same crap she said when she was with Jackson. It’s also a very repetitive storyline for her characters. I must protect Hope from the Mikaelson’s enemies. Yet, the hollow would have been after Hope even if the Mikaelson’s had absolutely nothing to do with Hope and Hayley. The only difference is that Hayley would have been dead and the hollow would have gotten Hope.

      I hope Klaus meet someone and have another kid , and Elijah fall in love with someone else. Harley character can easily be replaced.

  24. KLS says:

    I am conflicted about Hayley. I don’t get why she all of a sudden thinks that Elijah is now a monster, but I do understand how she’d want to take Hope away from NOLA. This is a minor annoyance for me, but I didn’t see TVD so I am not as informed as some regarding Hayley’s history. Maybe that’s what the writers are counting on, just the TO audience, not TVD&TO.

  25. jj says:

    What a horrible review–Elijah and Haley aren’t toxic at all. Elijah has always treated her well…he was out of his mind in that pendant, so it’s silly to judge hi on that.

  26. Candace says:

    The episode ended on a particularly devastating note, with Elijah revealing that there might still be a way to save Hope… but it’ll mean “the end of ‘always and forever.’”
    I think you mean Vincent here.

  27. Andrew Ciaccio says:

    I think that The turned part of this towards an Elena and the Salvatore brothers type story cause why? It’s off air? Now fraya is talking about not living forever and Klaus says she’s part of it now but then Vincent says there’s going to be no more forever… Sounds like she’s going to die and become leader of the ancestors or something… Kinda stupid if they go that way… But it does sound like some one is out… and Davina is no longer like lead ansestor so there’s a spot needs filling there… Gay warewolf woman I forget her name doesn’t reel to me like she’s had a big part like the phycologist there and they still killed her… So I think kellin or fraya is going to die most likely that or both

  28. Esther A says:

    I think I’ll save my statement till next week’s episode.

  29. Estelle says:

    What is Hayley problems she know she love Elijah one must stand together in difficult times. And split up the originals no this is going to mean the end. Elijah i think we all love you everybody in new Orleans have a dark side. If one of the originals must go the story will never be the same the bond between brothers are strong and beautiful.

  30. Dwayne LeBouef says:

    I, personally would like to see more hallow possessed Hope

  31. luvprue1 says:

    I think if Hayley were to break up with Elijah I hope they will give him a new love interest. I also hope that they will kill her off and replace her with Cami, or Caroline. I think the actress is leaving the show.

    I do not like the direction that the show is going in. I truly hate that they made Marcel more powerful then the most powerful vampires. Especially if you consider that Marcel is barely 200 years old. I use to love Vincent, but if he planning on splitting up the Originals then he can leave with Hayley. They are already down to two originals as it is. This season was the worst season. If they get rid of the Originals that would change the entire premises of the show. If that happens then they would lose the remaining viewers they have left.

  32. swrwade says:

    Andy- it was Vincent that said they would have to give up always and forever NOT Elijah.