The Originals Recap: Saving Hope

The Originals Recap

Blissfully unaware that the greatest threat they’ve ever known was occupying the body of their youngest, most powerful family member, the Mikaelsons returned to their regular routines on Friday’s episode of The Originals.

Of course, “regular” behavior for this family required convincing Marcel to rethink his city-wide ban on all things Mikaelson. Following last week’s big kiss, Rebekah was sure she could use their old flame to melt his icy exterior (“Tell me you feel nothing for me, and I’ll never ask you again,” she told him), and while he didn’t directly answer her question, she still found herself out the door in under two minutes.

Hayley, meanwhile, wrestled the “complicated” issues facing her relationship with Elijah. And while Rebekah tried to explain that his love for her is “simple,” Hayley confided that the darkness she saw in his mind might be “who he really is at his core.”

All of those problems took a collective backseat to saving Hope once the gang realized what was going on, but even with everyone firing on all cylinders — I honestly lost count of how many Hollow followers (Hollowers?) Marcel killed in that cemetery — their enemy wasn’t going down without a fight. A brutal, bloody, daughter-against-mother fight.

Fate briefly appeared to swing in the Mikaelsons’ favor — Klaus convinced his daughter to keep fighting, while Vincent trapped Inadu in a magic circle — but it swung right back around at the last minute, returning The Hollow to Hope’s body. The episode ended on a particularly devastating note, with Elijah revealing that there might still be a way to save Hope… but it’ll mean “the end of ‘always and forever.'” Dun, dun, dun!

Additional thoughts…

* While I’m obviously proud of Hayley for taking a stand and breaking free of an abusive situation, I have to admit that I’m surprised her storyline with Elijah is going in that direction at all. I’ll be interested to see how their relationship is handled moving forward, now that it’s been firmly established as toxic.

* I do, however, still love Freya and Keelin’s relationship. I also loved Freya’s explanation for coming out: “It just hit me that when I die, I’m not going to wake up five minutes later. Compared to the rest of my family, my life is going to b so short — and I didn’t want to waste it running anymore.”

* Hayley’s insistence on sending Hope “somewhere else” (aka Mystic Falls) has me so excited for what Season 5 — and beyond, who knows? — could have in store for her.

Your thoughts on this week’s stressful hour? Hopes for next week’s finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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