Transparent Season 4: Maura Snacks On an Edible in First Teaser Trailer

“Family is gross, but it’s important” according to the newly released trailer for Transparent Season 4.

Our first glimpse at the Emmy-winning dramedy’s return (premiere date TBA) finds the entire Pfefferman clan coming together, with Shelly nagging Josh for a proper headcount. The minute-long tease would also seem to suggest that Sarah and Len continue to be on good terms, while Aly is seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Maura, on the other hand, is high on life — or at the very least is about to be high after eating a gummy bear laced with marijuana.

“I was just going to have you eat the head,” Ali says to her moppa after she consumes the entire edible in one bite. “You are going to be so high!”

Press PLAY on the video above to get your first taste of Transparent Season 4, then tell us if you’re looking forward to more quality time with the Pfeffermans.

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