Orange Is the New Black Season 5: Red's 'Haircut,' White Dream Girls, Epic Striptease and 22 Other OMG Moments

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Orange Is the New Black‘s fifth season. If you have yet to complete your binge, bookmark for safekeeping and return at a later time.

Orange Is the New Black went full-on Criminal Minds in the back half of Season 5.

We’re of course talking about Piscatella and his decision to take six of Litchfield’s finest hostage, during which he gave Red, umm, a “special haircut” and shattered bones with his bare hands. But those were just a few of the OMG moments that occurred during this most recent binge, which saw some truly heinous things go down as the inmates took control of the prison.

Thankfully, Season 5 wasn’t void of comic relief, and the following gallery includes as many guffaw-inducing instances as it does cringe-coaxing moments — from a Law & Order-tuned entrance to Chang’s exit, to a frozen sorority sister and an all-white version of Dream Girls. (And did we mention there was a very corn-y proposal?)

View the attached gallery (or click here for direct access) for a rundown of unforgettable moments from OITNB Season 5, then head to the comments and tell us which stuck out to you the most. Then, grade all 13 episodes via the poll below.

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