Pretty Little Liars Recap: Who Got Married? And Who 'Won' the Game?

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Marriage certificates are being handed out like candy in Rosewood these days, and on Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, another couple got in while the getting was good.

Just one week after (sort of) popping the question, Caleb surprised Hanna with a private wedding ceremony at City Hall. And as she pointed out, it’s actually a “twofer,” since married couples don’t have to testify against one another in court. #Romantic

Speaking of heartfelt surprises, Alison presented Emily with a sexy moonlit picnic — so sexy, in fact, that they decided to throw caution to the wind and literally have sex in the middle of the woods (yet another crime these girls are committing, not that I’m judging).

Come to think of it, every PLL couple, both former and current, was taking advantage of what could be the end of their collective freedom; Spencer also visited Toby’s house, where she proceeded to bone the beard off of him. (Not to be that guy, but is Yvonne’s body even cold yet?!)

And if you thought the Rosewood P.D. was going to ease up on their investigation into Archer’s death, you were in for a rude awakening this week. Not only are they going all in on the girls, but good ol’ Detective Tanner — who talks a big game for someone who has proven herself utterly useless thus far — is back on the case! 

Meanwhile, Aria’s stint as a member of the A.D. Team came to a screeching halt when the girls caught her red-handed black-hooded in the middle of a secret mission (thanks to a tip from Mona, of course). But even though she technically “won” the game, I don’t think Aria appreciated finding her prize — Archer’s body! — in the trunk of her car.

And in other suspicious-activity news, could Mona really be the one behind the #PLLEndGame, as the final scene suggested? (It feels a little too obvious to me, but I also said that the first time we found out that Mona was A.)

A.D.ditional thoughts…

* Question for the group: Which of Toby’s style accessories do we like more, his glasses or his grief beard? (And before you tell me that second one is too insensitive, let me remind you — he’s clearly moved on.)

* I’m troubled by Hanna asking, “Did anyone else notice something different about Mona this morning?” Is she the one with a twin?!

* Spencer seems awfully judgmental of Aria for someone who, unless I’m remembering incorrectly, also wore a black hood. And it’s not Aria’s fault that Spencer’s parents are getting a divorce; that marriage has always been a train wreck. #TeamAria

* I’m not sure how I should feel about Ezra and Aria’s relationship. For a while, the show was ignoring the shady circumstances around which they first got together, which made it easier to root for them. But I was cringing during their whole pre-sex chat about how she had every right to fill out a statutory rape report because he was lying to her from the beginning. Those are going to be some real interesting wedding vows.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Any new theories as we head into the show’s final two weeks? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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