Alias Revival? Co-EP Says 'We've Talked to J.J. Abrams' About It

Is Sydney Bristow getting back in the spy game?

At a reunion of the Alias writers’ room at the ATX Festival on Saturday, co-executive producer Josh Applebaum was asked about the possibility of reviving the Jennifer Garner-led series.

“It would be amazing to do it,” Applebaum said, according to EW.com. “We’ve even talked with J.J. [Abrams].”

Unfortunately, that’s all it is at the moment — talk — but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen if the writers suddenly found themselves inspired.

“The right idea would have to come,” he continued. “We wouldn’t want to do it unless it was absolutely perfect.”

Whether Abrams would agree to get on board is perhaps the most important question of all. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens director has his hands pretty full these days. What’s more, Garner has said that she’d only be interested in revisiting Alias if Abrams were in charge.

The ABC spy drama came to an end after five seasons in 2006, with Dixon paying a visit to Sydney and Michael to request her help on a new mission. Meanwhile, Sydney’s daughter Isabelle was shown to have completed the same block puzzle that Jack had Sydney complete whilst evaluating subjects for Project Christmas. Who’s to say that a decade and change later, Sydney and Isabelle couldn’t be working together side by side? (Relive the final scene below.)

In honor of the series finale’s 10th anniversary in 2016, Garner, Abrams and fellow cast and crew spoke with TVLine as part of an Alias oral history, which you can read here.

Would you want Jennifer Garner & Co. to revisit Alias, or is this one beloved series that shouldn’t be revived?

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