Twin Peaks Episode 5 Recap: Did We Just Meet [Spoiler]'s Demon Spawn?

Twin Peaks Recap Episode 5

So many familiar faces popped up in “Part 5” of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival — and I think we can see all the far-flung storylines just starting to come together. But it was a minor footnote that finally got me bubbling over with excitement. As the credits rolled, a familiar name popped up in the crawl: angular young actor Eamon Farren is playing (drumroll) “Richard Horne.” That’s Horne, as in Horne’s Department Store, and “I’m Audrey Horne and I get what I want.” (And yes I stood up from my couch and screamed out “He’s a Horne!” as his name went by).

Look, these new Twin Peaks episodes have been challenging (sometimes very challenging) television. It plays by its own rules, and doesn’t seem to give a damn about pacing or continuity. But for the hardcore fans, the series is a slowly unfolding Christmas present, dropping wondrous and sentimental gifts into your lap, one at a time. The name Richard Horne is one of those gifts. But is this new monster (and make no mistake, he’s a hellion from hell) Audrey’s son? Brother? Nephew? Is he the Richard of “Richard and Linda” that the Giant told Coop about? We don’t know yet. But his appearance is making me question whether Audrey is actually the “mysterious billionaire” behind the glass box in the premiere. Maybe her storyline is darker, seedier… Maybe she’s up north, running One Eyed Jacks? (And covering her injuries from the bank vault explosion by wearing Blackie’s old black gowns). All will (hopefully) be revealed. But let’s get on with the recap:

IN TWIN PEAKS | Donna’s old boyfriend Mike Nelson (like Bobby Briggs before him), has gone straight. No longer a teen hoodlum dealing cocaine, he’s now a working stiff, stuck in an office — where he refuses to hire (and viciously chews out) job applicant and deadbeat coke-head Steven Burnett. (Ah the irony and the passage of time). Steven is married to Becky — who works at the Sweet Loaf Bakery. But in order to support her husband’s drug habit, she’s borrowing money from her mom Shelly at the Double R Diner. Norma doesn’t like it. It’s sad to see Becky dragged down by the wrong guy, just like Leo did to Shelly. (Again, the echoes of yesterday). That shot of Amanda Seyfried starring up at the sky though — high on coke like Laura Palmer before her — and smiling at the wonders of the world: that was gorgeous. Meanwhile, Sheriff Frank Truman is coping with his fed-up wife Doris, and consoling sick brother Harry S. over the phone. And Dr. Jacoby — aka Dr. Amp – has a vlog! He rants about nutrition and freedom to his loyal followers Nadine (Nadine! Watching from her very own drapery shop!) and Jerry Horne, who’s getting high in the woods. That vlog (and golden sh-t shovel infomercial) was a fantastic contemporary techno-update for our old friends and a highlight of the episode. And evil little Richard Horne, ensconced in Donna’s old booth at the road house (she memorably cried on James’ shoulder there — rewatch episode 14 — trust me) is wrapped up in a drug running scheme with that jerky Deputy Chad. And hello to Suburgatory’s Jane Levy as Elizabeth. I think she’ll be back.

IN LAS VEGAS | Good Coop is still stumbling through Dougie’s life (and a still difficult to love storyline). He gets emotional staring at Dougie’s offspring Sonny Jim (but why?) and finds himself strangely drawn to a statue of a cowboy/lawman in front of his office. Is foggy Coop recalling his previous life? Or his old partner Sheriff Truman? Or perhaps Cooper’s favorite Jimmy Stewart movie The FBI Story? Hard to say. Hard to follow. The assassins are still after Dougie, and their frustrated boss Lorraine seems terribly reluctant to text (on a Blackberry?) the word “Argent” (and numbers 169/2) to a mysterious box in Buenos Aires (Agent Phillip Jeffries disappeared there in 1987). Also, some thugs try to steal Dougie’s car (still abandoned in the sad Poltergeist-y neighborhood) and it explodes — terrifying the little boy with the druggie mom. Jade mails Cooper’s hotel key back to the Great Northern, and the Mitchum brothers (with their “trippleganger” ladyfriends, showgirls Mandie, Candie & Sandie) make their ominous debut in Dougie’s lucky casino. Did I mention this storyline may all be taking place in 2003? (would explain the Blackberry). Check the registration tag on Dougie’s license plate.

IN SOUTH DAKOTA | The medical examiner found Dougie’s ring inside the headless body’s (echoes of the poker chip in Laura’s stomach). And the headless body probably belongs to Major Briggs — setting off some alarm bells at the Pentagon. Evil Coop, who is still in prison, looks in the mirror (great callback to series finale) and, for a moment, he half-morphs into BOB — he’s still with him. Evil Coop’s one phone call — during which he name-checls a “Mr. Strawberry” — turns the prison upside down.

AT FBI HQ | Agent Tammy Preston is comparing Good Coop and Evil Coop’s fingerprints. Are they reverse images of each other? And is she wearing a black lace blouse to work at the FBI?

Let me leave you on this quizzical note: when Norma spots Becky walking into the diner, she smiles and calls to regular customer Toad to come get the fresh bread. But it’s the Cook (played by now deceased actor Marv Rosand) who responds and walks out. In the series, Toad was played by actor Kevin Young — and Marv Rosand only played the Cook in the Missing Pieces of Fire Walk With Me. What’s going on here? Is this a parallel world? A mixed up identity? A continuity error that nobody cares about but me? Is everybody at the diner nicknamed Toad? Is the real Toad off hiding somewhere with Annie Blackburn, Josie and Lara Flynn Boyle?

BTW, welcome back to the more frequent music of Angelo Badalamenti – your scoring was missed! —Written by M.T. Wentz

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