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Stitchers Boss Breaks Down Biggest Twists From Season 3 Premiere

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Stitchers returned for its third season on Monday with an appropriately mind-bending premiere that put Kirsten’s entire team on a new — not to mention extremely personal — path.

For starters, we now know for sure that Kirsten’s mother is still alive. Her brain “evolved” as part of Project Grasshopper, and Blair is now determined to find her so he can figure out what makes her tick.

That said, I can’t imagine Kirsten will be too eager to help him — especially after stitching into his son’s memory revealed that he intends to kill Kirsten’s mother. (I mean, she also discovered that her father killed Blair’s son, but let’s focus on what’s important here, OK?)

Now that we know Mama Clark is still alive, tracking her down is going to be “the big drive for Kirsten this season,” showrunner Jeffrey Alan Schechter tells TVLine. “Everybody has a vested interest in keeping her mom alive and stitching into her — but can they perfect their stitching technology quickly enough for Kirsten to finish the rescue mission she started with her dad when she was a little kid?”

Generally speaking, Schechter says we’re entering the “warrior phase” of Kirsten’s journey. “Now that [the Stitchers team has] figured out how to be family it becomes: How do I fight for this family?”

As for Kirsten and Cameron’s relationship, Nina may be out of the picture, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be smooth sailing for Stitchers‘ OTP.

“As much as they want to be together, it’s going to be a delicate dance,” Schechter says. “How do they manage their relationship now that it’s clear that Cameron’s ex-girlfriend is out of their lives? There should seemingly be nothing stopping the from being together now, but it turns out there’s a very compelling thing that keeps them from acting on their relationship to the extent that they want to.”

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