Daily Show: Trump Evoked Bachelorette in 'Gangster' Climate Speech — WATCH

Donald Trump might be known for The Apprentice, but it was another popular reality-TV franchise that came to mind as Trevor Noah watched the president announce his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Daily Show host was quick to react to POTUS’ proclamation on Thursday, comparing the manner in which he made the announcement to an episode of The Bachelorette.

“You know, I don’t know what’s worse: The fact that Donald Trump may have doomed the planet, or the fact that he announced it like it’s an episode of The Bachelorette,” Noah said, before launching into a Trump impression. “‘Earth, we had a great time in the hot tub, but I’ve got to give a rose to coal, my black beauty.’

“Trump has pulled the United States out of the biggest climate agreement the world has ever seen,” Noah continued. “We all joke about him destroying the world, but this could be it. And can I just say, telling nature to go f—k itself while standing in a garden is a pretty gangster move.”

All jokes aside, Noah remarked on the significance of Trump’s decision, and how bad it must look to the rest of the world.

“What makes it worse is that [nearly] every country in the world agreed to this, even countries you wouldn’t expect,” he said, before listing off a few prime examples. “Russia agreed to this, North Korea agreed to this… hell, even Israel and Palestine are on the same side when it comes to global climate change… Technically, there are two countries the U.S. now joins: Nicaragua — they didn’t sign the accord because they don’t feel the deal is strict enough on rich countries — and Syria didn’t sign because, I mean, they’ve got other things on their mind.”

As for Trump’s comment about being elected president by the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris?

“‘Thank f—king God for that,'” Noah said, speaking on behalf of all of Parisians.

Press PLAY on the clip above to watch Noah’s reaction to Trump’s climate policy in full, then weigh in below.