The Originals Recap: A Beautiful Mind

The Originals Recap

Elijah’s death may not have been the ideal excuse for a Mikaelson family reunion, but that didn’t make me any less excited to see Rebekah and Kol back in New Orleans on Friday’s episode of The Originals.

And I use the word “death” loosely. Sure, Elijah was no longer among the living — his entire sire line dropping dead in the episode’s awesome cold open was proof enough of that — but his soul was alive and (mostly) well inside Freya’s pendant. It turns out he was just hiding out in one of his old memories, and after Freya failed to connect with him, it was up to Hayley to put her man’s pieces back together, Humpty Dumpty-style.

Hayley’s journey down the rabbit hole brought her all the way back to Elijah’s hut-dwelling, animal-wearing days, reminding her just how savage her lover used to be — and how he still managed to look like a million bucks, even while donning that damn flashback wig. She put in some solid work on her own, but were it not for Hope’s 11th-hour interference, Hayley would have ended up in his belly for sure. And even though Elijah condition is still considered “not alive,” it was nice to see him standing alongside Hayley and Hope in his subconscious. (I’ll admit, however, I had to keep reminding myself that she’s Klaus‘ daughter, not Elijah’s.)

In other news, The Hollow turned out to be just as dangerous in person as foretold, though far more fashionable. (Come to think of it, how does she know how to walk in heels? Had shoes even been invented when she died?) Marcel received confirmation of The Hollow’s formidability firsthand when he tried to snag some of her blood for a spell to save Sofya, an encounter that ended — as scenes on this show so often do — with Marcel puking up a whole bunch of goopy black acid.

Then came an unexpectedly emotional twist: Rebekah detected the passion with which Marcel was trying to save Sofya, inspiring her to lend him a hand. “There was a time when you’d have gone to these lengths for me,” she told him. Turning to Klaus, she added, “I know that look well. He’s fighting for love.”

And speaking of fighting for love, the final moment of Friday’s episode found Kol heading out of town — that is, until The Hollow approached him with a pretty damn good reason to stick around. She’s now linked to Davina, so as she explained rather plainly, “If you want to keep her safe, you belong to me.”

Other thoughts…

* I was not expecting to see Danielle Campbell again this week, nor next week (according to that promo). Davina is always a sight for sore eyes.

* On that note, let’s get another Cami scene up in here!

* I loved Klaus’ speech to Elijah’s corpse at the top of the hour. No matter how many times these brothers say goodbye to one another, I’ll always get emotional.

* I’m here for Marcel and Josh’s unlikely friendship. (And has anyone heard from Josh’s boyfriend? I was here for that relationship, too.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Originals? Any particular hopes for the final episodes of the season? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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