Lucifer Recap: A Whole New World — Grade the Season 2 Finale

Lucifer Season 2 Finale

The pieces finally came together, literally, as Season 2 of Fox’s Lucifer came to a close on Monday night. But with conflicting family agendas at hand, what ultimate use was made of the Flaming Sword?

In fact, assembling the Flaming Sword, even with the key now found, was easier said that done, seeing as Amenadiel needed some time “to process” his demarcation as the Favorite Son. As he saw it, it was his job to protect the key and not let it play a role in unconscionable uses of the sword — such as to, say, destroy God, as Mom aims to do after slicing open the gates of Heaven.

While Amenadiel attempts to work through his internal conflict via Dan’s improv class, Charlotte has other issues to deal with — namely, the fact that she accidentally charbroiled Chet after he stabbed her in the stomach, allowing her amassing power to burst out. Charlotte employs a “cleaner” to dispose of the body, but Chloe of course catches the case once the curious corpse is found. Lucifer does his best to impede any investigation of clues that might point to his “stepmother,” but his behavior actually leads Chloe to wonder if he’s protecting his “stepmother.”

Charlotte meanwhile has turned to Dr. Linda to “patch her up” after the stabbing, having done a temp job with a stapler. Linda can only improve upon that surgery with good ol’ duct tape. Linda however does more harm than good when blurting out her immediate assumption that Lucifer was the attacker. Charlotte doesnt let go of that strange comment, and later tortures the truth out of the shrink — that Lucifer plans to double-cross her once the gates of Heaven are open.

Knowing that her body, teeming as it is with explosive power, poses a threat to humanity, Charlotte leverages Lucifer to meet her at the Santa Monica Pier, where she is in the company of Chloe, with the Flaming Sword. Meanwhile, Maze finds the brutally tortured Dr. Linda in her office, and enlists Amenadiel for help. After surmising they don’t have enough time to get Linda to the hospital, and seeing distraught Maze’s desperation, Amenadiel — who apparently got some of his mojo back, as the Favorite Son — summons the power to slow down time, affording them the chance to transport Linda.

At the pier in that same moment, Chet’s vengeful brother had shown up to fire a bullet at Charlotte and Chloe. Lucifer notices the slowed-down time and pulls Mum down to the beach, where he fires up the sword and argues there must be a way to avert the inevitable war/casualties caused by any family reunion in Heaven. So he uses the sword to create a “tear” in the universe, inviting Mum to “move forward” and create a world of her own — “Let there be light” and all that. Mum complies, and her essence is sucked into the portal, leaving a dazed Charlotte Richards behind. Later, Lucifer arrives at the hospital to apologize to a recuperating Dr. Linda for what she has been through, but she very magnanimously acknowledges that she knew what she was getting into with such a dysfunctional family!

In the wake of this latest crisis, during which he again found himself withholding the whole truth from Chloe, who has made clear she accepts him, flaws and all, Lucifer phones the detective to say that he is on his way over to tell her everything, to finally open her eyes to why stranger things happen around him, why he is so “magnetic.” Alas, no sooner does he leave that message than he is knocked out by an unseen assailant. And when he comes to, he is in a barren, sun-roasted desert — shirtless and blistered, but again sporting the angel wings he long ago had Maze chop off.

What did you think of the finale, and what do you make of the final scene?


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