Prison Break Finale Sneak Peek: Is Michael About to Lose His Son Forever?

This one is gonna hurt, folks.

Just when you thought you couldn’t hold Prison Break‘s Jacob (played by Mark Feuerstein) in lower esteem, this exclusive sneak peek from the Fox revival’s finale (airing Tuesday at 9/8c) shows “Poseidon” hitting a new nadir, whilst fielding a call from Michael (Wentworth Miller).

Press play above to see how Jacob despicably comes between father and son, then read on for a few teases from the nine-part revival’s finale, which is titled “Behind The Eyes”:

* The hour opens with a bit of a “rewind,” giving us better context for what was happening in the minutes leading up to the gunshot/blood splatter that closed last week’s episode.

* Michael has two extremely crafty tricks up (or on) his sleeve, one of which had me shouting, “No [expletive] way!” at the TV — and yet in retrospect he basically warned Jacob about it in one of their years-ago flashbacks.

* You’ll never guess what the jar of blood that Whip found tied to the Lake Michigan buoy is for.

* The Elvis-worshipping Southerner to whom Michael sent the screen grab of his opened palms? And who hasn’t been seen much of since? Instrumental.

* The season closes with a sequence that you might see coming, but is nonetheless awesome.

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