Jane the Virgin Boss on the Narrator's Identity and When It Will Be Revealed

Jane the Virgin Spoilers

Is Jane the Virgin‘s narrator speaking from the great beyond?

Since the CW dramedy’s debut, the animated, often cheeky mystery voice has guided viewers through Jane’s world. And if fans have been paying attention in that time, then they may have also gleaned some clues about his identity.

“There are hints throughout” the series, says executive producer Jennie Urman. In fact, a significant one was dropped as recently as last Monday’s season finale, during Xo and Rogelio’s makeshift wedding.

“And Xiomara? Well, she looked perfect. At least to the people who loved her most — which includes me,” the narrator declared.

Perhaps the mystery man is not Jane’s grown child, as some speculated during the show’s early run, but another Mateo: the titular heroine’s deceased grandfather, after whom her son is named? Think about it: He certainly loves Xo (and the rest of Villanueva women). And he would be “watching” from above, making him an omniscient figure in the story. Plus, it would explain the accent.

Asked before the finale aired if fans have correctly guessed the narrator’s identity, Urman replied, “Maybe, but not really. That’ll make sense eventually” — but not for a while.

The narrator will be ID’d “at the end of the series,” the EP revealed, adding that the big moment is “part of the last two scenes.”

Jane the Virgin fans, hit the comments to share your narrator theories.

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