Get Shorty Trailer: Ray Romano Helps a Hitman Knock 'Em Dead in Hollywood

It’s always sunny in Hollywood… and it’s about to get real bloody there, too.

Epix is turning the Elmore Leonard crime novel Get Shorty, which became a 1995 John Travolta movie, into a TV series that premieres Sunday, Aug. 13 at 10/9c. And judging by the new trailer, which you can watch above, it puts a fresh spin on the original’s hitman-takes-L.A. premise.

Chris O’Dowd stars as killer-for-hire Miles Daly, who complains to his accomplice Louis (Rectify‘s Sean Bridgers) that this line of work isn’t great for his daughter: “If you had kids, would you want them hanging out with people like you?” He’s intrigued, though, when one of his targets says he writes movie scripts. Because nobody gets hurt in showbiz, right?

Miles needs a foot in the door, so he shows up at the office of low-level movie producer Rick Moreweather (Ray Romano, who sports spiky, Brian Grazer-esque hair) with a sack full of cash. Rick becomes Miles’ sherpa through the treacherous hills and valleys of the movie business… but Miles brings a little bit of his old job along with him.

The supporting cast includes Review‘s Megan Stevenson as a studio executive Miles blackmails with some unsavory photos, and Major Crimes‘ Lidia Porto as fearsome (and John Stamos-loving) crime boss Amara. And Leonard’s trademark dark humor comes through, too, like when Louis tells a potential victim: “Cleaning your brains off that bookcase is gonna be a hassle… you got paper towels?”

Press PLAY on the video above for a sneak peek at Epix’s Get Shorty, then hit the comments with your first impressions.

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