The Flash Recap: Prison (Heart)break — Who Survived the Finale? Who Left?

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The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 3 finale of The CW’s The Flash.

The Flash‘s Season 3 finale made quick work of “resolving” Iris’ death at the hands of Savitar, by revealing — as speculated by many — that prior to the fateful face-off, H.R. used Savitar’s armor fragment to track down Iris and switch places with her using the facial transmogrifier. (H.R. explained that because he was the reason Savitar found her on Earth-Two, he needed to remedy things. Iris-as-H.R. was then KO’d by Killer Frost in the midst of protecting her friend’s sacrificial move.)

As such, Barry found himself not cradling slain Iris for long, but H.R., who before expiring professed his love to a bereft Tracy, and then whispered a message for Barry to deliver to Cisco.

From there, it was just a matter of time until Savitar ceased to exist, seeing as Iris never actually died and sent Barry on his dark path. But the wannabe speed god was not going down without a fight. Instead, he kidnapped Cisco for the purpose of altering the SFB to be, no, not a hair dryer, but a “splicer.” Savitar’s plan is to disseminate himself throughout all of time, occupying every second of every minute, so that he can rule “from the Big Bang to the end of the world.”

Barry attempts to waylay Savitar’s new plan by appealing to the part of the remnant that remembers what it’s like to have a family and friends. And it almost works, until Savitar realizes during a S.T.A.R. Labs hang that there is no place in Barry’s world for him, that he will never have Iris. So he returns to his lair and resumes his plan to use the modified SFB. Thing is, Cisco actually changed the bazooka into a “Speed Force Skeleton Key,” thwarting the splicing plan and instead allowing Jay Garrick to escape the Speed Force prison. From there on, Barry, Wally and Jay chase Savitar through the forest, while Killer Frost battles Vibe and Gypsy (who resurfaced earlier to save Cisco’s bacon). Vibe gains the upper hand but rather than kill Killer Frost, invites her to use the cure that Julian has whipped up.

Barry ultimately vibes his way into Savitar’s armor, forcing his remnant out. And rather than go for the kill, he blasts the armor into smithereens. But when the KO’d remnant came to and makes one last bid for a kill, Iris frickin’ West put him down with a bullet. “Look at that, I saved you,” she smiles to Barry, noting the irony of the crisis’ outcome.

At H.R.’s funeral, Barry relays the message to Cisco — that he gave H.R. the strength he needed to pull off his heroic act. They then spy Caitlin nearby, and she hands back the cure, saying that she is neither Killer Frost nor Caitlin anymore but “something else,” and she needs time to figure out what that is — by her lonesome. (Sorry, Julian!)

Back at the loft, Barry delivers, in a flash, the Save the Date cards Iris couldn’t bring herself to mail. He then hands back the ring, inviting her to be Iris West-Allen — which she insists she always has been. Alas, any additional wedding planning is cut short by a “sky-quake” outside, attacking Central City. Turns out the Speed Force abhors a vacuum in its prison, and with Jay Garrick now freed, it needs a new occupant — or else. As the team puzzles over what to do, the Speed Force, appearing as Barry’s mother, invites him to fill the void. (What, Jay can’t take one for the team a second time??)

“He’s reached the finish line, his race is over,” “Nora” explains. Barry must concur, acknowledging that having started all this trouble with Flashpoint, surrendering himself to the prison “is my penance, my redemption.” He then advises Cisco not to blow it with Gypsy… assures Joe that no son has ever been so loved… anoints Wally the city’s resident Flash… asks Harry to stick around a bit with the team… and then of course bids a tearful Iris adieu, after making her promise that she will keep growing, living and loving, without him. As they seal that deal with a kiss, Barry joins “Nora,” vanishes… and the storm stops.

What did you think of the Season 3 finale? And how will we get Barry back?

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