Prison Break Recap: The Apples Don't Fall Far From the Trees

Prison Break Recap Whip T-Bag Son

With its penultimate episode, Fox’s Prison Break revival tended to a bit of housekeeping (Where is Sofia?), returned Michael and Linc to the States, sent Whip on a surprising journey and in its final moments sprung a deadly trap.

After the fellas hitch a ride from the site of the blown-up cargo ship to Marseilles, France, Michael gleans from a text message (that incorrectly referred to “Mike Jr.”) that Jacob is holding Sara captive, so the clock is ticking. Lincoln brings Michael up to speed on his own past seven years — including how after the exoneration, he opened up a dive shop with Sofia, but they broke up. Linc then fell back into old habits by doing “odd jobs” for the guy we saw in the premiere — who, it turns out, is Fox River inmate John Abruzzi’s son. The money Lincoln owes is for a $100K shipment of pills he spied and trashed, so he suggests leveraging Abruzzi’s interest (either in payback or payback) to secure them passage back to the States. Which they do, whilst tricking Van Gogh and A&W into storming the wrong plane.

In flashbacks, we learn more about Michael’s early days toiling for Poseidon, who targeted the escape artist years ago, being impressed by a man so bold to “wears plans on his sleeve.” Turns out, Poseidon’s base of operations is hidden inside the university where “Professor Ness” works, behind a secret door equipped with a facial scanner. In one of their past meetings, we see Michael insist on bringing David Martin (whom we know as Whip) onto the team, for an upcoming two-man job. Jacob is hesitant but signs off on the hire, warning, “If you’re planning seeming, I’ll always be ahead of you.”

Back in New York, Jacob fills in Van Gogh and A&W on why Kaniel Outis would dare set foot in the States, revealing Michael Scofield’s real name and explaining how he fell for their target’s wife and kid. Lincoln meanwhile greets Abruzzi with the news that he does not have his money, but he and Michael did bring along a “DEA informant” pal (C-Note) who will call in a team of agents if they aren’t allowed to walk away alive. Abruzzi calls their bluff, and within seconds three SUVs speed up to the warehouse, scaring off him and his goons.  Afterward, Michael excuses C-Note from the next part of the plan, saying that his face, which Poseidon knows, is a liability, while Sheba insists on sticking around (“It’s the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you out”). Whip is dispatched to Chicago, specifically to coordinates that place him in the middle of Lake Michigan, where he finds tied to a buoy a jar of… blood?

Michael and Linc arrive outside Sara’s house, where Michael quickly (and oddly, considering how dark it was!) notices that the origami “clues” he had sent to her all these years had been deposited, by Jacob, in the sewer beneath the mailbox. Upon seeing that the house is empty, Michael texts “Sara” to set up a rendezvous the next day in Syracuse, which they actually use to get eyes on and follow Jacob. They eventually find his car ditched and empty, save for one of young Michael’s drawings, with an “X” seemingly leading them to his location at a lake house. Seeing that on top of everything else, Abruzzi’s guys are on their tail, Lincoln tells Sheba they must now part ways, sealing his request with a warm kiss.

Returning to the shore after his trip to middle of the lake, Whip runs into T-Bag, who has been furnished with information that sheds light on Michael’s interest in David Martin as his “whip hand” — and it all dates back to a 1991 West Virginia honky-tonk hookup between T-Bag and a waitress. With his innate ability to survive and thrive, “You reminded Michael of a certain someone…,” T-Bag notes. The question is, “Did you learn it, or was it ingrained in you, son?” 😮

At the lake house, Jacob covers for Sara in the next room by telling Michael that his mom isn’t feeling well. When Jacob leaves, Michael slips into the house, while Lincoln out by the street seemingly takes a drive-by bullet from Abruzzi and his men. Michael tells his son that they were able to find him because of the map he left. “I… I didn’t draw a map,” the kid reveals, as “Sara” in the next room is revealed to be A&W in a wig. She rushes into the room, pistol trained on Michael. And as he hugs his son, and the last thing we see is blood splattered on the front door window!

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