Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale Recap: Are Jake and Rosa Going to [Spoiler]?

The following contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Proceed at your own risk.

This is sooo not cool.

In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finale, Jake and Rosa are found guilty of a crime they did not commit, and as such face up to 15 years in prison. So how exactly did they wind up in this predicament? Keep reading to find out…

Jake and Rosa interrupt Holt’s razzmatazz workout to inform him that Hawkins (Gina Gershon) is a dirty cop. But in an effort to take her down, they’re going to need back-up. That’s where Pimento (recurring guest star Jason Mantzoukas) comes in, volunteering his services to help them convince Hawkins that they, too, are dirty and should be welcomed into her inner circle. Pimento poses as a perp, whom Jake and Rosa take to a surveilled backroom at The Slaughterhouse to beat up for Hawkins to see. She is supposedly impressed by the security footage, and invites the officers out for a coke-fueled rager.

When Jake and Rosa awake at a bar the next morning, Hawkins and her right-hand man invite them to rob a bank, allegedly in Fort Greene. Jake texts Holt from the van, hoping to bust Hawkins and her squad once they arrive. Unfortunately for them, Hawkins catches wind of their plan and lies to them about the location of the bank. As a result, Holt and the Nine-Nine get to the Fort Greene branch to find no robbery underway; meanwhile, the NYPD comes in to bust the actual robbery, where Hawkins stages it to look like it was Jake and Rosa who led the effort, leading to their arrest.

Two months later, Jake and Rosa are on trial and facing serious jail time. What’s more, their two-pronged plan to prove their innocence is thwarted by newly incriminating evidence: Hawkins takes to the stand with paperwork that traces $26 million in stolen funds to a pair of offshore accounts that are apparently in their names.

With just 24 hours to prove that they’ve been set up, Jake and Amy trek to Flaxton Hill Farms in Philadelphia to find Matthew Langdon (Parks and Rec‘s Brent Briscoe), a cop seemingly forced into hiding after working with Hawkins years ago, in hopes that he’ll testify on their behalf. Back in Brooklyn, Holt finds a hopeless Rosa ready to flee the country and make a new life for herself in Argentina. He makes the case that her family at the Nine-Nine would miss her if she fled, which is all it takes to convince her not to run.

Terry and Charles (whose hair has lost all pigmentation due to the stress of the trial) later meet with a group of hackers (including Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s Scott Aukerman) to determine who wired the money into the offshore accounts. It is traced back to Flaxton Hill Holdings, proving that Langdon is in cahoots with Hawkins. Unfortunately, he is already on the stand by the time Amy learns that he is up to no good, and he tells the jury that Jake paid him $300,000 to say that they had been set up by Hawkins. At this point, the jury has heard enough, and finds Jake and Rosa guilty.

As for the episode’s other big twist? Gina’s pregnant, y’all! So who’s the father? None other than Charles’ cousin, Milton Boyle (played by Shooter‘s Ryan Phillippe). He seems to make Gina happy, but Charles clearly doesn’t approve. (Also, his name is supposed to sound like Milton Berle, right?)

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