Training Day Series Finale Recap: Did Kyle Avenge His Father's Murder?

Training Day Finale Recap

Training Day‘s one-and-done run at the very least led to a satisfying climax, as well as hinted at a new dynamic between Frank and his “trainee.”

Having learned that there was a second key that “matched” the one Billy buried years ago, and having snatched it during a brawl with Kyle, Frank tells a worried Holly that he needs to leave town to follow up on a lead. He makes tracks for Mexico to stage a bank robbery, with the help of business rivals Artemis and Lina, with Moreno as their getaway driver. Frank though just wanted the distraction, as he used the two keys to access a safe deposit box… that he never got to open, seeing as a commandante he wronged in the past, by bedding his lady, shows up with a small army.

This Ruiz/El Jaguar takes Frank to his well-fortified compound, where Ivers resurfaces to find out what exactly Frank knows about Project Leviathan aka the box’s contents. Doped up with a truth serum, Frank insists he knows nothing, at which point he hallucinates an irate/impatient Ivers shooting Holly dead, with Rebecca, Tommy and Kyle to follow. Luckily, the real Rebecca and Tommy, recruited by Kyle and with an assist from Manijvar, arrive on the scene to interrupt Frank’s torture session and free him, but not before Ivers has a chance to torch most of the Leviathan file.

On the way out, they would come face to face with El Jaguar and his men again — and yet escaped that intense situation with help from Artemis and Lina. Afterward, Kyle sifted through the Leviathan ashes to find a photograph of a younger Ivers meeting up with…  Tim Wallace, the first cop to arrive at the scene of Billy Craig’s murder.

Back home, Kyle sets out to get the truth once and for all, and to that end holds Wallace at gunpoint, with Frank at his side. Wallace explains that he and his partner Jeff Kern had gotten in deep with all kinds of corruption, to the point that the latter couldn’t take it anymore and got skittish. So the powerful people that comprise “Leviathan” had him whacked. Wallace and Kern had compiled a file, as a precaution, and stowed it “right under their noses” in a cartel’s bank. Billy caught wind of Wallace’s illicit activities and stole one of the keys. Pressed by Kyle to confess to his father’s murder, Wallace says he shot Billy in the gut, to force him to reveal the key’s whereabouts, but Billy kept mum, and eventually bled out.

The people Kyle really should hold responsible, Wallace argues, are those behind Leviathan — and they will be gunning for Craig and Rourke now that the safe deposit box has been opened, regardless of what happened to the files inside. That passing of the buck doesn’t quite pass muster with Kyle, who seems poised to put a bullet in Wallace — except Frank beats him to it, to save Billy’s son from having a bit of a monster haunt him. Frank and Kyle then report a version of Wallace’s death to Lockhart, after which Frank announces that Kyle is no longer his trainee… but his partner.

What did you think of Training Day‘s solid if bittersweet run?

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