The Blacklist Season 4

The Blacklist Finale Recap: The One With the Paternity Test — Grade It!

Warning: The following recap contains major spoilers from the Season 4 finale of The Blacklist.

Ever since Raymond Reddington walked into FBI headquarters four years ago, requesting to speak only with Elizabeth Keen, there’s been a flurry of theories about Red’s relationship to the profiler. Is he Liz’s father? Is he, somehow, her mother? Is there another explanation, beyond blood relation, that justifies Red’s loving-yet-creepy fascination with her?

But if, throughout the years, you’ve remained a staunch advocate of the most plausible theory on that list — that Red is indeed Liz’s dad — then Thursday’s season finale of The Blacklist must have left you feeling mighty vindicated.

After Harold Cooper swiped some of Red’s DNA from a years-old evidence file, he had it tested in order to determine, once and for all, the reason why Red came into Liz’s life so unceremoniously. And the results confirmed what many of you had long suspected, what Red kinda-sorta confided to Alexander Kirk just months ago: He is Liz’s father, after all.

And yet, this reveal — long-awaited though it may have been — was far from the finale’s most shocking moment. Let’s break down five other major events from Thursday’s season ender:

5 | After having his bank accounts cleared out and most of his international business ties cut against his will, Red doubles down on his efforts to track down Mr. Kaplan, the woman behind this systematic dismantling of his empire. Given that Thursday’s finale was two hours, I trust you’ll forgive me for giving the Reader’s Digest version of the proceedings: In short, Kaplan is working with investigator Julian Gale to (a) take down Red and (b) prove that the FBI task force has been working with him this entire time, turning a blind eye to the murders that Red committed while informing the FBI of new blacklisters.

The Blacklist Season 4Although Kaplan comes thisclose to getting Gale the smoking gun he needs to indict the task force — that is, Red’s signed immunity agreement with the Department of Justice — Red ultimately intercepts the document, ensuring it doesn’t get into Gale’s hands. Kaplan, seemingly anticipating this snafu, quickly moves on to Plan B: She’ll go directly to the prosecutors and tell them everything she knows about Red and the task force, in exchange for immunity.

But once again, Kaplan and Gale’s plan is thwarted by Red. While Kaplan is attempting to obliterate her onetime colleague, Red is using his precious remaining time to track down Henry Prescott, a renowned “fixer” who helped Laurel Hitchin dispose of Reven Wright’s body back when she murdered the woman. Once Red and Ressler locate Prescott (and have him prove that Reven’s body is, indeed, floating in a barrel of formaldehyde in a storage facility), Red uses this information to blackmail Laurel, in exchange for her immediate shutdown of any investigation into Red and the task force.

4 | When all is said and done, Kaplan isn’t able to take down Red in quite the way she had hoped, and just before she can make her escape, Kaplan finds herself cornered on a bridge, surrounded by Red, Dembe, Liz and a dozen police officers. But she does have one more thing to use against Red: a mysterious suitcase that she dug up from a location called Tanzi Farms earlier in the episode. Though we’re not immediately told what’s inside, it seems to contain a major secret that Kaplan and Red have kept all these years — perhaps the worst secret they’ve been keeping from Liz all this time.

Under the impression that Red is about to kill her, Kaplan urges Red to give Liz the suitcase and finally tell her the whole truth at last. But Red assures Kaplan that he doesn’t intend to hurt her — and when Red won’t kill her, Kaplan takes her own life, jumping off the bridge and diving into the water below. (Given what happened the last time Kaplan “died” on this show, I’m not entirely convinced she won’t pop up again next season — but if she is gone, The Blacklist tragically just lost its most badass character. You’ll be missed, Kate!)

3 | When Aram is suspiciously the only FBI agent to get subpoenaed for testimony about the task force, Samar immediately becomes wary of Aram’s girlfriend, Janet — and her suspicions turn out to be valid. Too tempted by the prospect of an expunged criminal record, Janet gave Aram up to the authorities — and when Aram finds out what she did, after the investigation is shut down, he (presumably) breaks things off with Janet and returns to the bureau, where he finally kisses Samar.

2 | Once Laurel Hitchin makes good on her part of the bargain, and stops the investigation into Red’s task force, she brings Ressler back to her house in order to return his badge. But the conversation with Laurel quickly turns hostile, and she informs Ressler that he’ll be doing her bidding for the foreseeable future, as payment for her “good” deed.

The agent refuses to agree to those terms — and as Laurel begins to violently move toward Ressler, he pushes her back, sending her crashing into furniture that knocks her in the head. Within seconds, Laurel bleeds out all over the cushy white carpet… and just like that, Ressler’s recent introduction to fixer Henry Prescott has become very handy.

The Blacklist Season 41 | As the finale comes to a close, Cooper presents Liz with an envelope, which contains the DNA test results that will confirm whether Liz is Red’s daughter. Liz admits to her boss that she’d actually swiped Red’s DNA off a scotch glass two weeks after they met — but when the test results came in, she was too afraid to look at them.

This time, though, Liz overcomes her nerves just long enough to open the envelope and peek at the sheet of paper inside, which informs her — at long last — that Red is her father. Her next move: tracking Red down at his motel and admitting how angry she is that he kept this from her… before tearfully accepting that she and Red are a family and pulling her dad into a tight hug. (Meanwhile, my current feelings are at the intersection of Aww! and About Damn Time!)

But, as Dembe ominously reminds Red, Liz is still very much in the dark about that suitcase Kaplan dug up from the farm. “I’m not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn what you did to Katarina,” Dembe warns his boss, just as they arrive at Tanzi Farms to discover the suitcase is, in fact, gone.

So, who has it? Why, it’s Tom! (Welcome back, sir! Sorry about what happened!)

While speaking on the phone with someone we don’t meet — (“Hey. I got it. Mr. Kaplan’s instructions were very specific. I’m on my way.”) — Tom retrieves the suitcase from an innocuous-looking locker where Kaplan stashed it shortly before her demise. And although Liz presumably won’t know the suitcase’s contents for a long time to come, we’re made aware of what’s inside: skeletal human remains.

With that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of The Blacklist‘s super-sized finale? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments with all of your thoughts.

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  1. jason says:

    Liz basically excused all of Reds terrible behavior because he’s her dad and made herself sound dumb with that speech at the end

    • donholley77 says:

      She realizes everything he did for her is no matter how twisted, is because he IS her father & he loves her unconditionally! She also knows there’s more to the story…

    • Penny says:

      Liz excused all the horrible things Tom did as well because he was her husband and they were having a baby and looked real dumb then too. It’s unfortunately just Liz at this point.

    • btm says:

      Well, yes. All the major USG characters on the series are morally compromised, so this isn’t a sudden revelation. Rather, this is part of the DNA of the show. It’s something that all of the Task Force’s principals have had to square with over the years. At least they do occasionally own up up to their compromised status, and much of these last two episodes was bound up in Task Force members realizing that a reckoning for their legally questionable activities is bound to come eventually.
      Cooper talks about the morally ambiguous nature of the Task Force’s work on a regular basis. Look at Ressler, who wrestles with the moral ramifications of dealing with people like Reddington and Hitchin on a nearly once-per-episode basis: Can you maintain your moral center when you make deals with criminals to catch the bigger fish? Gale is a stand-in for critics who would argue that it’s never acceptable to compromise your principles for the perceived greater good. He gives voice to a black and white interpretation, and would never condone doing so. The entire series is bound up with this question, and I think it explores that question fairly head on.
      Whether a good deed excuses a rich history of bad deeds (while continuing to commit bad deeds) is a central theme of The Blacklist, to the characters of Reddington and Tom Keen, and whether there are any pathways open to redemption. Tom Keen openly yearns for redemption; Reddington himself has said baldly that he doesn’t seek absolution and that he comprehends the permanence of his fall, eschewing hypocrisy about who he is and what he does for a living.
      The Blacklist doesn’t periodically explore the very grey areas; it wallows there. That Liz Keen should be trying to figure out how to reconcile the evils wrought by her family with the good they are trying to do is about par for the course. She didn’t exactly forgive him, mind you, acknowledging that a good part of her hates him. He is still family, though, warts and all. I don’t think that many of the relationships on this show are supposed to be clean or comfortable, by design.

      • Billy Bob Johnson says:

        Excellent reply. It’s almost as if you were a writer or showrunner for The Blacklist.

        • Lois says:

          You got my vote. Mr. Caplan had to die. We all knew Red was Elizabeth’s father, so no big surprise there. But, we’re still gonna watch. Best show on tv!

      • darkangel200 says:

        Great summation. I especially felt Ressler’s decision to call the fixer was the saddest moment in the finale. Ressler was the only real white hat on that task force. His story about Tommy Markin, and how that determined his father’s fate, as well as ultimately shaped Ressler’s POV on law enforcement, really helped to define his character. The turn to the dark side he took in the finale, and how that will shape his character from here on, will be very interesting to see next season.

        • Olivia says:

          “Ressler’s decision to call the fixer was the saddest moment in the finale”
          OMG it really was… It’s also, beyond the character himself, a way to portray that bad things can be done by very good people for different reasons (in his case involuntarily AND trying to stay loyal to his code, the irony) and that sometimes, morality is relative. Ressler killed, albeit accidentally, a very bad person in power. Is it worth risking prison over, especially when considering him going to jail is helping exactly no one? He is needed in the task force and is useful if he is outside of jail, not in it and I think he knows that. He’s still gonna have to deal with his guilt and maybe recalibrate his moral compass.
          Character development is going to be interesting. I always felt kinda indifferent to Ressler (lukewarm at best) until Liz’s “death” but he grew on me especially this season. I like that he’s human, conflicted and flawed.
          Anyway, it was a great two hours finale and I can’t wait for the new season to start (unfortunately with Tom being back full time, the show has been so good lately).

      • PatriciaLee says:

        I just watch it for Aram and Samar, these days. I hope the powers-that-be don’t screw that up.

    • Couldnt agree more! My thoughts after the episode was: Well, now we know what we have kinda known for 4 seasons”. But why keep it from her for so long? Why drag this on for 4 season? What does he gain from not telling her? By torturing her with the idea that he KNOWS who her father is, but not telling her? What would have changed? I honestly cant think of 1 valid reason as to why he would keep it from her.

      Honestly to me this episode was just a mess. When she got out of the car to “chose redington” over “the truth”. Like what? She LITERALLY killed Mr.Kaplan because of that decision. Where as in a previous episode she chose mr.kaplan..She had the chance to get the answers to everything, but she went with Raymond and basically forcing Mr.Kapland to kill herself.

      Redington has been tormenting her for years, but as soon as hes her father everything was OK, because thats “family”. ??

  2. donholley77 says:

    This had to be the most intense season finale I’ve seen in awhile- if ever! Well acted, brilliantly written. With the payoff we all wanted! But with more questions! How/ if did Red kill Katarina? I forgot, didn’t Red & Mr. Kaplan hear about her death secondhand?

  3. Mary E Martin says:

    Who was Liz’s mother??

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I knew Elizabeth was his kid. They are turning her evil just like him. She is right it’s in her genes . Poor Kaplin all she did for self obsorbed Elizabeth. They wrote the story so Elizabeth turns out to be a bitch like her father is evil dick. I would bet they write her to go worse to the dark side next season.

  5. Karen says:

    Stoked to have Tom back – with Red’s empire in shambles he’ll need to turn to Tom and Liz as much as they’ll need him …will be great to watch that trio evolve (not to mention Dembe!)

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was really good. Gonna miss Mr. Kaplan on the show. Glad the team is safe, Surprised what Russler did. Good Liz knows Red is her father. Good to see Tom back but surprised he is working with Mr. Kaplan to ruin Red if Liz learns the secret Red did. Can’t wait for season 5 this fall!

  7. Paige says:

    How in the heck did Blacklist get the early time slot next year? Good program, but too violent, gory and mature to be on so early. Bad move.

    • drhenning says:

      The timeslot for TV Shows is mostly irrelevant these days with time shifting and On Demand. Most folks these days, even old timers, don’t sit down to watch a show they record and watch later skipping through commercials.. Whether it’s 7 (CDT) or 10, it doesn’t really matter much anymore.. Blindspot is far more violent than Blacklist and it’s been an 8pm show since it started..

      • Paige says:

        I don’t watch Blindspot. I do understand all about tv viewing habits, but still take issue with mature programming being on so early. You realize that’s 7PM for most of the country.? I’m watching the violence, suicide, eyeball removal, etc. of the finale and wonder if they’ll have to reign that in with the earlier time slot. Hopefully, the providers will offer more parental control options for broadcast tv.

  8. Miki says:

    Sorry to see Mr Kaplan go, but she turned into a degenerate murderess in her rage against Red. I started to really dislike who she had become. (Great acting. Bravo, Ms Blommaert!)

    Am curious to see if/how Red rebuilds his empire. I just don’t see him retiring to a rocking chair.

  9. Nancy says:

    Who is Dom? Supposedly Liz’s grandfather? Then who is he connected to or did I miss that story?

    • Tracey says:

      He is her Mother’s father.. I believe it’s the Artax episode that he first appears in. Hope that helps

  10. Lynn says:

    I am with you about the awww and about damn time! I really hope that is finally put to rest. They left the door open though, they didn’t get the DNA directly from Red and Dembe asks him, “you didn’t deny it?” There’s a theory that the real Raymond Reddington is her father but this Red is an imposter. Although he could be an imposter and still ge her father I guess. I really really hope Tom is evil again, he’s boring otherwise. I think Liz is going to end up helping him rebuild his empire, there is no task force without it and by the end of the series she will be running it.

    • Crystal says:

      I agree. They left wiggle room for the whole ‘is Red actually the daddy’ thing. I could see the show pulling the imposter theory. I actually think that’s where they might be going because 1) they didn’t use DNA directly from the Red that we know and love, 2) Red never verbally told Liz ‘yeah, you’re my daughter’, and 3) Red doesn’t lie to Liz (which the show has made a point to bring up multiple times) and ; hypothetically, if the imposter theory is true, then he still hasn’t lied to Liz because of point 2. As for Tom, I don’t like him when he’s the glasses-wearing, puppy-eyed, teacher , but then again, I don’t like him at all. That being said, he is more entertaining to watch when he’s in villain mode.

      • Olivia says:

        I never gave too much thought about that theory but seeing your comment goes with the answer he gave Liz when she asked him and reminded me that we actually didn’t see Red’s face when he supposedly was in the car with Katarina (when Kate saw them).
        I really hope they don’t go that route — Red being her dad is what I’ve wanted from the beginning — or if they do, that Red has taken the identity of his brother or something (therefore still making him family to Liz and giving a plausible reason as to why she’s so important to him).
        The only thing I’m thinking of right now contradicting that is the fact that Kirk surely would have known and confronted Red about the identity? I also believe that with her skills, Kate would have figured that out as well a long time ago… who knows, this show is going to make me doubt everything! Katarina could be alive that I wouldn’t bat an eye, that’s how unsure of everything I am haha

        • Jenn says:

          I love this theory, but didn’t Harold say that he knew Red from their younger days? The brother thing could be it…a twin brother? Ah we won’t know for so long.

  11. says:

    Unless they fished that body out of the water, Mr. Kaplan will return, which is good. Such an interesting character. Finally Red reveal – it’s the only thing that made sense. Could Liz have killed Katarina?

    • MIKE HAMMER says:

      Kaplan character absurd.
      For all the master criminals who sought to hurt Reddington not one ever came close to destroying his empire , but suddenly, Kaplan is not just some “cleaner” but Professor Moriarity— a SUPER DUPER arch criminal who outsmarts and basically neuters Reddington. Silly as Reddington unable to stop a subordinate who has basically brought him down,
      IF this idiocy is to continue then let’s just have Reddington FINALLY explain to Liz what is what and go off to Belize in retirement— AND let;s have the REAL criminal genius MR. Kaplan surface from the river after having an associate waiting for her underwater with scuba gear and become the star of the show!
      After all Reddington shown to be a punk amateur compared to that criminal genius Kaplan— AND, now that the underworld knows that Kaplan the evil genius and Reddington a victim of Kaplan evil just who is going to fear Reddington next season or ever again. The Black Listers just going to laugh in his face!

      • KCC says:

        You’re ascribing ambitions to Kaplan that were never there. She was working for Red and didn’t aspire to be a criminal mastermind. She obviously had potential to be more than “just some cleaner.” She just never wanted to be a “super duper arch criminal”. Kaplan had the skills and more importantly information about Red that his other adversaries didn’t have. After Red shot her, she was motivated to do whatever it took to bring Red down. Even then she wasn’t trying to take over his business, she was doing it to get Red out of Liz’s life for good. Hardly the actions of an arch criminal. More the actions of someone looking out for a loved one in danger.

  12. Kristy says:

    What did Henry Prescott call Ressler when Prescott came in Laurel Hitchin’s house and saw her dead? Did Prescott call Ressler “Mr. Hitchin” when he told Ressler he better get out of the house? It didn’t sound like he said “Ressler”.

  13. kirads09 says:

    Always loved Kate aka Mr. Kaplan. But I have to say – in her quest for revenge and to take down Red, wasn’t she becoming as much a cold blooded monster as she said he was? I mean taking the guy’s eyeball? Sending thugs who ruthlessly kill innocents? I agree. We may not have seen the last of her. She seems to have nine lives so lets hope this wasn’t the last.

    Seriously? it took them 4 seasons to think to do a paternity test? Finally. You would think they would’ve done that the minute the question of Red’s relation to Liz was brought up! Bout time.

    Aram has not had good luck with his choice of “outside” girlfriends poor thing. I adore him. Of course, he and Samar belong together. I would love to see a crossover event with Blindspot somehow and see him and Patterson work together – that would be EPIC.

    Yay! Tom’s back!

    • Olivia says:

      I didn’t know that was something I needed until your comment. EPIC doesn’t even begin to describe the sheer awesomeness that this nerd duo would be (besides they could also bond over their incredibly trustworthy former partners /s). Which makes me also imagine Samar and Zapata partnering on the field. And Jane with Liz. And Reade with Ressler. And Weller with Cooper. Now I’m frustrated, thank you! lol

  14. peterwdawson says:

    About time they got that revelation out of the way. It’s been like an albatross around the show’s neck.

  15. Mel says:

    Got a kick out of seeing Aldis Hodge playing a thief – “I expect to die here today, that’s the end of your leverage.” Hah!

  16. Terri says:

    Upset with Liz for choosing Red over Mr. Kaplan! Hope Kate returns, she is the true mastermind and revenge can be powerful so don’t blame her for going after Red since he tried to blow her head off. After all, she was trying to protect Liz from Red and apparently from herself! The show needs Mr. Kaplan!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Don’t be absurb. Red is the mastermind the father. Kaplan just was the nanny and knew all about Red, because they were friends.

  17. Steve says:

    I think the biggest question of the night, as well as other nights, is!!!!!!
    Who’s watching the BABY??? I’m just sayinbg

    • donholley77 says:

      I hope ur being sarcastic! Cuz it was mentioned sometime ago, that Liz hired a nanny!

      • Demitri says:

        The irony. Wifey and I always saying during the eps when we see Tom and Liz ” oh Agnes Schmagnes, we got FBI stuff to be involved in” haha #crapparents #agnesnotsoimportantafterall

  18. Who did Liz kill when she was a child? I thought she supposedly killed her father the night of the fire?

    • Brian says:

      I believe in the episode where Mr Kaplan backstory was explained that Katarina brought Liz to Kate (Kaplan) the night of the fire. But I don’t have the best memory with this sorta stuff.

  19. Megs says:

    Oooooooffff, if that skeleton is belong to Katarina Rastova, I really am gonna hate Reddington. Period. My hope she’s still alive somehow could be vanished just like that… Altho, If Kaplan knew Red did something/killed Katarina, I honestly dont know why in the hell Kaplan would say “I loved Raymond.” This whole just doesnt make any sense, just generating itch on my calp every single episode.

  20. Alex says:

    Do we know for sure that Red is Liz’s father? Didn’t Red and Dembe’s conversation at the tree say something about how Red didn’t correct her. I assumed that it was referencing Red not correcting Liz that he is her father.

    • Emily says:

      He meant he was not correcting her in thinking that mr kaplans secret was that red is liz’s father…still trying to keep whatever secret about katarina

  21. Tracy288 says:

    I still prefer to see Raymond as a good person; Kate was unfortunately unhinged by her loyalty to Elizabeth’s mother and it did no one any good.

  22. A. Slaughter says:

    Let’s back up a couple of tics; the blood sample was inarguably from Reddington’s clothes from an old evidence box. It does not mean that the man standing in front of Liz is, in fact, her father. I would like to see blood drawn from him personally, and compare it’s D.N.A to Liz’s.

  23. Debbie L. says:

    Poor Agnes! If her grandparents genetic play much in her personality and proclivities, she is so screwed!

  24. Shara says:

    Such a good episode, loved it! Can’t wait to see what will happen with the suitcase and Tom’s involvement.

  25. Cathy says:

    The Blacklist started off really great and then seemed like it lost its way for a bit. But this season has been great again! Glad the show runners seem to be finding a groove. I’m excited about next season!

    • loyal2415 says:

      Both Red and Kate are “bad guys” and we’ve known from season one that Red will not think twice about murdering another bad guy who has hurt others or been disloyal to him.
      The only reason the task force made a deal with Red was in order to catch dangerous criminals that were killing innocent people.
      But Kate crossed a line in the finale when she started doing cruel things to innocent people and killing innocents. Kate was great at one point but became more evil than Red himself.

  26. Michael Summerset says:

    The skeletal remains were most likely those of Katrina. It seemed to be suggested that Red killed her.

  27. paula hoffman says:

    It sounded like Prestcott said “you should be going Mr. Sturgen” anyon else hear that???? Do you think ressler and her were married …..really???


  28. I can’t remember what happened to baby Agnes and tom, can someone refresh my memory?

  29. paula hoffman says:

    did anyone hear Prescott call ressler Mr. Sturgen???????????????????

  30. Mrs O says:

    Hope Kaplan comes back next season, if not, she will be missed!

  31. Pixi says:

    Everyone is annoyed about Mr. Kaplan dying and I’m more pissed that Baz got shot!

  32. Lois says:

    The take my husband and I came to was nothing more that Mr Caplan could do, so that confrontation would end her life. But, then, did she die? Red is Elizabeth’s father? OH! DO TELL! We didn’t have that figured out during the first 10 minutes of the very first episode. Really? We’ve watched every episode because it’s just that breath of fresh air! Not your run of the mill cop show! It is delightful!

  33. Dan Florentin Marinescu says:

    Best TV Show I have seen

  34. Jo Famig says:

    Wasn’t there an episode where Liz as a child kills some one? Could she have accidentally shot her mother & Red is trying to protect her from remembering this?

  35. James R. says:

    I still don’t believe he’s her father. Never have honestly. He never actually told her that he was or even acknowledged it with anything besides a hug which he could’ve done may so that she wouldn’t dig deeper to find Kaplan and Red’s big secret. Also the blood sample came from a shirt that Red was wearing when he was being held by a Russian bad guy that was never caught. That could be the real father. He’s Russian. He held Red for 10 days (maybe he found out about the affair). He was never caught. Not to mention there’s still more we don’t know about Keen’s memory. Remember that other memory specialist guy took some memories of hers after she met Red. Keen also supposedly shot her father. Red never lies to Keen and yet he flat out told her he wasn’t her father. There’s still a lot of issues that need to be tied up before I believe Red is her father

  36. Simon says:

    The body in the suitcase is Lizzies Dad.

  37. Lindsay says:

    My current theory. Current Red is an imposter, original Reddington was Liz’s father. Original Reddington = bones in the suitcase. Imposter Red killed original Reddington.

  38. This is my opinion and is not meant to insult or offend anyone, remember freedom of speech people!I personally think the whole so called father/daughter scenario with Liz and Red from the beginning was twisted and utterly BS!First of all,I cannot understand how some viewers can sit and watch the Blacklist from season one throughout,and actually entertained this hogwash?!My point is,absolutely NO father or daughter in there right minds would LOOK OR TOUCH each other the way Red and Liz do!If my father so much as done such a thing I would have him committed minus his two hands!Then I would check myself in the nearest asylum ASAP!I think it is disgusting and absolutely absurd that the writers chose to go that way,so many viewers are shocked,discouraged and disgusted after the finale.In fact,many are saying they are not watching the show anymore because of that awful scenario!A number of viewers also pointed out that even though Liz hugged Red in the end,Red did NOT look like a “Happy father” I have to agree,he looked tensed. Anyway folks,the show is known to thrive on expect the unexpected,so who knows?!Since we all know first hand that DNA can be manipulated, it is possible that down the line the BS we witnessed was a sham,as it should be!Viewers are already painting crazy scenarios that Red is Liz’s mother?!Seriously?!Now that is crazy s…t right there!I am still trying to digest what I heard and saw,will I continue to watch the show?I honestly don’t know,it is an addictive show,especially when the show runners pull stunts like this,I am starting to wonder if they are doing this to keep the viewers watching because let’s face it,it would not be the first time that show runners do this to boost ratings because of a dying show, Just saying!Who knows!Time will tell people,but in any event,if the show runners continue to go down this road and not return to the original dynamics between Red and Liz from the inception of the show,I guarantee you that The Blacklist will die a natural death before it can reach the tenth season,I say the tenth and not the sixth,because I strongly believe that the show has great potential to run for an indefinite period of time,BUT this can only happen if the show runners get real and continue to keep Liz and Red in character,and so far they have derailed the dynamics between the two main characters.In my eyes and millions of other viewers,we saw Liz and Red as a potential romantic couple,the evidence was there the moment they met at the post office,you would have to be blind not to see how Red looked at Liz and vice versa!As for the non believers,don’t make me have to come back here and point out ALL the episodes where Red Reddington especially DID NOT look at Liz in a NOT SO ‘Fatherly’ manner!just saying!So hang tight folks,let’s see if the ship will sink or continue to sail!I know which ship I am going down with!LIZ&RED FOREVER..

  39. Lorraine Condon says:

    Love the show. So happy that Liz finally knows that Red is her dad. I just wish that Tom never came back. I wonder if Mr.Kaplan is really dead.

    • I agree one hundred percent about that cockroach Tom keen,someone should have bumped him a long time ago!I still cannot and will not go for the daddy/daughter scenario,and I will tell you why.First of all,I have already outlined the obvious reasons for that distasteful scenario above.But I will tell you this.A lot of viewers were becoming bored and frustrated awaiting the answer to the questions of Liz’s paternity,without looking at the big picture, most of them just watch an episode and just took what they saw in this case at face value. The question I need to asked,did anyone really observe Red’s reaction,did he look like an elated father after receiving the news that the one person he loves the most in the world and his willing to give his life for is his daughter?!Come on! Can you picture

      • My apologies,for not completing my comment earlier,so here we go!As I was saying.I cannot picture James Spader’s character playing the NOT so exciting daddy/daughter roll?!Like my good friend Danny pointed out,Spader’s character as we know it is eccentric,interesting and unconventional,we can’t picture his character taking a nose dive taking on such a boring roll!There is a bigger picture to the puzzle,and knowing the show runners,I guarantee that the finale is not as picture perfect or black and white as some of the viewers see it.We all have our opinions,and I respect each one I read, because you can put a hundred people in a room to watch this scenario,and in the end each one would decipher, acknowledge and see things differently.For my part though,a huge storm is coming,a lot of us are in for some shocking revelations!Just always remember the show is mostly based and thrive on speculation,you always expect the unexpected!I will NEVER EVER see Red as Liz’s father,just like I was right about Tom keen being redeemed!I could not fathom how the show runners thought for a second that there was any redeeming Tom’s character,as far as I am concerned,Tom’s characters no longer serves any purpose on the show, continuing to try to turn him into a good guy after what he did to his wife,playing happy family in my opinion that ship has sailed!Thanks to all who messaged me about appreciating my comments, it was an honor to hear from you. LIZ AND RED FOREVER

  40. Damian says:

    I am glad Kate is out although i still have doubts we will see her next season, on the other hand Tom phone call .. mmm was i the only one to think that the he was talking to Red on the phone after he got the bag!! Red sent him to collect it.

    • Ron says:

      I, of course, could be wrong, but I thought the opposite. There’s no love lost between Tom and Red. I’m not sure he’d be doing his bidding. On the other hand, Kaplan helped Tom and Liz escape when she/they thought it was best for them and Agnes. Tom is probably doing work with her because he might feel like he owes her something. When, on the bridge, Kaplan said to Red about having a contingency plan in the event of her death (she knew she was going to die one way or the other), that her contingency plan was a person who would carry out the secret once she’s gone, I assumed that plan/person was Tom, and that the person on the other end of the phone was another Kaplan associate.

  41. Paula Hansbrough says:

    Love Redman… What a great actor. His silence is more dramatic than anything he could have said.

  42. Dan the critic says:

    Did Baz die?

  43. ConfusedFan says:

    Different spin on things….any chance the real Elizabeth Keen is dead and in that suitcase? Masha was then given Elizabeth’s identity? Very stupid thought I’m sure, but the suitcase said Elizabeth Keen on it. I’m coming waaaay out of left field…..i should go back there.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Actually, Elizabeth having similar DNA that way might make more sense than where I was wandering into.

  44. G says:

    Early in the series, Mary Louise Parker, played Reddingtons ex wife. She asked Reddington about Liz ‘does she know who she is’? And she asked him ‘Are you two and item?’ To both of them he said NO. So from then on I knew he wasn’t her father. The ex knows exactly who Liz is so she asked appropriate questions which means he isn’t her father.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    I hope Liz forgive Red and Red has a very good explanation about what did he do to Katarina. I want a happy end not that something bar happen with Raymond

  46. Jack says:

    The night of fire…. I think that night little Elizabeth Keen with a gun accidentally shot down katarina while katarina in fight with enemy of course not Red. She tried to help his mother and took a gun to shoot the enemy….but the bullet choosed her own mother. Remember, Red took away Elizabeth that night. Red also asked one of the Blacklister to erase the memory of that night from Elizabeth so she will never be remember about the murder she made. The memory eraser asked Keen… “well you dont remember me… when you been brought to me to erase that memory….”

  47. Jack says:

    ..I cought something in my mind. The suitcase is named belongs to Elizabeth keen. So the real Elizabeth keen the FBI agent was dead. This is the secret Red n Kaplan tried to hide from Masha Rostova. Red tried to protect Masha by steal Elizabeth Keen identity then buried the real elizabeth keen body in that suitcase. The one that talk to Tom in phone could be Katrina Rostova. Red erased Masha full memories about himself. Uhhh! Cant wait for the season 5!

    • Vicki says:

      The bones in the suitcase appeared to be that of a child; very small. Also, could Dembe be the voice on the phone?

  48. Vicki says:

    Now that Mr. Kaplan is (presumed) dead, where are redd’s assets? Could he possibly recover all his wealth, or did I miss something?

  49. Mthokozisi Madzinane says:

    The blacklist was superb,I loved it,and I’m lookin forward to more seasons to come.

  50. A. Slaughter says:

    I still stand by my original theory, that is not Raymond Reddington presently in Liz’s life! The DNA on the shirt is indeed, Reddington’s, but in order for me to believe he is her father, I would like to see an actual blood test, with blood drawn from him, and tested against Elizabeth.