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Scandal Finale: Bellamy Young Reacts to [Spoiler]'s Death and More Twists

In addition to setting the stage for a brutal final season, Thursday’s two-hour Scandal finale posed a crucial philosophical question: How many different hats can one Gladiator wear at once?

TVLine spoke with Bellamy Young (aka Madam President!) about the episode’s biggest twists, but first, a quick recap: Following Jake’s discovery that Maya intended to assassinate Mellie on Inauguration Day, OPA launched a full investigation into Mama Pope’s whereabouts, eventually tracking her down… only to discover that she was merely being paid by none other than Luna Vargas. (I’ll admit it, I gasped.) Frankie’s “grieving” widow was then given an ultimatum by Jake and Olivia — kill yourself, or we’ll kill you — to which she chose Option A.

Meanwhile, after revealing that she’s pregnant with Charlie’s baby, Quinn asked Abby to take over as the head of OPA; Fitz decided to leave D.C. to operate his foundation in Vermont; Olivia opted to reinstate B613, with herself as its new leader; and it was ultimately revealed that Cyrus was the one who filled Luna’s head with all those crazy ideas, as part of a much larger scheme to get power for himself. Given all of that, is it any surprise that Olivia — in the episode’s final moments — appeared to side with Cyrus, telling him not to leave D.C. so she could make him Mellie’s new vice president?

Like I said, lots of curveballs this week. So let’s break ’em all down with Young:

TVLINE | First of all, congratulations just on surviving this finale.
[Laughs] Oh, It was a nail biter, wasn’t it? And I don’t take anything for granted in Shondaland. I certainly never imagined that I would get to be president, much less that I would survive that horrible threat from Mama Pope.

TVLINE | And then to find out that Luna had been in on it…
That was a real shock, too, because she’s been nothing but girl power and support. She’s been such a formidable partner on this road. Mellie hasn’t found that out yet, and I don’t know how that will all play out next year, but I think it will really gut her to think that Luna had anything to do with it.

TVLINE | What was your reaction to that death scene?
You know, Tessie [Santiago] played Luna with such heart and so much depth. I actually haven’t seen her last scene yet, but I’m sure, at the very least, she’s gorgeous in it — she’s such a beautiful woman. That was a really difficult position Luna was put in, I don’t think she really had a choice.

TVLINE | And then there was that Cyrus bombshell at the end. If he really ends up as her vice president, could you see them even possibly getting along?
That was the biggest reveal for me, that Cyrus was the one behind it all. But I don’t think Mellie ever underestimates him. When she’s in a room with him, she doesn’t let her guard down. She never thinks, “Oh, he might really be on my side.” So were they to be teamed, I think she’d appreciate him as an asset — no one knows Washington like Cyrus — but she wouldn’t for a moment forget that she’s making a deal with the Devil.

TVLINE | It’s looking like Fitz is heading to Vermont and leaving Liv behind. Is that a couple you root for, even though you used to play Fitz’s wife?
Gosh, I’m definitely a romantic. I believe in love, which — as an audience member — makes me want to pull for them. But I’m also curious to see what next year will bring for our Tony [Goldwyn]. We love him so dearly, and we want him around, so I’m excited to see how that plays out.

TVLINE | What does it mean, for you, to be playing the Scandal universe’s first female president?
Well, [Sally Langston] got to be president for a minute when Fitz was in a coma. So Mellie’s not exactly the first, but the first one to come from an election. And I think it’s huge. America’s really behind the rest of the world in terms of female leadership, and I think it was very important for our creator — and for many of us — to show that inauguration, to show Americans watching a woman being inaugurated. This was always such a dream of Mellie’s, but gosh, that crucible she was in, especially in that last chapter with Peus and the Mystery Woman and Mama Pope. She had to surrender the frivolity of it being her dream and really embrace the mission of service. Public office should be a service, so it stopped being about her and started being about the nation and the world and what it could mean to be willing to die to give the world that moment. And she was willing. So I hope that nobility and sense of purpose follows her into the White House.

TVLINE | Lastly, with Olivia running B613 and working as Mellie’s chief of staff, I imagine things will get… complicated, let’s say? 
[Laughs] We’ll see! I don’t know what’s going to happen next year. We could go forward in time, who knows? … Mellie really still believes in Olivia. She still thinks that if you have a hard question, you go to Olivia. She won’t give you the easy answer, she’ll give you the honest answer. When Mellie loses herself, she turns to Olivia to remind herself who she is. So there’s a lot of room next year, if we go forward, for Mellie and Olivia to have a lot of friction. Olivia now has all the good power in the White House and all the evil power in B613.

Your thoughts on the finale? Hopes for Season 7? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.


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  1. madhatter360 says:

    I don’t understand Cyrus’ plan. Like, I understand the plan, but not why anyone would ever make a plan so needlessly complicated. He would have been VP if Frankie had lived. And now after all is said, and many are dead…he gets to be VP.
    Very happy for Quinn and Charlie though.

    • Geo says:

      Cyrus being behind the plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He literally would have either, as you said 1) gone through a ridiculous amount of trouble only to end up back where he would have been anyway and/or also 2) wanted to be vice-president more than president. I’m not sure there’s any level of ret-conning the show could do to make this come even close to making the slightest bit of sense from everything else we’ve seen this season. It’s just incredibly bad storytelling.

      • westwingwolf says:

        He also had the opportunity to get to be VP again before Mellie offered it to Luna. He’s taking a lot of chances to risk having power just to assume he’ll get it again in a more complicated way. It is bad storytelling because they cared more about giving it a crazy twist than making sure that twist at least made sense.

        • dude says:

          That’s pretty much all of Shondaland these days. They seem to the a big reveal is more important than quality storytelling.

      • Lisa Echerd says:

        Agreed. And where did he get all the money to pull this off? It seemed like they were just twisting the story up to fill time.

        • Honest says:

          In a world where Cyrus, a gay man married to a prostitute, is elected vice president everything is possible.

    • :-) says:

      I don’t think Cyrus was behind the planning. He planted vivid seeds and watched them grow. He does that. Might have offered a little advice. If he had planned it Frankie would have been ahot at the inauguration.

  2. Ella says:

    Luna and Cyrus, really? So disappointed. And they let Maya go. Really? I think this show should have ended this season. Although I do love watching Scott Foley. And The Catch was cancelled???

    • shanean austin says:

      Thank you!! The Catch was so good! I didn’t even realize that the season was over already!!! I like Scandal, but dang.

  3. Yaya says:

    I thought season 6 was a trainwreck in general, but the last few episodes got clean real mfing quick. This finale was pretty great. Did anybody resist the tears when Olivia said goodbye to Fitz? (don’t answer that, I know y’all are triffling over their relationship)

    • Daniel says:

      oh.. I deff had tears

    • Cheyenne says:

      No. I used to love them together but not any more. Olivia has turned toxic. If she really loved Fitz she would have gone with him but the only thing she loves now is power. She’s worse than both her parents. She’s completely corrupted and she would corrupt Fitz if she stayed with him.

      • Yaya says:

        It is funny, because, when Maya gave her hospital bed speech about how Olivia only serves others, and never makes moves for herself, I was hoping that it would put the light bulb in her head to seek happiness in Fitz (as an episode 1 shipper) but I knew better.
        Even though there relationship is so toxic and, honestly, contrived at this point… I still can’t help but to indulge in their lovey scenes. Yet, the previous show material proves that they can never be happy together with her strives for power and his useless puppy dog manner (and delusion of control)

        It is an endless cycle that (even as an “Olitz” shipper) I hope this was a final goodbye for them. Knowing Shonda, that is not the case, unfortunately…

      • DC says:

        I complete agree. She creeps me out and seems to have no moral code than her own arrogant desires. Toxic is the perfect word.

  4. Jeepers says:

    That last 20 minutes was downright chilling. Olivia seems to have crossed the point of no return. I’m fully convinced the show will end with her either being dead or being the president. It’s an interesting thing, all of these characters that you want to like, want to root for, and yet they’re all just genuinely awful human beings underneath it all. It’s rare you see a show with just about every protagonist as morally corrupt and completely irredeemable as these characters are. It’s fascinating in a train wreck kind of way. And scary to think that politics in this country is probably not too far off from the Scandal narrative.

    • Matt says:

      I feel after watching this episode the true story of scandal is how power corrupts. It started two years ago with the kid napping and the chair. It’s been a slow path to this for Olivia since. She has been consumed by power. I question whether this was the point the whole time to show the creation of a villain.

    • Cheyenne says:

      The only one who is still halfway decent is Fitz, as he showed when he cancelled the order to re-fund B613. I hope he manages to stay away from Olivia. She corrupts everything she touches now.

      • Brian says:

        I agree, but like all the other times when they broke up, you know they are going to reunite. It was a given they would break up again on tonight’s finale because where’s the story if Olivia was over her obsession with power and Fitz and her were already together? If they’re already showing Olivia this hung up on power, I doubt her story will end on that too.

      • Ann says:

        Fitz did kill a Supreme Court justice to keep Defiance from coming out. But she was literally on her deathbed and taking her last breaths. But I guess compared to everyone else on this show he is decent!!

      • Tv lover says:

        I’d argue that by far David Rosen is the only person with a moral code. Fitz is Olivia’s puppet the only reason he dropped B613 was because she got mad about it

  5. Robby says:

    Am I missing something? Luna? Um. Was she actually shown more than a total of 15 minutes this entire season?

  6. Daniel says:

    Ill ignore the mess that was the Cyrus and Luna plot because Olivia running after Fitz filled the void in my heart for the rest of my life

  7. Brian says:

    Ugh, B613 just won’t die will it? And of course Olivia is now fully dark, but it’s obvious Fitz is going to come back and rescue her and that sets up their ending. And glad Quinn and Charlie are at least getting some happiness now.

    • Cheyenne says:

      If Fitz is smart he will stay far away from her. Olivia doesn’t love him or anyone else. She’s incapable of love. She just uses people for her own benefit or gratification. She’s like an empty shell of a human being now.
      I like Quinn and Charlie together, though. They make the cutest assassin couple. They remind me of “Mr and Mrs Smith” killing people for fun and profit.

  8. Sue Davis says:

    this show just keeps jumping the shark. Olivia stopped being a likable character a long time ago and her constant bullying Rosen is deplorable. This has been the best season in the last few seasons. glad the show is ending. should have ended this season.

  9. Jeselnik Fan says:

    What was with all the racial stuff in this episode? Mama Pope referenced her race a BUNCH of times. How was it all relevant to what was happening?

    • Anna says:

      Really? Have you forgotten the time Rowan dressed down Fitz by calling him a boy and when he reminded Liv that he hold her that she would have to be twice as good as “them”? Why are you bothered by Maya’s speech? She didn’t referenced HER race, she gave a magnificent speech about the perception of black women.

  10. DD says:

    “Raise your hand if you’ve killed a vice-president!”
    “That counts!”
    -This quote better make it into Quotes of the Week!!!!

  11. Kailani says:

    Glad Olivia is wearing black now, not white. Black, like her soul. (not a racist comment.)

    • :-) says:

      I noticed all the black halfway through that’s when it hit me the white hat/ good girl was completely gone. This could be interesting. With her mom and dad she could be the devil!

  12. Amy Milar says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong, in essence indirectly Luna had her husband killed.

  13. Donna says:

    I love love love this show, it’s one of the best on tv. Last night was just thru the roof awesome. Just a little disappointed in Fitz leaving, I hope thats just temporary, wouldn’t be the same w/o h

    • janice arcen says:

      Olitz forever.Ultimate finale-Liv had unknown brain injury and is cured in time to recover her white hat and salvage her future with Fitz.

  14. mrsfields4701 says:

    My husband is only a casual watcher, but he was watching with me last night. When Olivia and Jake were with Luna, trying to convince her to kill herself, my husband said, “I bet the room’s bugged and it’s all an elaborate ploy to get her to confess.” When that didn’t happen he said, “Man. That is COLD.”

  15. Jen says:

    Does anyone else think that maybe Luna isn’t dead? That she was giving sleeping pills and Jake will stash her away somewhere? Maybe in a weird plot to take down Cyrus and Liv will redeem herself for the series finale. (One can hope) cause she’s pure evil. I miss Season 1-2 Liv & Fitz. :-/

    • ragnar51 says:

      Nice, you should be writing for this show!! If I may depart a bit, the gowns they all were wearing to the inaugural ball were just beautiful. I’m not at all a fashionista but just sayin’.

    • Cheyenne says:

      If Luna isn’t dead, then that would mean Jake betrayed Olivia. She tossed him the phone and told him “Call me when she’s dead.” He called her and told her it was done.

  16. Lani says:

    I hope Mackenzie Astin remains the White House interviewer of choice.

  17. Marie Black says:

    I can’t wait to see what season 7 has in store for us I will be watching

  18. Dev says:

    Th worst ep of scandal to date. What a waste of two hours. Shonda, what the hell?

  19. Devi says:

    I stopped watching scandal middle S4, when i understand shonda uses the succes due KERRY to push hers pets.I’m glad this show ending next year. Kerry signed 7 years contrat, the only reason its ending is not bc shonda decides to end it. With sl potus mellie she hoped more years. I’m sure KERRY don’t want to sign another year.
    Whatever, the reviewers and some comments can’t raise their mediocres white favs ( i hope for them bellamy, scott….. will find other roles soon), i know Kerry always rise