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The Voice Semifinals Results Show Recap: Were the Right Singers Cut?

Welcome to what a reader recently referred to in the recap comments as the Red Wedding episode of The Voice — with, of course, good reason. In the bloodbath that is the penultimate results show of Season 12, not one or two, nor even three singers, but four were sent packing. If it were up to me, based on their performances throughout the contest, Chris Blue, Lauren Duski, Hunter Plake and Brennley Brown would have advanced to the finals (with Chris or Lauren ultimately winning). But it wasn’t up to me. So who wound up surviving to the bitter end?

Before we found out, Adam Levine showed us what it would look like if Billy Idol and Fonzie had a son; Big Boi, wearing what I hope was a faux fur from the Cookie Lyon Collection, and Adam performed the forgettable “Mic Jack”; and DNCE trotted out the catchy “Kissing Strangers” while appealing to the balloon-inflaters union and giving a hint of what the band would wear to a costume party.

Top Three Vote-Getters Advancing to the Finale (in Chronological Order)
Chris Blue (Team Alicia)
Lauren Duski (Team Blake)
Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)

Lowest Two Vote-Getters (Immediately Eliminated)
TSoul (Team Blake)
Vanessa Ferguson (Team Alicia)

Remaining Singers Competing for the Instant Save

Brennley Brown (Team Gwen), “Warrior” — Grade: B- | The teen started off a little wobbly but, as she’s long tended to, gained momentum as she got to let loose on her bigger notes. Despite her fantastic growl, I couldn’t help but think that this performance was handing her ticket to the finals to Hunter.

Hunter “Mumblemouth” Plake (Team Gwen), “Love Runs Out” — Grade: B | Didn’t understand more than four words Hunter sang, but damn, did he ever sing them passionately. This performance was so much more exciting than Brennley’s that it didn’t even seem like a contest. Rarely do I not roll my eyes when Gwen speaks, but she was right this time: Hunter was/is “ready.”

Jesse Larson (Team Adam), “Tennessee Whiskey” — Grade: C | My first impression was that a ballad might not have been the smartest choice for Jesse here. My second was, had Hunter been coaching him on enunciation? In the end, it was decent but hardly earth-shattering. Hunter should have easily gotten the save. Yet

Brennley Brown
Hunter Plake

Instant Saved
Jesse Larson

So, which cut hurt the most? Who would you have saved? Who do you think will be the winner? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Evan says:

    America, wtf was that?

    • Voice Fan says:

      I was heartbroken and absolutely shocked that Hunter and Brennley were both eliminated and Alija and Jesse took their slots. Brennley and Hunter were top I-Tunes sellers and vote getters all the way through the competition. I thought for sure Gwen would have two top singers in the competition and she ended up with none. She only has herself to blame. She screwed both Hunter and Brennley by giving them the wrong songs for the semi-finals. I bet Gwen is furious at Blake because he ended up with two singers in the competition and she has none. She probably used his advice on giving Brennley “Suds in the Bucket” and she discouraged Hunter from rearranging “With or Without You” and he ended up below Alija on I-Tunes. Blake gave Alija a gospel song which soared Alija above Hunter. Without Hunter and Brennley as competition, Lauren has a better chance of winning because they count all the I-Tunes sales and she has been in the top 10 and ranked higher than Chris, Jesse and Alija.

      • Smokey says:

        I was not surprised with Aliyah making top 3 after reaching top 10 in itunes, ,,,,,,doing a popular Christian song… getting the “prime” spot in the singing rotation, (singing last) yesterday, ……….and having a pretty good itunes ranking the week before. ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I was surprised that Jesse beat Hunter in the twitter war……….. but Gwen’s team faithful were probably splitting between Hunter and Brennley,,,,,, while Adam’s troops and those who wanted something different than the normal ,, tweeted in resonating tweets for Jesse…………………………those who have kept track,,, might notice a little benefit for the person who sings in the last slot …. staring with the top 12 and eliminations,,, and in the twitter sing-off’s up through the announcement of the final 4………… Maybe not in every single case, but something that can be “clued-in” as a bit of a factor…..

        • Candy says:

          I think the producers did a good job this season mixing up the last singer. In the past it was the favored singer that got that position the majority of the time (think Jordan Smith)

      • Cara Joy says:

        It did seem very strange for her to go in a completely different direction from what has been a weekly gaining and showing progress (especially on the part of Brennley, who has really evolved). And Hunters whole uniqueness was built in his sounding (and singing songs)in his unique way. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am still shaking my head over that. I have nothing against Lauren (though I preferred Brennley) and I do think if they had been up against each other in the final, Blake’s fan base would have won it for Lauren anyway. But I absolutely loved and looked forward to Brennley’s performance each week. Her time will come (she is going to be a superstar in a few years IMO) and for Hunter this was just a stepping-stone. I would not be surprised if he turns out to be the one who benefits the most from this season as far as progressing into a career.


        • Ron Okita says:

          It’s too bad Adam didn’t turn around for Hunter because I think he would’ve done better with Adam than “stick to the original” Gwen. IMO Gwen was all wrong for Hunter.

        • oldrockchick says:

          Much in the same way Chris Daughtry got himself a nice career after finishing 4th place on Idol

        • Shirley says:

          I hope so. I loved him.
          I think we will see Brennley in the future. I thought Suds in the Bucket was a horrible song choice going into finals.

          • Troll says:

            Whoever picked that song for Brennley, should be fined and sent home without any supper.

      • PrincessO says:

        Quite the conspiracy theory… Blake shot Gwen down purposely. Sorry, don’t buy it. Happens every season. Creative reasons on why our favorites didn’t get he votes.

      • OrionOnion says:

        Bet it wasn’t a good time at Gwen and Blake’s house last night. LOL.

      • Anna Johnson says:

        I totally agree. Brennley has the BEST actual voice of the eight, better than Lauren’s, and she’s more fun and interesting on stage than Lauren, And the show is called the VOICE, dammit. I hope to god that Brennley gets a career out of this. Hunter, TSoul, Alyja, Chris, Vanessa, and Jesse are simply not that great as vocalists. I’m both heartbroken and shocked too. And I’m a singer — recorded for Columbia Records when I was younger.

        • Lizzie says:

          Brennley does not have that great of a voice. She’s got a lot of bad performance habits for being so young, it is possible that she could untrain some of that. Brennley is really hard to watch, and to listen to, it is painful for someone who actually hits the notes but overdoes every other aspect of performance. Lauren, Chris, Aliyah, Vanessa, and Jessie are better singers than Brennley. Hunter was a garbled mess on several performances. Vanessa and Jesse are outstanding musicians overall, and Chris is a very good performer.

          • I’m sorry, but Brennley deffinetely was the best. She was amazing and had the best stage performance of them all. I have been hoping for her and Aliyah since the beginning. Their career definitely isn’t over nomatter what happens. I will always love those 2.

        • Candy says:

          Totally disagree on Brennley being better than Lauren. You could hear the difference during their duet on good hearted woman. Lauren is ready, Brennley was not.

          • We agree on the point of readiness!

          • @Candy I agree Lauren is totally ready!! Do not in any way think Blake messed with Gwen on song choices. Brenntley? Is it? Was younger & grew got better & better but No Way Better than Lauren .. Lauren is ready to record now! She knows her genre its country she can sing it all from old time Hank! To newer 🎶.. love she stayed true to her roots. B Brown will have a career also but just not the voice yet of Lauren but will say hoped She Lauren Hunter would be at the finals.

      • Lizzie says:

        I do not believe that Blake told Gwen to give Suds in the Bucket to Brennley, and if he did, it just showed how one-dimensional that Brennley is, oversinging everything without ever seeming to look like she understood the lyrics.

    • Linzie says:


    • davmon says:

      Well, we knew Chris & Lauren were a cinch. And with both Aliyah & Hunter breaking into Top 10 on I-Tunes, #3 had to be one or the other. But Hunter was more deserving—very innovative. Aliyah has charm equal to rest of the field; but vocally, she has been outclassed since the Top Ten.

      • Collin says:

        I disagree. At least with the Aliyah being outclassed since the top ten. She’s the only one that I noticed any growth with. Getting rid of the growl was the turning point. Blake choice great songs for her and the rest is history. She put herself, along with blakes coaching, in a position to succeed. Brennley tanked and it opened the door for her. Good for her. It’s exciting to watch IMO.

        • Jeremy says:

          She’s been by far outclassed.. Very nice girl but Hunter is head over heels a better singer and artist

          • Cara Joy says:

            I agree; She is out of her depth here. Blake brings in a ton of votes, so I am sure that momentum helped her. I wish her well, but don’t especially think she will go as far as most of the top 8 will. Most of the articles I read said she was cute and charming. And the crying last week really tugged on a lot of heartstrings.

          • John Baldino says:

            Get the wax out of your ears,Hunter should have been gone weeks ago !!!I can mumble just as well as he can !!!

          • Hilary says:

            I totally agree

        • OrionOnion says:

          Gwen has Brenley go up tempo way too late. Earlier and ahe could have grown into it.

        • Biobo says:

          Yep! Aliyah can sing and she’s getting better all the time… Plus she’s touched hearts with her vulnerability, not to mention her spunk!
          So to say she’s outclassed, especially by Hunter, just doesn’t wash! Suds in the Bucket? Nah, that neither!

        • Lizzie says:

          Aliyah is a natural talent, and is far ahead of her years in the quality of her vocal and her performance. She is a really good singer, with likely her best performance on Jealous, all kinds of nuance and shading in that quality performance, it was heartbreaking to watch, but the vocal quality was very high throughout..

        • Totally agree… mumbler. Imo

    • June says:

      Brennley Brown Should of been saved!!

  2. I’m most sorry about TSoul being eliminated, but glad that Chris and Jesse are there. And Lauren deserves to be there too. Aliyah is too cute and talented to not wish her there as well. But TSoul and Vanessa really deserve a spot. The good news is that Hunter didn’t displace one of the other, more talented, seven. And the main things is: Chris is where he belongs.

    • Liam B. says:

      Hunter was probably second or third best, so I don’t think Hunter not taking the spot from a more talented singer is possible. Jesse sings in a very painful way. As a singer, I know some of the notes, and they’re almost cheating. Those higher notes where he contracts his vocal chords are a way to get the note out without actually getting it out there. It’s cheating to me. Hunter is something completely unique, and Brennley has come so far, and sounds pure (and doesn’t put me to sleep like Lauren does). I don’t know what the voters were thinking. It should’ve been 1. Chris 2. Hunter 3. Brennley and 4. Lauren/Vanessa.

      • Hunter is good, but, for me, a little emo goes a long way. And vocally, he just wasn’t as good as the others. I understand that Jesse isn’t your thing, but don’t understimate the power of charisma, selling a song, and just being fun. There is something very fun about Jesse. He makes people smile. Personality sells a song, as much as anything. It helps if a performer is naturally extroverted. Jesse is. Chris is. Aliyah is. Tsoul and Brennley are just average in that, Lauren and Hunter are introverted, and Vanessa so introverted that she has to work twice as hard as anyone else to sell a song. If Brennley hadn’t faltered so this week and last (uptempo songs are not her forte–yet), she’d probably be going through instead of Lauren.

      • Abbey Pizzo says:

        Hunter is not unique. There’s a reason he started with an OK GO song. Not only is he not unique, but he’s quite depressing. Can you imagine going to his concert? Brennley and Aliyah have some growing up to do. They are good, but hard to take them seriously. I guess I’m one of the few that really liked T Soul.

        • Ha. I never thought about it, but you’re right. Hunter has a morose quality about his performances, even in his more uptempo songs, that can be hard to take in large doses. I think all of the Top Eight had loads of fans, but only four could go through. I listen to recordings of all the contestants, because some people record better than they sound on the live shows. TSoul’s recordings are so good that they’re addictive.

      • KK says:

        This was exactly my top four choices as well…same order! I don’t see a lot of mention about how poorly Aliyah did during her duet with Hunter….wasn’t that performance supposed to be factored into the voting as well? If it had I don’t think we would be seeing her in top four. Love Aaliyah…she is a darling, but the far more talented Hunter and Brennely deserved spots. That said, I completely agree that they were misguided by their coach in regards to song choice (Brennely) and arrangement (Hunter).

  3. Courtney says:

    I honestly don’t know which was worse: Aliyah being voted through to the finale over superior competitors, Hunter (and to a lesser extent, Brennley) being prematurely eliminated, or Jesse getting in because (let’s face it) his coach is Adam Levine. This went from a finale with so much potential to be a nail-biter between Chris, Lauren, Hunter and Brennley…to a so-so affair with two singers that don’t deserve to be there, but at least they’re joined with two outstanding competitors that’ll be in a tight race for the win.

    • Eve White says:

      Apparently all 4 contestants do deserve to be there……America voted them in by voting or spending their money on iTunes. These 4 were my favorites from the beginning. No reason to be nasty because your guy did not win. Life is hard sometimes

      • Sandy says:

        That’s what I have a problem with. It’s about which demographic has the most money to spend on ITunes (along with which demographic is most adept a twitter…I’m an “older” fan & I don’t use twitter) I understand that this is way it is, I just don’t like it.

    • SJ says:

      Right on Courtney!

    • I agree with you, I’m hearing from Adam. He did not have any good singer this season.

    • Marley says:

      Jesse will probably win and his career will go NO where. Same story every year with The Voice. Out of all the contestants that went through to the finale I can only really see Lauren maybe having the best chance to become a “star” in the country music world. Jesse rehashing old R&B-no, Aliyah=cute….but her career will not go far after this, Chris over the top performances were done wayyyyy better by Joshua Ledet (American Idol) there’s really not a place for this type of performing in the “pop” world of today sorry to say.

      • Lizzie says:

        Yeah, when you have been a guitarist for Prince, you likely don’t have any chance of ever having a music career after the voice.

    • C Johnson says:

      You have no “ear” for talent. You pick what you like but that does not mean that they are the most talented. It means those are the acts you like. When I used to manage bands I would tell them to avoid the “Battle of the Bands” type contests with a passion. The winners had nothing to do with talent except to a minor degree. The winners were the ones that could organize their friends to get them voted in. This should come down to a Chris and Lauren 1-2 depending on who has the best organizing group in place to get out their voters. I tend to lean to Chris with Lauren in second by a hair. Both are extremely talented.

      • Smokey says:

        Exactly right. A knock-out R&B / Soul singer may just be an uninteresting act to a devoted Country or Folk music fan. A great Country singer won”t do much for a Hard Rock fan, etc. …Have a friend who is a great lead guitar player that can do any rock riff well, and Blues very well,,, but won’t play Country even for twice the pay.

    • Liam B. says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Adam’s team this year was the weakest I’ve ever seen. Jesse sings real nasally to me, while Hunter has a completely epic and unique tone. Jesse and Aliyah are good, obviously, but they’re not amazing, in the way Hunter and Brennley can be. I don’t know who voted for this, but somebody needs to figure out what’s wrong with this country’s music taste.

    • John Baldino says:

      I will take Jessie’s mumbling over Hunters every day and twice on Sunday.No one is earth shattering out of this season,a few had stellar moments coupled with epic blahs.If I had my say Blake’s youngster has the most potential,she is fresh,unspoiled by the industries pollution.Feel good story if she takes it.All the others (except Chris) are mediocre at best.Chris has a load of potential.I thought the best performance of the season came in the battle rounds, (I drove all night) I would purchase that if I could.

    • Lizzie says:

      Aliyah is a better singer and performer than what was sent home. I am very grateful not to have to listen to Brennley sing again.

  4. Annie says:

    Lauren should win the voice, so far she is best one

    • Johnson says:

      I like Lauren’s voice better than Carrie Underwood’s voice. She has a soothing voice, tells the story with emotion in her voice, doesn’t get screechy and hollerate for the sake of running her tone through 4 octaves for the sake of trying to excite the gassed-up crowd with screaming ….. Lauren is a singer’s singer, one who other pro’s will love to work with.

    • SJ says:

      Lauren is good….but same old, same old! Every country singer sounds the same now days. I think the only reason she’s as popular as she is…is because she’s on Blake’s team. I bet you anything that if Hunter was on Blake’s team he would definitely be in the finale next week. Bummer! But the way I look at it…his cd will come out sooner! Go Jesse and Chris…I’m tired of country singers winning all the time! We want something new!!!

      • Troll says:

        Jesse used a Country song , Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” in the sing-off, in order to make the top 4. So maybe it’s Country Jesse now.

        • Lizzie says:

          Chris Stapleton is an awesome song writer, and a lot of country is close to blues and soul. Stapleton also had his time in the background, always writing songs for other people to sing, and when he finally came out front of the band to sing himself, he is an award winning performer. Jesse might have that kind of a shot as well, to go from the guy with the guitar, to being the guy up front singing his heart out. His musicianship is outstanding, and I’m glad he is in the finale, but I am also sorry that Vanessa isn’t still there. The top 3 for me to see as finalists were Lauren, Chris, Aliyah, with a split between either Jesse or Vanessa for the 4th spot.

      • Linzie says:

        Tell it!!! But I’m still superbummed about Hunter and TSoul :(

        • Lorne says:

          How can anyone be bummed by the T-soul elimination? Poor dude murdered the art of vibrato. He sounded like a tortured goat every song!

  5. Kelly Leiter says:

    I loved Chris’s song… so heartfelt and we need a little worship in our living rooms at night… and then Alyiah…. wow…. I am surprised about Hunter. Thought he would beat Lauren. Jesse deserves to be there too…. those would be my 4.

  6. Lee says:

    I’ll admit I’m kind of surprised tonight myself.

    Not so much by the top three- well, two of the top three. Lauren has been a consistent performer on iTunes throughout the season, and scored the #1 song on their chart. Chris, meanwhile, picked the right time to get traction there, managing TWO songs in the top 10.

    Aliyah, I’ll admit, kind of surprised me. After having been something of a non-issue on iTunes up to this point, she suddenly shot into the top 10 this week. That, along with other votes, put her into the position in which I was expecting someone else to prevail.

    So, we get to the final performances. In general, I’d have to concur with Charlie, and the poster above.

    Brennlee sounded pretty good, but it did seem like it took her some time to find her voice in her song of choice, “Warrior”.

    Hunter sounded great on “Love Runs Out”. Lots of energy, great stage presence… I enjoyed it, myself. (And I was looking forward to hearing what he and Gwen would come up with for the finale.)

    Jesse has had some good moments this season. (If I hadn’t already heard the original version of “Human”, Jesse’s might have become the definitive version for me.) “Tennessee Whiskey” wasn’t one of them. I don’t mind country music, if it’s done right. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t crazy about his take on the song.

    But, it is what it is. So, we have Lauren, CHris, Aliyah and Jesse in the final.

    Who do YOU think will win this season now?

    • analythinker says:

      I want Jesse to win, but we’ve already got Sundance, and the people seem to love Chris. Yet, Lauren will win.

    • davmon says:

      Brennley & Hunter were Top 4 until a couple weeks back for her and this week for him. They picked the wrong time to slip. In the Sing-Off, all 3 acquitted themselves well. I graded them: Brennley=B, Hunter=A-, Jesse=B. Brennley was good tonight; much better than last night. Hunter was back in great form, after a weak night last night. Jesse was ok as usual, although I think he has the least distinctive voice. But Hunter was best, by far, of these three—tonight, and all season. But Jesse sang a country song and surged to near 50%; nevermind that we have heard the same darn song every darn season in memory.

  7. Woodmeister says:

    Smart song choice by Jesse. Country song to appeal to that vote. Was he the best singer ….maybe not but I liked what he did more than I liked what the others did. Brenly sounded off…nerves.and Ifonly hunter would enunciate…..he could had it all (apologies to Adele).

    Alyah was a small surprise but she did well on iTunes and got the multiplier and she has shown growth and has benefited from some solid song choices. The other two, Lauren and Chris deserve to be there.

  8. Kate says:

    I’m new to the Voice this season. I don’t like that they spend so much time on auditions and then do cuts so fast. I would rather have more time with the actual contestants. Losing 4 tonight was too many.

    • SJ says:

      Prepare yourself Kate, it’s getting shorter! We used to have many weeks with the contestants, but now it’s getting shorter and even more shorter. That’s not how it should be. Whenever Blake and Adam are done…so am I. It’s always the same and it always goes downhill when the originals have left.🤗

  9. skrable2a says:

    Song choices are to The Voice what making salads or risotto is to Top Chef. Screw it up, and you’re gone. Gwen really screwed up Brennley by giving her a song that was both outside her comfort zone and stylistically different from where she’d been. Take risks in the finale, but on Red Wedding Night (thanks for the shout out) the goal is to survive.
    Gwen’s worst coaching decision since she had Koryn dye her hair bonde and start wearing contacts

    • Smokey says:

      Yes, Brennley sang in the first half, I think, in the rotation yesterday, (2nd hour of the show has more viewers) and did a song that was intended to show a lot of spunk, youth and energy,,,,,,,, but it was just average, nothing special, didn’t work to excite anyone………………………… The competition was too strong at this point, to slip through…………. Plus her sing-off number had a bit of a negative, uninspiring feel to it. scowl y expressions,,,,,,,,,,Another bad choice

  10. kevstar69 says:

    Jesse is the one I would have voted to save. So glad he is still there! It will be a contest between Chris and Lauren.
    Guess it will come down to song choice.

    • Jeremy says:

      Jesse is nowhere close to Hunter.. Listen next time

      • Toba7 says:

        We each have our preferences. I have listened VERY well and heard Hunter sound the same on every song. Lived him at first but got bored. Jesse is talented and fun, got better and not boring. Puzzled by Alyah in the top 4. Adorable and talented but not as much as Vanessa or even Brennley…

      • Lizzie says:

        I rarely enjoyed listening to Hunter sing. Jesse is deserving of a spot in the finale.

  11. Bambie Haas says:

    I think Venessa should have been picked to stay she is awesome n Lauren n Chris I’m very upset Vennesa didn’t make it come on people open your ears !!!!

    • cliffvettej2 says:

      First, you need to understand that everyone that made it this far is very talented at the very least. If you are under any grand delusion that if “people open your ears” would get a vocalist through to the finals you are not living in this world. It is the vocalist with the best organized “get out the vote” team that will win.

  12. Biobo says:

    Big surprise, Aliyah, although I said last week that she might! Christians really turned out for Chris & her… not a bad thing at all! But she’s as surprised as anyone! Imo
    Chris and Lauren were as expected… And Jesse was too… to some degree, even though I thought they cut his song short! But glad he moved on…
    Vanessa got shafted several times in a row by various things! Girl’s got talent! Reminded me of Stephanie’s exit…
    No matter now, it’s between Chris and Lauren… in my mind!

  13. Laura Wilder says:

    Winning the voice has not proven to be a career boost for any of the past winners. So I think Adam’s comment about the career”pivot” to those not advancing was good advice. They have had some excellent exposure and can still make it in the music industry.

    • Smokey says:

      This is true, none of “The Voice” winners have become major music industry names after the show. ……………………………..Some have, however , got a good boost in opportunities after the show, and have gotten some good gig’s and hit the Billboard or itunes top 100 since the show…………………….Even Idol winners didn’t do too well over the past 4 years.

      • laura c says:

        Country artists have done better than other genres. There are several Voice people on charts, great videos, and touring with established artists.

    • Liam B. says:

      Agreed. Thinking about it, I don’t see a chance for Jesse or Aliyah to succeed in the music industry. Honestly, I don’t see any of them (except maybe, strangely, Mark Isaiah, simply because he could be marketed so well) making a noise in the music industry. Hunter has a better chance than Jesse, that’s for sure.

  14. I’ve been saying it for over a year. The Voice is rigged.

    • Biobo says:

      Nah, the whole world is rigged! But then, nobody ever said life was fair…

    • Amanda says:

      So rigged you can actually go in and change votes in serious next time just enter an email and a birthdate and u can change them up until voting closes it’s so rigged !

    • Troll says:

      I don’t think the show is “rigged”, but there is obvious favoritism or trade-offs at some points. The voting is monitored by an outside source and serious fines and/or penalties are possible for any type of false or fraudulent vote numbers. The Twitter save is the most unfair part of the format. A few minute window to save, and then someone with more actual votes from their song and performance, often is sent home. You can bet on that if the numbers were ever revealed.

  15. Why, America? Vanessa Ferguson DESERVES to be in the Top 4. Period.
    She truly is the whole package and she showed that every week. My only comfort is that Chris Blue is still in and also sometimes coming just close enough pushes you to be even more successful. Possibly even more than the winner.

    • Lizzie says:

      I am hoping that Alicia will take care of Vanessa, get her the right connections to get a record deal. Vanessa is reserved, but the essence of her is very captivating. More importantly, she is an outstanding musician overall, and really an excellent singer, more a songstress of the best sort. I certainly will wish Vanessa every opportunity to be on the Grammy stage someday.

  16. analythinker says:

    So…. some things never change. Adam’s contestant almost ALWAYS sings last on Twitter save, and wins. And when you sing about God and on Team Blake, a win is a guarantee.
    With the proof of the pudding, I think it’s time (overdue?) for both Adam and Blake to retire. Alas, they will still be around for at least two more seasons that I know of.

    • PrincessO says:

      Adam and Blake go and I think The Voice goes….. Why, exactly, are you angry with them? Lauren is awesome! Chris Blue is awesome! Aliyah is a nice surprise. Wish Hunter was in the finale but Jesse has got talent! Bummed mostly about Hunter but he didn’t get the save. I might add that I am on the West coast so I NEVER get to save anyway. I am bummed every year about my favorites. Sigh..

      • analythinker says:

        No. I actually love Adam (his coaching), even though I know some loathe him. I think his ears are the most perceptive and he’s actually the “harshest” when it needs to be, IMO.
        And Blake… I think he cares about his contestants, which is why they love him, but I don’t think he offers much advice. I’m guessing people joined his team in hopes that his Nashville connections would give them advantage later on. Now, Blake’s fans… I call them passionate, but more towards Blake than the contestants, so they will vote for them regardless of whether or not they can sing. This kind of loyalty hurts contestants from other teams who deserve more chance (Vanessa comes to mind).

        In my opinion, Aliyah didn’t deserve the Top 3 spot, the others are all better singers (except maybe TSoul). Also, her less-than-graceful facial expressions when zoomed in during vote result segments make me think she only cares about winning. Compared to Brennley’s who’s even younger… the maturity level is miles apart.

        • lily says:

          Wow, I have to disagree! In fact I think Brennley’s biggest problem was the over emoting she does, it is so fake and I’m sorry but last week and this week Brennley had bad performances. Maybe she sang the wrong song Monday night but I did think it was correct that she needed to sing something besides a ballad because I kept thinking this is all she can do and that is going to limit her too much. If Brennley gets connected to a good singing coach she will have a long career. I actually think Aliyah has a prettier voice than Brennley. I like the tone better and I’m a big country fan but thought Brennley was a bit too country.

          • analythinker says:

            It only goes to show that we all have different tastes :)

            Perhaps I was put off by Aliyah’s response when asked by Carson “what’s up” about her stage meltdown. She ended it with “I hope it works out”. I’m sure she meant “I hope not singing wouldn’t cost me some votes” but my first reaction was “Wow, so it was planned (to get sympathy votes)?”. Loved her on Mercy, but that’s about the only song I can remember her singing…

          • PrincessO says:

            I agree with you. Brennley overemotes. However, she still is and will continue to be, extremely talented. I think she will grow and mature as she continues. I also agree that Aliyah has a better voice, at this time. Lauren however, is my favorite. Her voice is beautiful, subtle, and has so much rich tone. Of course, I am a country fan and what others perceive as boring, I perceive as wonderfully angelic to listen to. I don’t need (or appreciate) the extreme runs that turn towards shouting. Not that that doesn’t have it’s place and time. It does. As far as Blake not coaching, I disagree with that also. I have seen him back off on the bass, turn up the guitar, pause the band right here for added effect, and basically produce the piece. Many times. On top of that, he KNOWS his country music, he really does. He knows the old traditional as well as what works today. On top of that, you are right, he does have Nashville connections. Don’t know why any country singer would not want to be on his team.

  17. gospotlights says:

    Well, I mostly was right. But the wildcard I missed was Aliyah. I had her as Mon night’s overall worst performance. Her and Brennley both ran out of experience in my estimation.
    Aliyah, based on talent and immediate potential, should’ve been heading home. At best she should’ve been in the twitter save round (but that is pushing it). Either Jesse or Vanessa should’ve had that 3rd slot into the finals IMHO.
    T-Soul made the most sense for the other person in the bottom. Vanessa dropped the ball a couple of weeks ago and lost some momentum. But she didn’t drop it that badly, and last night should’ve been good enough to keep her out of the bottom 2. And historically she’d been very solid.
    Maybe Aliyah’s trajectory has been mostly up, but it’s because she is talented but has a long way to go. But when the stakes got higher, and the talent pool more competitive, there’s just no way in my mind she should’ve been in the position of top 3. And I’d easily put her in bottom 2. Unless it’s Disney’s Teen The Voice with a slot on the new Mickey Mouse Club 21st Century on the line. Then she should be #1. Good, potentially really good… but not ready yet.

    Hunter did well in his sing off. He still has the problem of enunciation but he once again stayed away from the falsetto, emo, rewritten EDM music that was a little overplayed for him. In fact, if he’d been working on enunciation all along he might’ve ultimately scored better at the end. And truthfully, I was surprised that he and Jesse weren’t tighter in voting. Jesse kind of left the door open a bit with his song choice. Which nothing wrong with the choice vs Brennley’s song, but Hunter made a good choice for himself which I thought would’ve tightened things considerable considering Hunter’s iTunes’ sales.
    But I had figured most likely Jesse or Vanessa making the top 3 and therefore the other in the twitter round. But I figured whichever made the twitter round would win it.
    Brennley showed her limits Monday night and pressed it.

    Blake always seems to toss out some good country artists along the way when he finds a potential winner to promote, rather than letting them split the votes on his team. I still don’t understand why the other coaches don’t steal/save Blake’s castoffs more often. For example, I don’t think Casi Joy was better than Lauren, BUT she was definitely good and the potential seemed to be there and would’ve made a good chance to take (and her blind audition song IMHO was as good as anyone’s so there was something there). Keeping her around longer makes more sense for the show than Mark did. Or the long haired kid that sang Kansas’ Carry On My Wayward Son.
    It’s like the saves/steals are used more for young projects than they are for the Amanda Brown’s these days. And the bringbacks seem to never get past one more performance, even though I like the idea to allow a save after the fact when all the saves/steals are otherwise gone and the coaches have to watch a good singer apparently go home otherwise.

  18. Peggy says:

    This is the first season I have really watched The Voice though I somewhat have listened to the seasons since the husband loves the show. My question is has there ever been a season where Adam didn’t have a contestant in the finale? I guess I read too many comments where people say the show is rigged.

    • gospotlights says:

      I don’t know as to your question, but I don’t think the show is rigged. But I think this is the first season in a while where the show didn’t try and promote someone into the winner’s slot.
      Jordan Smith was obviously the winner from his blind audition and they way they treated that right on through the rest of the way.
      Same was mostly true for Curly Sue too. And the forgettable Sawyer Fredericks.
      I think somewhere between the complaints, and the fact Sundance Head just kind of took the front runner spot regardless of what the producers might’ve at first tried last year might’ve given them the idea to just let things play out more this season.
      I mean how do you explain Hunter singing first Monday (the sacrifice slot) and Aliyah singing last (the glory spot)? They can’t possibly see Aliyah with serious potential as a breakout star?

      • Troll says:

        RE: your comment on Aliyah,,,In terms of current Pop music, it takes a solid hit record after the show to get a position in the industry. That usually comes from a “bad girl -defiant or gnarly” type of young female artist. The Voice doesn’t create that image for their contestant’s, so you don’t see them doing much in Pop after the show. Mostly, the show kills their chances of coming-out with a wild, catchy extreme Ga Ga//Katy Perry, entrance into Pop music. Aliyah won’t be comfortable in Country music, but may have some possibility in Christian music. But if she don’t win, she will soon be forgotten.

        • Lizzie says:

          I am going to remember Aliyah’s performance of Jealous, for a very long time. I hope she will not be forgotten. She has real natural talent.

      • Braden P. says:

        The producers basically sacrificed Hunter from Gwen’s team and tried to hang-on to Aliyah. But amazed that Jesse out – twittered Hunter. Something fishy in that pot. Maybe Adam’s fan club was running networks of twitter accounts in a twetter’s frenzy.

        • Cara Joy says:

          I don’t think there was anything fishy, just that #TeamGwen fans were split between Hunter & Brennley, and so Jesse was able to edge them out in the vote. I absolutely was torn. And I know other people who had those two as their favorites as well (not to mention a ton of articles putting them as top 4 material). I kind of wish now that one would have been eliminated before this cut, so there would have been a clear choice between them. I would probably change my vote now, though I still love both of them.

    • Voice Fan says:

      Adam has always had a singer in the finale.

      • Hunter has a woman ‘a voice and too high

      • Voice Fan says:

        The only time Blake didn’t have a singer in the finale was Season 5 when there were only three finalists and Adam had two of the finalists. Tessanne Chin, Team Adam, won and Jacquie Lee, Team Christina, was first runner up and Will Champlin, Team Adam was second runner up. In all the other seasons, Blake has won or come in second.

    • Meri says:

      In Cassadee’s season and Danielle’s season (3 and 4), he didn’t.

  19. June McKown says:

    Hunter was number 1 for me. His voice is soothing to listen to. I think the song – with or without you -was his undoing. It felt old and didn’t pop. Plus The band totally drowned him out. I am surprised someone didn’t catch that, anyway that was his only recording I didn’t buy. He hopefully will get a recording contract. I guess song choice is everything. Feel sad I won’t hear him any more.

  20. Nikki says:

    Hunter was THE BEST!!! There are still a couple top singers, but hands down, he was the most amazing! So disappointed! If he releases anything, I will definitely buy it!

  21. Carol Roberts says:

    Chris blue should win the voice season 12 he is what music is missing and entertainment is missing right now he gives us the real him heart and soul and im honored to hear and watch him perform so congrads to him for making it to the finale

  22. Durian says:

    I would have kept Hunter over Allyah, but am otherwise happy witht the results.

  23. Donna Davenport says:

    I agree that Brennley Brown, Hunter, Lauren and Chris should have been in the finales! Brennley Brown has a flawless voice and she was overlooked in the comments by the coaches again and again. Does no one remember that Adam Levine said she gave a “Grammy winning performance” and Shania Twain said her performance was as good as it gets no matter what age you are!” America is either tone deaf or the show is rigged!

    • Caitlyn says:

      My guess is that Brennley will have the last laugh on this one. I see her as the biggest potential star on the show this season.

      • Smokey says:

        Brennley Brown was also on America’s Got Talent last year. She knows Simon Cowell ,,,and knows Gwen, ,,,Blake, ,,,,,Alicia, ,,,Adam, ,,,,Shania Twain and many others in the industry……………………..

        . also heard she already has an agent that is “on the shelf” until her part in the show was over …………..she has had more National exposure already,,than almost any girl her age in the USA as a singer…………….. so if she can’t make it on her own from here,,, well, next year she might try-out for the revived American Idol unless there are rules preventing it.

        • Voice Fan says:

          Smokey, I watched America’s Got Talent and never saw Brennley Brown. I think you have her mixed up with another teenage singer. Here’s her IMD biography: “Brennley Brown was born on January 24th, 2002 and has been performing professionally since the age of 7. Between the ages of 9-11, Brennley was an invited guest soloist for the opening ceremonies of The US Open Tennis Championships at The Arthur Ashe Stadium in NYC. Brennley booked her first voiceover role on “Sofia the First” at age 10. She currently has speaking and singing roles as the voice of “Lilly” on “Sofia the First.” Brennley is also known for being on Nickelodeon’s, “Shimmer and Shine.” At the young age of 11, Brennley received an Ovation award for her performance as “Essie” from the Broadway Musical, “Parade.”

          • Lizzie says:

            I don’t like Brennley’s singing voice. She seems like the girl that everyone has been telling her she’s good for so long, that she just keeps on punching at all the notes but never really singing a song.

          • Smokey says:

            Brennley Brown was a singer act from Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. She was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.

            Brennley Brown began singing professionally at age 8. By age 9, she was the invited Guest Soloist for The US Open Championships in NYC to a sold out Arthur Ashe stadium of 25,000 people. She was then asked by the USTA to return 3 years in a row.

            Brennley was Guest Performer at the Ben Carson Presidential Rally in Sept. 2015 singing the National Anthem. She is the Singing and Speaking Voice of “LILLY” On Disney Channel’s Emmy award winning “Sofia The First”. In 2013 Brennley became an Ovation Award Winner. [1]

            Brennley Brown’s audition in Episode 1105 consisted of singing The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses”. Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell voted “Yes,” sending Brennley to the Judge Cuts.

    • SEUN says:

      The rule is to vote for whomever you want to see in the finals, right? So next time, call your friends and famiy to vote too. Some of the finalists may not be more vocally talented than the eliminated contestants but they HAD VOTES! If your best friend or close relatice was a part of the competition but was npt vocally as good as the otherd, wouldn’t you vote for him/her anyway???

  24. Curtis says:

    Your all wrong. Lauren is top notch, but needs to lose the nose ring. Aliyah is a talented young lady. Chris Blue is a phenom and Jesse lost it when with Prince but plays a mean guitar. Lauren or Aliyah deserve to win but think Chris Blue is great.

    • Smokey says:

      The nose ring – yes, what the ……. is the reason for that.. but …………..I got shocked, but kept my mouth shut ….when 2 young female singers I played for at a summer park party last year,, 1 dyed her hair red and swept-up into a mohawk look, the other had several tattoo’s, many piercings, -nose, lips,,, both were very attractive but horror movie wild look. It was a young crowd though and went really well. And yes, I already booked that gig again this summer. Take a walk on the wild side.

  25. Hunter should have advanced! He is so talented!

    • Eileen says:

      I hope I hope I hope he auditions for the new American Idol!!! He is/was my favorite. I think there is political stuff going on here. I am sad and mad and won’t be watching the finale. Not because it’s “sour grapes” but because I don’t feel like watching if there’s no Hunter.

      • Beryl says:

        Hunter was also my favorite, so I’m not watching the finale. They drag it out too long anyway. This is only my 2nd season watching this show. I was stunned last season when We did not win; I thought she was far superior to the actual winner. But that’s it. Music/singers hit us all differently. I loved Hunter’s voice and would buy his albums and I really would not buy any of the others work. I don’t think the best person wins on this show; I also do think it’s just who get the most votes, for whatever reason.

  26. laura c says:

    I’m disappointed Brennley didn’t make it, but glad Jesse did if she didn’t. The best to all of them.

  27. Roanoke says:

    Devastating that Hunter didn’t make the top 4 where he should have but when he picked Gwen as his save coach I kind of cringed knowing what damage she is capable of. The one time she got her way in song choice and style was the kiss of death to both poor Hunter and Brenneley. Hunter is too good and talented to be shoved aside and I hope he gets his own record contract so he can start producing records immediately. I really hoped he would at least get a new car being in top 4 since he lost his house and car last year to the floods and Aliyah is not even old enough to drive one.

  28. Janis Dilk says:

    I cannot believe Hunter got eliminated!! Never been so disappointed in any results show. I don’t have any interest in watching the finale as the top 4 are definitely lacking the most talented singer (Hunter). I can’t believe these finalists….so wrong! None of these artists will go anywhere, are not original and will amount to nothing!! BRING BACK HUNTER PLEASE!! I’m so sad…

    • Linzie says:

      ME TOO

    • SEUN says:

      Why would you say they would amount to nothing? Why? What kind of painfully negative talk is that? Is it their fault the other 4 didn’t advance? Next time, call as many friends and relatuves you can to vote for your favourites. I’m also pained Hunter/Vanessa didn’t advance but that mean I wish the others ill-luck. What is the matter with you?!!!

    • Eileen says:

      I am so sad too and won’t be watching the finale either. Yes! Bring back Hunter!!!

  29. Amanda says:

    I’m done with the voice it’s rigged multiple times my votes had been changed so I tried and what do u know I could change them it’s crazy and sad to mess with people’s life and not give them an honest fair shot! Hunter was cheated out of being in the finals he made iTunes in battle rounds but same ole country singer is gonna win it’s ok hunter look at the winners of the voice where are they exactly I can’t wait for your record!!!

    • Cara Joy says:

      I had trouble as well, and tried and tried to purchase Brennleys songs on itunes last night (kept redirecting me). So ended up not buying anything :( And in the Northwest you have to vote ‘blind’ (not hearing the song) based on the last week. Not sure how to fix that, but makes it a bit tricky all around.

  30. It sucks that people just vote for Adam and not the actual singer. Every one saw that performance! Hunter should have been in the finals!

  31. Barbara Fisk says:

    I was disappointed that Hunter didn’t get in but the first two I agree with. Jesse shouldn’t have been saved and Hunter should have. I also think it’s very unfair that people on the West Coast can’t vote in the save since it’s was recorded and already closed. They need to fix that so we can be involved too. Chris should be the winner, so we’ll see.

    • Linzie says:

      THANK YOU!! I’m so freaking mad every week when I don’t get to vote from here in Washington State. It’s extremely unfair.

  32. LDan says:

    Hunter….robbed. :(

  33. MamaLis says:

    I agree with majority of sentiments here tonight. Happy about Chris & Lauren. Super bummed about Hunter, especially given his performance smoked Jesse’s.

    Honestly for WEEKS I’ve been shocked that Jesse has squeaked through. (I think the first time he opened his eyes while singing was a week ago.) The truth is, only because Adam’s team SUCKED this year & he was left with no one did Jesse benefit from “extra” attention & placement & focus that otherwise would have left him long gone. (Oh, the special intro by Adam last night? “My only contestant… the best singer on the show… blah blah.”) Even the Twitter save tonight was suspect, given the lackluster song & his competition.

    Oh well – I think Hunter will do well. He seems like a hustler. And the finale between Lauren & Chris will be great!

  34. Cat says:

    Neither Hunter nor Jesse should have been in bottom 3 in first place and Hunter definitely should NOT have gone home. He’s one of the best.

  35. Bob says:

    All three gave great final performances. What I liked about Jessie’s performance was you could close your eyes and his song reached my soul.

  36. Dee says:

    I just don’t understand how season after season people continue to push Blake’s people through all the way when they don’t deserve it!!!

  37. Meilani says:

    Never liked Hunter or Brennley so their exit doesn’t really bother me…surprised that both TSoul and Vanessa were the lowest vote-getters. Jesse is a talented guy and I’d rather pay to see him perform than either Hunter the mumbly-alternative-guy-who-dresses-like-a-UK-boy or b-o-r-i-n-g Brennley.

    • Mark says:

      Agree with your comments about Vanessa and Hunter. I don’t understand all the love for a guy who drones on and on and is incapable of pronouncing a single word in the english dictionary. His version of With or Without You was excruciatingly painful to listen to.

  38. Meilani says:

    LAUREN = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Too bad her parents are dentists instead of rhinoplasty surgeons.

  39. Liam B. says:

    Well, on a positive note, it seems America’s deaf community has begun to take an interest in Twitter voting on singing competitions!

  40. Lynn Marie says:

    Seems obvious country fans are majority voters. Though the 2 15 year olds are very talented, I feel they shouldn’t been in the finals. Vanessa has it way over both of them, and it was a sham and a shame she didn’t get into finals. Vanessa can sing the phone book. At least they got it right with Chris and Jessie.

    • Linzie says:


    • Woodmeister says:

      Agreed. In fact I hope they raise the minimum age for singing on The Voice to 17 or 18. If the producers want to have younger contestants, do what other countries have done and start a version of The Voice Kids. I really cringe sometimes when a young kid sings a song and they don’t have a clue as to what they are singing about or the emotions behind them.

  41. Collin says:

    I’ve never seen a contestant tank like brennley did. A couple weeks ago I thought there was no way anyone was going to touch her. Terrible song choice last night. You don’t take risks and chances in the semis. Do it early when if it goes bad, you can squeak through. Nice work Gwen! Although brennley did get extremely pitchy the past couple weeks. It showed on iTunes. Inexperience really showed in this case. Aliyah continued to improve every week. She deserves her spot. I agree with Blake that it’s exciting to see a singer grow so much. Blake is hands down the best coach on this show. With hunter out. Lauren has locked this thing up.

  42. Linzie says:

    Please don’t be so predictable and dumb America! DO NOT VOTE FOR LAUREN!! SHE SUCKS COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE!!

  43. Music in my Bones says:

    Of the three, Jesse is the most professional and strongest performer. He has maturity that Brennley lacks; Hunter’s muffled words and attempt at offbeat pronunciation don’t appeal to me. I felt that Jesse was a top four contestant and have thought that since he sang “Human.”

  44. Music in my Bones says:

    Of the three, Jesse is the most professional and strongest performer. He has maturity that Brennley lacks; Hunter’s muffled words and attempt at offbeat pronunciation don’t appeal to me. I felt that Jesse was a top four contestant and have thought that since he sang “Human.”

    • Amanda says:

      I’m so sick of everybody saying hunters words are muffled like really I feel like people would rather watch karaoke than real performances everyone wants to say every since jesse did Human he’s the best well it’s not his song and he sure didn’t sing it better than the original! And isn’t that the point to put your own mark on it truly where is the growth when u do the same thing every time just stand behind a mic and play a guitar with that being said there all lovely nice people but come on America this is a competition for talent not for being a sweet person or singing someone’s song just like they do! The voice really let me down this year but pay attention hunter was always in the top on iTunes but the show slowly pushed him out they never called him first EVER even when he was first on iTunes they had a plan and this was it they pushed him out just like they planned! And what’s crazy is hunter SINGS IN A CHURCH BUT DID HE GO GOSPEL JUST FOR THE VOTES NO NO!! Did he pull the crying card for votes did his coach begg for votes no hint hint Adam! But it’s all good can’t wait till he thrives even though he already is!!!!!

  45. Marge Haire says:

    Hunter was the best hands down. I think he should have won the contest. Can not believe he was send home.

  46. H says:

    As always on The Voice, these cuts ruin any reason to watch the finale. And in line with the last four or five seasons, I won’t be watching. Besides Chris, no one is enjoyable for me. Vanessa and Brennely deserved to be there and Hunter was at least interesting to watch. Too bad, The Voice, for turning into the Glee/Country club.

    • Amanda says:

      You are so right I won’t be watching either!!! It’s suppose to be our votes but somehow always plays out how they want it!!!

  47. Cara Joy says:

    I don’t think Jesse would have made it through if not for BOTH of Gwen’s team members being in the mix; I myself really struggled between choosing Brennley or Hunter (my 2 TOP favorites since the 3rd week or so). I honestly wish Gwen had given us a nudge in the right direction…lol. I love Brennley’s performances (except for the Suds..which the clip showed she was also nervous about that direction). The Coaches try, but can’t always predict the future of these things. The writer here is spot-on that Hunter can sing a song and literally have you mesmerized (even if you are struggling to tell what he’s saying :); I would buy his music next week if possible. Aliyah is so cute, but every week I have been seriously confused why she has made it. Cuteness won’t make a career; she has a lovely voice, but not necessarily unique; however, Blake saw the way the wind was blowing, and got her off of the somewhat one-tone loud songs (not to be mean really; again, she is cute, even lovely, with a sweet voice, but not at the level of many who were passed over IMHO, such as Vanessa). No worries though; as Adam said, Hunter will be successful without the voice, and Brennley will be a superstar within a few years (I have heard many articles compare her to a young Carrie Underwood). As Blake said, singing is what she was born to do. My guess is Lauren for the win, with Chris a close second. He never seemed to be able to catch up to her on the Itunes, and most likely she will now get the Brennley vote as well.I wish Chris was not so over the top. He seems like a really nice guy. I am a big fan of the 1960’s groups (Temptations and such) but they sang quite smooth with great harmony; not all the fancy runs that people feel they need to do these days.Obviously, these are just my opinions, and everyone has a right to their own. Needless to say, it was a bit of a shocking night, so now my Monday’s are once again free to do the things I should have been doing all

  48. Smokey says:

    With Jesse and Aliyah in the top 4,, ,, instead of Hunter, and Brennley or Vanessa,,,, it clears the path for a Chris vs. Lauren finale. Wouldn’t be surprised if Lauren does a spiritual song this time, and wonder if they might do 2 songs apiece for the finale.

  49. Agree with saving Hunter, instead of Jesse. However, would like Adam, to win finale. Best guess is Lauren will be crowned “new songstress”!

  50. Clara says:

    I’m sad that Vanessa was eliminated, she was great.