The Flash Recap: Trump the Shark — Plus: D-Day for Iris Arrives!

Flash Recap Season 3 Episode 22

The clock was ticking… and then time ran out… this Tuesday on The Flash.

One of the season’s most intense, edge-of-your-seat hours opened with just 24 hours until Iris is fated to die at Savitar’s strange metallic hand.  With that in mind, Iris sends Barry on a late-night caviar run, while she surreptitiously records a video on his iPhone….

The next morning, Barry and Cisco appeal to Lyla to borrow some Dominator tech in ARGUS’ possession that could power Tracy Brands Speed Force Bazooka — but Lyla, partly because she can’t quite trust Barry in the wake of the Baby Sara switcheroo, refuses to hand over the sort of power source that people war over.

Barry this must steal it, and to that end enlists Leonard Snart, fetching him from Siberia circa 1892 (?), while Wally whisks Iris and Joe to Earth-Two for safekeeping. There, Iris suspects that Joe is having a harder time than she is coping with her fate, so she lightens the mood by trading memories of broken curfews and booze blues cruises. Father and daughter then share a warm yet heart-breaking dance, as Joe sings to her.

After Barry-as-Lyla not quiiiiite sneaks them past ARGUS’ front desk using the facial transmogrifier, Snart makes quick work of the $10 million lock that is protecting the alien tech. But then they come face-to-fin with the “guard dog,” King Shark. Desperate Barry is ready to use Snart’s cold gun to ice the hybrid, but Shark Week fan Snart suggests they instead lower the room temp, until the fish takes a nap. They then slip inside, but as Barry grabs the tech an alarm blares and the door starts to close. Barry slips out, but Snart is left trapped inside. And rather than leave Snart behind, Barry implores Cisco to hack ARGUS and open the door, allowing Snart to just barely elude King Shark’s clutches.

Lyla catches Barry in the act, but having witnessed his selflessness, she turns over the tech. (Which was frankly a bit sad of a fast turnaround; I was admiring her hard-nosed principles.) Returned to whence he came, Snart advises Barry not to fight Savitar at his own game, but to let his goodness be his strength. He prefers his Flash a hero!

Seeing Barry return to S.T.A.R. Labs, H.R. is quick to reassure him that Iris is safe and sound on Earth-Two — only to realize that he just blabbed to Savitar aka Remnant Barry! Smirky Savitar speeds off to the other Earth and whales on Wally before threatening to take Joe’s life if Iris doesn’t come along, which she does.

With less than an hour until Iris is due to die, Team Flash plots to use the powered-up Speed Force Bazooka, while Cisco peels off to meet his own destiny, in a clash with Killer Frost, who is angling for her first kill in order to become a god. While those two go at it (with Killer Frost seemingly quickly gaining the upper hand), Barry arrives for the fateful face-off with Savitar. There on Infantino Street, Barry whips out the SFB, which seems to work on wrangling Savitar… until it doesn’t. The speed god puffs his chest and gloats that after all this time of course he thought up a way to thwart the trap  — by using the Philosopher’s Stone, which Barry so helpfully lobbed into the Speed Force.

Savitar then goes to drive his talon through Iris. As Barry sprints to stop the slaying, we see the video that Iris recorded, in which she recites her vows as Barry’s would-be bride. And that would seem to be the closest they will ever get to a wedding, seeing as Barry isn’t fast enough, and Savitar proceeds with the brutal kill.

What did you think of the last episode before the Season 3 finale? And what do you suspect H.R. might be up to, so desperate as he is to contribute to the team?


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