Flash Recap Season 3 Episode 22

The Flash Recap: Trump the Shark — Plus: D-Day for Iris Arrives!

The clock was ticking… and then time ran out… this Tuesday on The Flash.

One of the season’s most intense, edge-of-your-seat hours opened with just 24 hours until Iris is fated to die at Savitar’s strange metallic hand.  With that in mind, Iris sends Barry on a late-night caviar run, while she surreptitiously records a video on his iPhone….

The next morning, Barry and Cisco appeal to Lyla to borrow some Dominator tech in ARGUS’ possession that could power Tracy Brands Speed Force Bazooka — but Lyla, partly because she can’t quite trust Barry in the wake of the Baby Sara switcheroo, refuses to hand over the sort of power source that people war over.

Barry this must steal it, and to that end enlists Leonard Snart, fetching him from Siberia circa 1892 (?), while Wally whisks Iris and Joe to Earth-Two for safekeeping. There, Iris suspects that Joe is having a harder time than she is coping with her fate, so she lightens the mood by trading memories of broken curfews and booze blues cruises. Father and daughter then share a warm yet heart-breaking dance, as Joe sings to her.

After Barry-as-Lyla not quiiiiite sneaks them past ARGUS’ front desk using the facial transmogrifier, Snart makes quick work of the $10 million lock that is protecting the alien tech. But then they come face-to-fin with the “guard dog,” King Shark. Desperate Barry is ready to use Snart’s cold gun to ice the hybrid, but Shark Week fan Snart suggests they instead lower the room temp, until the fish takes a nap. They then slip inside, but as Barry grabs the tech an alarm blares and the door starts to close. Barry slips out, but Snart is left trapped inside. And rather than leave Snart behind, Barry implores Cisco to hack ARGUS and open the door, allowing Snart to just barely elude King Shark’s clutches.

Lyla catches Barry in the act, but having witnessed his selflessness, she turns over the tech. (Which was frankly a bit sad of a fast turnaround; I was admiring her hard-nosed principles.) Returned to whence he came, Snart advises Barry not to fight Savitar at his own game, but to let his goodness be his strength. He prefers his Flash a hero!

Seeing Barry return to S.T.A.R. Labs, H.R. is quick to reassure him that Iris is safe and sound on Earth-Two — only to realize that he just blabbed to Savitar aka Remnant Barry! Smirky Savitar speeds off to the other Earth and whales on Wally before threatening to take Joe’s life if Iris doesn’t come along, which she does.

With less than an hour until Iris is due to die, Team Flash plots to use the powered-up Speed Force Bazooka, while Cisco peels off to meet his own destiny, in a clash with Killer Frost, who is angling for her first kill in order to become a god. While those two go at it (with Killer Frost seemingly quickly gaining the upper hand), Barry arrives for the fateful face-off with Savitar. There on Infantino Street, Barry whips out the SFB, which seems to work on wrangling Savitar… until it doesn’t. The speed god puffs his chest and gloats that after all this time of course he thought up a way to thwart the trap  — by using the Philosopher’s Stone, which Barry so helpfully lobbed into the Speed Force.

Savitar then goes to drive his talon through Iris. As Barry sprints to stop the slaying, we see the video that Iris recorded, in which she recites her vows as Barry’s would-be bride. And that would seem to be the closest they will ever get to a wedding, seeing as Barry isn’t fast enough, and Savitar proceeds with the brutal kill.

What did you think of the last episode before the Season 3 finale? And what do you suspect H.R. might be up to, so desperate as he is to contribute to the team?


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  1. Robin says:

    Barry and Team Flash will save Iris. It just may not happen until Season 4 :-) This WestAllen fan has faith in the powers that be of “The Flash”.

  2. Diggory says:

    Do we really care if Iris dies? The new doctor character adds more to the story than she does

    • “Do we really care if Iris dies?”

      What a strange question. Of course all her fans will care. She’s not dying anyway.

      • Big Ed's Gas Farm says:

        It’s not a strange question. Naturally, her handful of fans don’t want to see her go. It’s the swarming horde of non-fans that want to say, “Adios, Iris.”

    • lordofluck says:

      I for one don’t.

    • Gift says:

      Dignity or whatever you call ur self, are u serious with that question? What is wrong with you!

    • Gift says:

      Diggory or whatever you call ur self, are u serious with that question? What is wrong with you!

    • Cece says:

      That’s what I’m saying she’s boring

    • I love the character and the actress does her justice. I just wish they actually let her do her reporting job. That one scene way back in season two where she was on the job investigating housing corruption and was on the run from bad guys was fun, thrilling and light hearted. They never do scenes like that any more.

      I hope they save her before season four. But still the show has not answered me why this remnant would kill Iris! Nor has it answered why team flash would turn their back on a time remnant knowing that those remnants are in fact Barry.

      • safistikaytdlayd says:

        I completely agree!!! I love the character of Iris and would love to see her reporting again or at least getting a little more involved with the team. It seems TPTB are moving toward her being more involved with the team and being Barry’s main cheerleader/coach and motivational speaker. There’s nothing wrong with that(what superhero doesn’t need some encouragement from time to time??? :o) but I would like to see her do some more things on her own. I’m going to try to answer the questions you posted. The remnant said that one of the reasons why he became Savitar was because the rejection of the team. When he did go to them, they refused to accept that he was the real Barry and they all turned their backs on him. I think the Remnant Barry said he had to kill Iris so the current Barry could start his downward spiral and eventually become Savitar. At least I think that’s what happened. This time stuff gives me a headache sometimes!! LOL

        • I’m glad we’re on the same page. My only issue is that I don’t think the team ( Caitlin, Joe, Iris, Julian, cisco) would reject the time remnant. Even if they didnt think he was the “real” barry (which he totally is) they would still make room for him I think. They aren’t cold hearted people. that’s the flaw in this story. Maybe if the remnant was of zoom who tried to do good but the team just didnt trust him??

          • Kat says:

            Mind you, Barry doesn’t create time remnants to help defeat Savitar until years after Iris is already dead. In 3×19 Future Barry said he wasn’t able to trap Savitar until 4 years after Iris died. We’ve seen the state that “team”(you can’t even call them that at that point) was in after she was killed. Wally was so out of his mind with rage he tried to confront Savitar himself and was hurt badly. Caitlin betrayed everyone and she cut off Cisco’s hands on the night of Iris’s murder, Barry became a hollowed out shell of his former self with only the motivation of revenge to keep him going, and Joe was broken having lost all of his children. No one was in the best mindset to now try to take care and accept a time remnant that was meant to die in battle but somehow survived. We also don’t know the mindset that time remnant was in himself when he was trying to find a place among them. I don’t think they’re coldhearted. They were just too broken to be what he needed.

    • Lizzie says:

      I care but at the same time I do agree that Iris doesn’t add much to the story apart from being Barry’s love interest. That’s the writers fault and they need to give Candice more. She deserves better!

    • Gina says:

      Yes we care if Iris dies I like her character and the romance between her and the flash.

    • Big Ed's Gas Farm says:

      Gotta concur with you, Diggory. When it comes to Iris, there’s not a lot of “there,” there.

    • Mo says:

      Agree about Iris disagree about Tracy unless they stick with the possible spoiler about HR. This death isn’t gonna stick it was just done for the same reason why they broke up the ep before Duet. CW gotta CW with the cheap dwama.

    • Angelfan says:

      On what Earth?

    • DRush76 says:

      “Do we really care if Iris dies?” Do you really call yourself speaking on behalf of everyone?

    • Nia Lorre says:

      While i am not a fan of the Iris character (love the actress, just feel the character is poorly developed and utilized), killing her off creates an even whinier emo Barry/Flash. Do you really want to go there? I don’t.

  3. Cobra says:

    Hard to believe they’d really kill off Iris. Seems like there has to be a way to still save her, possibly stopping Sanitary’s creation altogether.
    Great episode

    • Ivan says:

      I think that if Barry doesn’t create time remenants then savitar will never be created therefore killer frost is back to Caitlin Snow. Iris is back and alive also Cisco’s hand is never frozen off.

    • TvPeong says:

      I would agree except that they killed Laurel in Arrow. I hope she’s not really dead, but that looked pretty final to me.

    • It helps to keep in mind that TV is scripted, and nothing is random. It’s an interesting episode to reintroduce the tech that changes your appearance don’t you think?

      • Michael Wilson says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Plus we never saw Julian the entire episode. I wonder if there would be a twist like the human target standing in for Iris like he did Oliver on Arrow? And perhaps Julian is with Iris. After all Cisco has been texting Felicity.

  4. Henry says:

    The flash has officially jumped the shark

  5. Emily says:

    I know Iris isn’t dead – it’s so clear HR switched out with her – but I was still on the edge of my seat. GREAT penultimate episode, and I cried like a baby.

    • Ben says:

      Of course that’s what it is.

    • Tashaoli says:

      ME TOO ;_____;
      Its unfair how good Candice is. She makes me cry every time

    • Stan says:

      That’s what I thought as well. H.R. used his “transmogriphier” to stand in for Iris.

      • Jim says:

        When? While Barry was shooting the cannon at Savitar? And neither of the speedsters noticed? I guess it’s possible. We’ll see. I do agree that the only one dying this season is HR, though, and Iris will be fine.

        • KCC says:

          If someone took Iris’ place it happened on Earth 2 before Savitar took her. It might not be H.R., it could be Joe. H.R. didn’t accidently tell Savitar/Barry where Iris was, it was part of a plan a couple of the team are in on. The whole stealing the power source thingy, just to have it given to Barry when he was caught, was to show how good the transmorgifier is at fooling people and tech (or it was really bad writing). It didn’t just change Barry’s face but his whole body.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Ewww, so Julian did a father-daughter dance with Joe? ;)

            ETA, actually no, that’s not even possible – he wouldn’t know the “broken curfew” memory. Any switch had to be after E2 abduction.

          • KCC says:

            I was thinking a switch could have happened after the conversation and dance but before the abduction. I have no doubt a switch-a-roo happened. When, where and with whom is the question.

          • CurlyGurly says:

            OK, this makes sense now….I couldn’t believe that HR was stupid enough to tell Savitar Barry (even if he thought it was the REAL Barry) where Iris was, because they made a point of saying that the real Barry couldn’t know where Iris was. Now I’m going to have to re-watch the final scenes again to see when the switch with Iris could have happened.

          • Gift says:

            Well they did Made plans while Barry wasn’t there so anything is possible. Barry isn’t aware, savitar can’t know right?

          • Dj says:

            HR could have called Jesse Quick and while Savitar was distracted she could have switched him and Iris out.

      • Nia Lorre says:

        This would explain why “Iris” just stood there while Flash was shooting at Savitar and explaining why the cannon did not work. Unless all of that happened in a fraction of a second, most people would have bolted like a penguin with their ass on fire as soon as Savitar let go of them.

        • hugo says:

          Lmao!! Trying to picture a penguin with ass on fire….lol! rotfl! Good point though

          • Nia Lorre says:

            I did not originate that description and have to give credit where credit it due:
            BILL: Why’d you run like that?
            THE DOCTOR: Like what?
            BILL: Like a penguin with its ass on fire?
            THE DOCTOR: Ergonomics.

    • Grant says:

      That’s not possible HR told savitar where iris was and savitar captured her before HR could have made the switch between them.

      • ' says:

        Remember what Savitar said about his creation? He was a time remnant created as a throwaway and then rejected.
        Then the scene of Barry saving Snart and Lyla gave them the power source because Barry didn’t leave Snart behind.
        So, when the time remnants are created, all that has to be done is NOT reject them, save them, the time remnants ARE Barry, not throwaways. Then, no more Savitar.

        • Thats the problem right? I don’t think team flash would reject a time remnant. that’s what makes savitar as a character so unbelievable.

          • Mo says:

            Team flash obviously did just that. Interesting that Barry never told his team that.

          • Knk says:

            Perhaps Perhaps we are just missing a good reason, a falling out, misunderstanding, Barry screwing with timeline making bad choices etc. Remember 2024 Barry DID reject everyone after Iris died. Surprising, why did that even happen? Also, remember Cisco rejecting Barry for his brother's death? Things happen, maybe blown out of proportion.

    • safistikaytdlayd says:

      Exactly!!! Remember when Cisco vibed once to the future and HR was on top of the roof? I think they used the same device Barry used to look like Lyla instead they just used it on HR. Also, that big speech HR gave about not being essential to the group not really doing anything but helping to name the bazooka. This would be HR’s chance to do something great and monumental for the team. I think Iris is in hiding somewhere. IRIS IS NOT DEAD!!!! great episode btw!!!

  6. Roger Buchana says:

    They should kill her off and make it permanent to have a death stick which can eventually be fixed in first story arc of season 4. But they won’t. This was all for shock value even though incredibly shot. Iris isn’t dead, especially if you’ve been following all the breadcrumbs the writers have left concerning H.R.

  7. Me says:

    Wally, not Barry threw that stone in to the Speedforce. Iris’ death *shrugs*, it only pains me to see Barry in pain. But they’ll probably find a way to save her. Because, what happens if Barry just doesn’t create timeremnants? Thats what Savitar needs to be “born”. No timeremnants, no Savitar, timeline automatically restored?

    • Rocío says:

      I don’t know about that, the way timelines work can be tricky. Like when Eddie killed himself so that Eobard Thawne aka Harrison Wells never existed, then Barry’s parents should be alive and he wouldn’t have become the flash, because all that was because of Wells. So no, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the timeline will be automatically restored.

      • Paul says:

        A change to the present only changes the present and the future, not the past. That is why Thawne still kills the parents in the past — because Eddie sacrificed himself after that event.

        If we’re following my logic, then you can look to the episode in which the Flash erases his memory: His evil counterpart also is affected by that erased memory. This means they are connected by present-future causality. No event revealed up to and including the latest episode has changed that.

        My theory: Based on the comic books, the Flash is the perpetuator of the Speed Force. He feeds it. Without the Flash, the Speed Force doesn’t exist… or some sort of similar equivalent to not existing. Sort-of a pseudo-symbiotic relationship. Savitar’s goal is to become a God, who can control time (I think?). In order to control and traverse through time, Savitar needs to exist irrespective of Barry (paradoxically) — both forward and backward, and Savitar needs Barry to perpetuate the Speed Force. Perhaps Savitar wishes to trap Barry in some sort of eternal situation (the Speed Force), so that Savitar may exist in all instances of time. Savitar needs to create himself again, however, before he traps Barry.

  8. Cory says:

    I’m pretty sure savitar killed HR. I feel like he used Savitars amror fragment and located savitar. Then he used that face technology to switch him around with iris. I’m sure this will be reveal next week. In the flash forward he was on the roof not joe. We will see next week

    • steven says:

      Your evidence?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That seems the obvious fix, though I couldn’t figure out when/where H.R. would have made the switch.

      • jade4813 says:

        HR wouldn’t have to. If Savitar realized he couldn’t kill Iris (having Barry’s love for her, which even Killer Frost called him on), he’d need a replacement. He would have known where HR was and about the technology, since Barry does. He’s a speedster, so he could snatch HR and kill him in place of Iris so Barry is broken enough to create him, but he gets the life with Iris he said in an earlier episode he didn’t think Barry deserved. And HR wouldn’t tip off because he would have seen as penance – and use to the team – for having led Savitar to Iris to begin with. Just my two cents.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Right, but Savitar would know/worry that when the switch was soon discovered, Barry wouldn’t be “broken.”

          We shall see!

          • Stan says:

            Maybe Wally healed fast enough to make the switch with H.R.

          • Emily says:

            Just stepping in to say I agree with the people who say that Savitar himself doesn’t want Iris dead, but he needs Barry to think she is. So he went to grab HR after the team left him alone at STAR Labs. And HR went willingly because it was his sacrifice for the team.

            That’s why no one answered when Wally asked why Savitar would want to kill Iris last week. And again this week Killer Frost was like, “YOU’RE gonna kill Iris? Sounds fake.”

          • John Paul Howard Logan says:

            maybe savitar hid her in the future. knoing from his memories that he won’t find her by the time he is created

          • Gift says:

            Stan maybe u are right but isn’t Wally Paralyzed now?

        • Emily says:

          Just stepping in to say I agree with the people who say that Savitar himself doesn’t want Iris dead, but he needs Barry to think she is. So he went to grab HR after the team left him alone at STAR Labs. And HR went willingly because it was his sacrifice for the team.

          That’s why no one answered when Wally asked why Savitar would want to kill Iris last week. And again this week Killer Frost was like, “YOU’RE gonna kill Iris? Sounds fake.”

        • Gift says:

          Would Iris live with a person like that? Of cause not. I still think it isn’t H. R but I was thinking since savitar is Barry’s time reminant, shouldn’t Barry be know what he does and what he is up to like he does Barry? What doesn’t it work that way?

      • Was Iris in frame the entire time that he was dodging the cannon fire. That could have been a good swap spot.

      • A.F. says:

        Hey Matt and the others, maybe they switched her earlier then we all think. What if HR already went to Earth 2 as Iris and Iris stayed at Star labs as HR?

        • John Paul Howard Logan says:

          so iris was kissing the new girl on the team? would be an interesting twist

        • KCC says:

          That’s my thinking as well. A switch happen on Earth 2. H.R. would be my guess, but it could be Joe. The Joe we saw on Earth 1 is actually H.R. That’s why in a previous version of Iris’ murder we saw H.R. on the roof, not Joe.

        • John Aye says:

          Asked and answered only Iris knew about the all those things to talk to her dad about make him feel better only after earth 2 could a switch have been made when Berry used the SFB On Savitor I think

      • FeedtheCath says:

        Could have been when Savitar and Barry were fighting in the square… maybe HR got in and Iris got out with the help of Gypsy (who is in the next episode)

    • Butch says:

      I agree but have no idea how when they could have switched. I also think Barry is going to have to pay for all the time traveling he has done by being imprisoned in the speed force probably replacing Jay Garrick.

      • Butch says:

        Since so many people are assuming HR is the one who died, including me, I hope there is another explanation for Iris surviving. I want to be surprised.

    • Gift says:

      Cory if that happens, I’ll be glad but I don’t it’s the case. They can’t make so obvious. They will certainly save Iris one way or another but I don’t think it’s H. R not Iris. What time did manage to do that really.

  9. Tashaoli says:

    100% Iris will be saved by the finale. Pretty obvious HR used face changing technology to trade places with her. There’s also the fact paps revealed photos and video of Candice filming as Iris for the finale lol.

    HOWEVER….I will say Candice absolutely killed it with the final episode. She’s such a talented actress <3

  10. Me says:

    Love Iris! I know they will fix this somehow!

  11. jade4813 says:

    I quite liked this episode, particularly since it’s clear that HR was the one who really died. Which is good because Iris is one of my favorite parts of the show. Candice and Grant and Jesse brought the feelings once again!

  12. Socruz says:

    I can’t believe it. I love Iris. I bawled my eyes.

  13. Alexis says:

    I know she’s not really dead but I’m still gutted. It was such a gut wrenching scene and a good hour of TV. Can’t wait to see how Barry or Iris beats savitar and how Iris and the team outsmarted savitar

  14. Sharon says:

    Just remember there is no Flash without Iris West…..straight from the Flash himself…..make her a time remnant or something da….mn!!!!…..rating gonna go down…..down

  15. Summer says:

    I suspect when all is said and done that we will discover that Isis was subbed out at the last minute during the bazooka attack with Earth 19 Harry using his camo technology which we were again reminded of when Barry used it earlier in the episode to be Lyla.

    In the end a member of team Flash will die but it will be Harry sacrificing himself for Iris which is why in this time stream we do not see him on the roof with Joe.

    Only a guess but I think it will be proven correct.

    • John Earl Richardson Jr. says:

      I agree with you. HR said he finally found his purpose when he asked Tracey to join team flash. Remember the future changes every time you peek ahead. Sadly, death finds a way to balance the universe. There are infinite earths and Barry dies in crisis on infinite earths. Cisco and Kaitlin’s battle to the death resurfaces because death must balance the universe.

  16. DG says:

    Wasn’t there a scene earlier in the season where HR was on the roof? I remember thinking he was going to be the one to betray them. What about the focus on Barry’s heart and the transmorgrapher (?). Ugh!

  17. DG says:

    Wasn’t there a scene earlier in the season where HR was on the roof? I remember thinking he was going to be the one to betray them. What about the focus on Barry’s heart and the transmorgrapher (?). Ugh!

  18. Alichat says:

    I hope the writing is better next season. This was just bad.

  19. Diana says:

    I don’t think Iris is actually dead (I think something happened with that face-changing technology), but it still broke my heart!

  20. jrex says:

    Where was Julian during this whole episode?

    • Jenna says:

      Finally somebody noticed this too!!! Julian is somewhere with IRIS.

    • Alyssa says:

      Especially after his (rightful) rant a bit back when Wally ran off for to visit Jessie, who btw, where was she!?

      Hopefully we get answers for both?

  21. Nancy says:

    Very boring season. Of course Iris isn’t dead, big surprise, yawn.

  22. James D says:

    I agree with other posters HR took Iris’ place. I wonder if it was him all along and Iris is is on another earth? just a thought. In any regard I doubt they actually killed off Iris. If they did then CW has a real problem Black Canary and Iris West being killed off is too much for my nerd brain to handle and I doubt I’m the only one.

  23. STFilmmaker says:

    Ok I got rejected despite my comment being on topic so I’m gonna repost again for all you censor f***s. F**** this show. What was the point of dragging the season on with the hope that Iris was gonna be saved if she was just gonna get killed off and thrown away. It’s F******* stupid. When they announced Season 3 they said it was gonna be more light hearted and less dark. Well someone must have fallen asleep at the writers retreat because this show has become more of a downer than season two. Stop lying to your fans CW and F**** whoever censors these comments. Everyone has a right to be angry in their own way.

  24. Lysh says:

    I clicked on the Prison Break recap thinking it was for The Flash. Wentworth is just sneers every word as Captain Cold, it’s so delightfully campy.
    I know some sort of switcheroo happened, but I still slapped my hands to my face in shock. The last bit was so sad and well done. I love HR and Tracy and that most likely is not going to last.

  25. Loved it. Another great episode. What a great season, I’m enjoying it so much. I’ve been spoiled by the footage that leaked a while ago so I don’t believe that Iris died. I’m grateful that I don’t have to worry about her too much because I loooove Iris and would drop this show in a rage if Candice was removed from the cast. I’m very worried about HR however. He and Tracy are my favorite pairing after Westallen (sorry Cisco/Cynthia, you’re still in the Top 3) and if what I anticipate is true, they will never happen :'(

  26. Olivia says:

    I think I’m dying a little on the inside because that isn’t how it’s supposed to end for them they are supposed to have a romantic wedding and have kids and grow old together

    • Yes, that is their fate, in the 30th century nonetheless, and then for Barry to die saving the multiverse and their children to be executed by the Dominators after they take over the Earthgov in the late 30th century, but for a grandson to get sent back to the 20th century and become first Impulse and then Kid Flash, working alongside Wally and other speedsters after Wally becomes the Flash.

      … Well, that’s how I remember it from the comics, anyway. ;)

  27. Degra says:

    Poorly plotted spin your wheel hot mess twas this hour and really this season overall

  28. Karen MT says:

    Blues cruise, not booze cruise. Which now makes me wonder if Steve was there (too much toddler tv…)

  29. Stacey says:

    Could it have been H.R. that was killed instead of Iris? They did reintroduce H.R’s device which can portray anyone else’s image.

  30. Steven says:

    My wife and I are devoted fans, and we will continue to be until the show finally ends, but I have to say the plot holes in this episode were really, really bad. While there were several moderate to severe examples, the two we found to be the most egregious were the decision to take Iris to Earth-2, and the introduction of the Dominator power source. Before the events of the early part of this episode, it made perfect sense to take Iris to Earth-2. Harry is a fantastic ally, and would be an obvious choice to protect her. Unfortunately, the writers screwed up by showing us the Argus facility. Once you know it exists, it becomes the safest place on the planet to take her for safekeeping. If there is a facility run by the good guys, where the Flash (and by extension, Savitar) couldn’t use his powers at all, why in the world wouldn’t you use it to protect Iris? And why did they even need to break into the facility in the first place? Once you know what the power source is and where it came from, why bother to go back in time to collect Captain Cold at all? Why not time travel back to the Dominator episode and take a power source directly from their ship?

    We’re willing to suspend a lot of disbelief for this show, but this just made us angry. The writers made Team Flash look like idiots, and that is not acceptable. It’s too late to do anything about it this year, but please do better next season.

    • Gaia says:

      I’ll give you Argus, however he can’t travel back in time and change something, that’s the lesson of the season to begin with. By going back and getting Snart, he was able to get something in the present, then put him back, so nothing changed. If he had gone back to get a power source, that changes the future.

      • Steven says:

        How so? He went back in time to grab Captain Cold, who is dead, brought him to the present, and attempted to change the future. So that establishes precedent. He could run back, grab the power source, use it in the present, then run back to return it a second after he took it. It’s the same thing.

        • AnnieM says:

          Steven, your post made me think of something – if that part of ARGUS is affected by security that dampens metahuman abilities, why is it that King Shark, a metahuman, was able to instantaneously regrow a new hand? I know sharks can regrow teeth, but not fins (hands), thus, a metahuman ability. Also, did they ever say how Barry knew exactly where to find Snart, or did I miss it?

    • Cece says:

      This season has been very boring I’m so sorry the moment I found out savitar was Barry I just got bored.

      Would be more exciting if iris stayed dead
      What does she ever contribute anyways – except every trying to save her all of the time

      This show had nothing on marvels agents of shield, the season was amazing on that show

    • Denis says:

      When those things happen, I always just assume that there is a reason and they are just not telling us. Otherwise they could just have supergirl or someone come and help. There is a reason why that doesn’t work, and they talked about it but something prevented it so they aren’t showing it “to the cameras”. Otherwise all kinds of possibilites could have happened. Just a few, not even considering time travel: Iris runs away for a year or two, supergirl (flying for example), your argus thing, barry and sisco switching places (less likely to succeed) etc. etc.

  31. Taylor says:

    Didn’t we hear around the end of season 1 that we would have a different version of Wells every season? So maybe HR dies so we have a different Wells next season?

  32. Karter says:

    So it’s clear that HR switched out with Iris because in the previous vibes we had HR on the roof and now it was Joe and in the previous vibes Iris right before dying said “Barry, i love you.” don’t think she said it here. Plus they showed that the transmogrifier can alter the whole body not just the face. I think Hr. used the piece of Savitar’s suit that we saw the camera pan to track Savs location and find Iris, he swapped himself out and now HR is dead and Iris is trying to find her way back to Star Labs while Barry is holding on to Hr!Iris thinking that his fiance is dead.

  33. Bec says:

    This episode was heartbreaking. Canadice wonderful. The last few minutes of episode were heartbreaking as Iris’s video played and music played cut into Barry trying to stop Savitar. I loved Joe and Iris actually getting to talk about things. It felt over due I wish Wally was included more. This whole episode reminded me why I love Leonard Snart and how good he is on the Flash playing off Barry Allen. It only confirms my belief that killing him off was big mistake.

  34. John says:

    Where wad Julian? He was gone for the entire show.

  35. Lynne says:

    Iris doesn’t die. I personally wouldn’t care if she did because she has just been there for this entire season, giving no real story but I don’t think she dies.
    My main thought during the entire episode was WHERE THE F IS JULIAN??? Did I miss some off comment of his whereabouts or did they just completely dump him?

  36. Muffy says:

    She’s not dead. Only real no fake out tv deaths affect me. We know she’s not dead. H.R. is dead. He’s finally a hero not a coward like Savitar said earlier in the season.

    • Isabella says:

      Dying wouldn’t make him a hero. It would make him unbelievably stupid. What has he done that makes his life so disposable? Every freaking season someone innocent gives up their lives for Barry’s mistake. Eddie, Ronnie and now HR? Just so Barry can have his happily ever after? I hope that’s not the case and that Savitar himself has her stashed somewhere in the future. The one dying could very well be a time remnant. But Arrow survived without black canary and Barry will survive without this unhealthy obsession that is Iris West.

      • KCC says:

        He told Savitar Iris was on Earth 2 then displayed major feelings of guilt over it. The whole episode pointed to H.R. sacrificing himself. I won’t be surprised if it is a misdirect and it’s someone else. You don’t seem to like Iris, but I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

  37. S says:

    If it’s HR, how would he know about that memory that Iris shared with Joe on Earth 2? It doesn’t make sense.

    • A.F. says:

      It is entirely depended on when and if they switched them out. We have at least 2 good speedsters ( Wally and Barry) that could have done the switch before Savitar went to Star Labs and don’t forget the absent Julian and Earth 2 Flash Jessie. So there are a number of possibilities.
      Barry’s reaction seemed genuine, but that hasn’t to say much, because everything the team planned had to be without him as to not warn Savitar.
      Overall I’m still not sure what to think of the episode, I think I will withhold judgement until the season final airs, after that maybe a few plot holes will be explained and make sense.

  38. Ashley says:

    We do care if Iris dies while I admit this season wasn’t handled as best as it could have been as far as individual story arcs and this long savitar reveal let’s not diminish Iris importantance to the show and Barry that’s been made very clear.

    Back to tonight even with Iris’s impending fate coming to fruition this whole episode was really great the sweet moments,the comical comments here and there and even the heart wrenching moments it was all around a great episode and fantastic acting from the cast. I believe hr will sacrifice himself in some way ,I know we haven’t seen the last of Iris though

  39. Sheldon Wiebe says:

    While this has been an excellent season, it really feels like the show has turned into The Fastest Arrow alive…

  40. RMF says:

    It was good to see Cold again, I hate that he’s dead in the present timeline. Re: Iris, it’s not like they’d actually kill her off, so it’s hard to feel any investment in this entire story line. I’m not an Iris fan to begin with, so the faux-suspense about whether she’ll die is doubly annoying because we know she won’t. I do hope that this Savitar stuff teaches Barry to give up on the time-traveling and tampering, though!

  41. Dani says:

    As sad of an ending as it will be, I’d bet my next 10 paychecks that H.R took the place of Iris. It’s all leading up to it.

    1) H.R. feels entirely responsible for spoiling the team’s plan and feels like he is now ultimately the cause of her death, basically.
    2) Before Cisco left, he told H.R. that the thing that makes him great is that he’s always there, and he’s reliable, etc.
    3) H.R. was taking a good, hard look at his tech (which can make him look like anyone he wants)
    4) Barry actually used that same tech earlier during the episode to break into Argus. And knowing Cisco, he’s figured out a way to make multiples of this device. So those who say that Barry couldn’t have possibly had time to get it back to H.R. before all the chaos broke lose, there’s the explanation for that.
    (Not to mention that, typically, when a small thing like that occurs to the extent where you’d probably not usually think anything of it…That’s kind of the subtle hint that it’s gonna pop up again. They’ve introduced the technology much earlier in the season, but have yet to really do much with it. It’s obviously going to play a significant role in this season.)
    6) the creators know that killing Iris would almost be TOO heartbreaking for the audience. And even though no one WANTS H.R. to die (because everyone has grown to like him by now…Or most of us at least, I can’t speak for everyone) it would still be less heartbreaking than to see the person Barry, Joe, and Wally all love most. I wouldnt stage a very great opening for a fourth season.

    So that’s it. Those are the reasons I’m convinced. So far that seems the most plausible outcome. But who knows.

    • Shaifali says:

      Yes! It was Savitar’s plan all along, the reason why he called HR a coward. He doesn’t really want Iris dead, he just needs Barry to believe she is. And needs Cisco to lose his vibe powers so that he can’t vibe her, sending Caitlyn to do that.

  42. ' says:

    Remember what Savitar Barry said about his creation? He was a time remnant created as a throwaway and then rejected.
    Then the scene of Barry saving Snart and Lyla gave them the power source because Barry didn’t leave Snart behind.
    So, when the time remnants are created, all that has to be done is NOT reject them, save them, the time remnants ARE Barry, not throwaways. Then, no more Savitar.

  43. I seriously doubt that Iris is permanently dead, though the people hypothesizing about Savitar stashing her in the future — well, there’s kinda a precedent there. Sorta.

    In the mid-80s, the Reverse-Flash (Thawne) killed Iris, a few years after she and Barry had married. Unbeknownst to Barry at the time, Iris was FROM the future … a couple of decades before the Legion of Super-Heroes characters, I think … and woke up in a clone body back in her native 30th century. She was Wally West’s aunt in the comics, and Wally was maybe 10-15 years younger than she and Barry, at least initially.

    Meanwhile, Barry eventually found and killed Thawne — accidentally, I think, breaking his neck at super-speed — and went on trial for murder. I don’t remember whether he was acquitted or convicted, but he was reunited with Iris and retired from being The Flash, going off into the 30th century for her. That was when his book ended after about 250 issues, and that was his status quo for several months or a year in real time … until he reappeared during the “red skies event” (in the comic CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) and died protecting the multiverse.

    Wally West took Uncle Barry’s place as The Flash then for a couple of decades.

    But I guess Barry and Iris lived a long enough time together in the future for her to become pregnant and raise two super-powered children (speedsters, a man and a woman) called the Tornado Twins, who were contemporaries of the Legion of Super-Heroes. And one of them became the parent of Bart Allen, aka Impulse, aka Kid Flash, aka The Flash for a very brief time before Barry Allen’s return.

    Anyway. If Savitar were to fake Iris’ death and stick her in the 31st century, it wouldn’t be without precedent. And if H.R. is not long for this or other worlds, I kinda hope we get Harry back, as fun as it might be to see Tom Cavanagh break in a fourth or fifth personality. :)

    As for Barry Allen paying some sort of penance in the Speed Force … that might be a way out of the Savitar mess, if he put himself in exile … springing Jay Garrick in the process … after deciding the way to win a war with Savitar was by NOT creating time remnants to battle him, indeed, to not fight him at all.

    We could get a nice LADYHAWKE-like scene where as Barry disappears, he gets a glimpse of Iris snapping back into existence, and she sees him vanishing. Iris in the comics was often, after she came back as an older widow of Barry, a motherly figure for her nephew Wally … here they’d be brother and sister, still, peers in age, but having died … I could see that making her much more a scholar of the Speed Force like in the comics.

    It would give us a setup for a season 4 opener with Jay Garrick and Wally West and maybe Jesse Quick all on deck before Barry somehow gets pulled back … changed yet again.

  44. Kenneth says:

    the theory will be popped why else would JR look all sad when Cisco saaid hold down the fort and see you again and he whispers yep… pause and the fight did take the camera off iris nobody notice everyone eyes on savitar so jo thinks it’s iris it be a huge twist thinking she wasn’t gonna die and then she dosent plus Barry did change the future when HR was suppose to be on the rooftop in Cisco’s vibe .. and HR always wanted to help and be respected by the group he felt guilt and maybe it did happen the waat theory is bunking it as plus iris never said I love you like the other vibes and it actually happens and she just crying no Barry I love you? nahhh bro that was HR will see Tuesday won’t we but I got super girl to watch monday what Cisco said that hes always there and dependable what’s not honorable then dying to your friend’s

  45. I should also say that while I generally think dead should mean dead … THE FLASH is never better than when Grant Gustin is sharing a scene with Wentworth Miller. THIS version of Snart, not the younger and less evolved version who was used on LEGENDS this season, needs to somehow be rescued and returned.

    (Maybe Peyton List The First’s contract on her upcoming show — if it got picked up, I forget — would let her reprised the role of Lisa Snart for an episode or two! A Gypsy-Vibe-Golden Glider episode where he’s hoping the two women will fight over him but they both just sorta torment him would be incredibly fun to watch.)

    • Lynne says:

      Snart is the best. It took me some time to finally realize why I love him so much: its all in the voice that Went uses, he’s so condescending and “I’m the smartest person in this room because you’re all idiots”. I absolutely love it! I know its going to be a fun episode knowing we get a little Snart and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

    • Mo says:

      Everything Snart & King Shark saved this ep from being a waste of time. He & Barry still have that perfect frenemy chemistry.

  46. ChiIl_Out says:

    That wasn’t Iris that you saw die. That as HR using his face-disguise tech he brought with him from his Earth. Shhhhhh

  47. Butch says:

    Hasn’t Iris just been way too passive during this story line. She basically is just waiting around for Barry and the team to do something to save her. I hope it is revealed during the finale that she did something to save herself. We don’t need a damsel in distress anymore.

  48. Gift says:

    This just some joke Iris can not die!

  49. Micaela says:

    I’m still in my feelings about this episode. As much as I am almost certain the show wouldn’t do something so stupid as killing her off permanently, I was still totally wreaked by that final scene. A slobbering crying mess, it was so emotional and heartbreaking. The scene with Iris and Joe was another one that sent me over the edge basically this episode just made me cry and if not for my faith that Iris isnt actually dead I would be so done with this show. Despite all that the episode was very well written, acted and directed. Excited for the final.

  50. prada says:

    where’s the blind item? mmm…

    not blind item not dead…..yet