Prison Break Recap: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand $#@&*%$#@!s

Prison Break Recap Michael Sara Reunion

This Tuesday in Episode 7 of Prison Break‘s nine-week revival, wounded Michael got a house call from an “amazing doctor” — one that in turn led to a big (if not shocking) reveal.

Not only stabbed but poisoned by the antifreeze that laced Cyclops’ ersatz weapon, Michael was in bad shape and in need of a transfusion. And of course he has a rare blood type. And the nearest doctor, we were told, was back in Sana’a. But after a quick consult with Sara via cell phone, Lincoln arranges to transport Michael to Crete, via a 12-hour boat ride, where his ex-ish wife will meet them, while Ja stays behind in wall-less, happy-go-lucky Phaecia.

Sara to her credit is up front with Jacob about hr errand of mercy. Not to her credit, she simply leaves son Michael behind, with Jacob, whom just recently she understandably suspected of being in cahoots with Poseidon’s goons. But Sara arrives in Crete and reunites with incapacitated Michael, to whom she promptly donates her own blood, as a universal donor.

Once Michael is back in the pink, Sara shows him a picture on her phone of their son. Michael then swipes over to a pic of Sara with Jacob, whom he recognizes as — dun-dun-well, duhhhh! — Poseidon, the rogue CIA policy wonk who recruited/forced him years ago to spring political prisoners and such from pens. Thing is, Poseidon/Jacob during that time fell for his pawn’s wife, and settled in as her new husband.

After giving Michael a tender farewell kiss, Sara races back to the States, where she puts on the worst poker face upon seeing Jacob, and even more so when she sees Michael’s bed empty. (He’s on a sleepover, so Sara covertly phones her gal pal to fetch him and keep him safe). Later, sensing everyone’s jig is up, Sara pulls a gun on Jacob, who responds by saying that he holds little Michael’s fate in his hands, having snatched the lad from Sara’s BFF. And while he’d be loathe to harm the kid he came to regard as his own, they’re nonetheless at a bit of a draw.

Meanwhile — as I predicted — Michael, Lincoln and Whip secured passage back to the States via one of Sucre’s tramp steamers, though it comes at a steep price: Sara’s (remarkably valuable!) heirloom ring, which belonged to her grandmother. And the seas prove to be anything but smooth after Van Gogh and A&W, on Poseidon’s orders, alert all ships, planes and trains to Kaniel Outis’  “Most Wanted” status. That results in the Navy’s storming of the steamer, which Michael & Co. appear just able to leap off of before the military, again at Poseidon’s bequest, bombard and blow up the ship with a missile. (Anyone surprised that Sucre’s conspicuously and oft-mentioned sex dolls never came into play??)

What did you think of Michael and Sara’s reunion, Poseidon’s unmasking and the rest of the episode “Wine-Dark Sea”? Also, what became of the Elvis-loving Southerner whom Michael reached out to last week?

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