Prison Break Recap Michael Sara Reunion

Prison Break Recap: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand $#@&*%$#@!s

This Tuesday in Episode 7 of Prison Break‘s nine-week revival, wounded Michael got a house call from an “amazing doctor” — one that in turn led to a big (if not shocking) reveal.

Not only stabbed but poisoned by the antifreeze that laced Cyclops’ ersatz weapon, Michael was in bad shape and in need of a transfusion. And of course he has a rare blood type. And the nearest doctor, we were told, was back in Sana’a. But after a quick consult with Sara via cell phone, Lincoln arranges to transport Michael to Crete, via a 12-hour boat ride, where his ex-ish wife will meet them, while Ja stays behind in wall-less, happy-go-lucky Phaecia.

Sara to her credit is up front with Jacob about hr errand of mercy. Not to her credit, she simply leaves son Michael behind, with Jacob, whom just recently she understandably suspected of being in cahoots with Poseidon’s goons. But Sara arrives in Crete and reunites with incapacitated Michael, to whom she promptly donates her own blood, as a universal donor.

Once Michael is back in the pink, Sara shows him a picture on her phone of their son. Michael then swipes over to a pic of Sara with Jacob, whom he recognizes as — dun-dun-well, duhhhh! — Poseidon, the rogue CIA policy wonk who recruited/forced him years ago to spring political prisoners and such from pens. Thing is, Poseidon/Jacob during that time fell for his pawn’s wife, and settled in as her new husband.

After giving Michael a tender farewell kiss, Sara races back to the States, where she puts on the worst poker face upon seeing Jacob, and even more so when she sees Michael’s bed empty. (He’s on a sleepover, so Sara covertly phones her gal pal to fetch him and keep him safe). Later, sensing everyone’s jig is up, Sara pulls a gun on Jacob, who responds by saying that he holds little Michael’s fate in his hands, having snatched the lad from Sara’s BFF. And while he’d be loathe to harm the kid he came to regard as his own, they’re nonetheless at a bit of a draw.

Meanwhile — as I predicted — Michael, Lincoln and Whip secured passage back to the States via one of Sucre’s tramp steamers, though it comes at a steep price: Sara’s (remarkably valuable!) heirloom ring, which belonged to her grandmother. And the seas prove to be anything but smooth after Van Gogh and A&W, on Poseidon’s orders, alert all ships, planes and trains to Kaniel Outis’  “Most Wanted” status. That results in the Navy’s storming of the steamer, which Michael & Co. appear just able to leap off of before the military, again at Poseidon’s bequest, bombard and blow up the ship with a missile. (Anyone surprised that Sucre’s conspicuously and oft-mentioned sex dolls never came into play??)

What did you think of Michael and Sara’s reunion, Poseidon’s unmasking and the rest of the episode “Wine-Dark Sea”? Also, what became of the Elvis-loving Southerner whom Michael reached out to last week?

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  1. t says:

    i love it when not 1 but 2 recap pictures in a row have wentworth miller in them

  2. Sharon provenzino says:

    I seen the previews and got busy decorating but it looks great . .. gonna watch next Tuesday
    For sure but Ty

  3. elong6283 says:

    While surprising, I actually called this twist with Jacob before any of these episodes aired. I figured that since this is Prison Break, nothing is as it seems…. Can’t wait until next week!

  4. Bwhit says:

    Get ready to pay Jacob!!! You messed with the wrong family. Michael and Sara was everything, but Sucre and Michael made me sooooo happy as well.

    • MLO says:

      I agree, sort of. Sucre and Michael were the reunion I was waiting for and it didn’t disappoint, But I thought Michael and Sara were… meh. No passion at all – more like brother and sister. Even their kiss was blah.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        I think they’re still in shock @ actually seeing each other! They have to keep their goal of getting Mike, killing Poseidon, getting EVERYONE cleared; then they can have their long -overdue happy ending that they so richly deserve. I felt their souls meet, passion can wait 😜 Oh yeah, Michael was at death’s door, lol.

  5. Diane says:

    Sucre and the sex dolls. Classic Sucre. Loved the Sara and Michael reunion. I liked that Ja wasn’t killed.

  6. Alex says:

    I felt this episode was a bit rushed! I’ve said it before but this should have been more than a 9 episode event. This should’ve taken about 3 episodes to properly tell the story from arriving at Phaecia to them almost to the states.
    On the other hand, the reunion was nice with Sara. Nothing spectacular but still nice! Michael and Sucre was a better reunion honestly! I’ll never understand why they teased Jacob being Poseidon earlier. Totally ruined the reveal this episode. If it wasn’t him we at least already knew he was apart of it. A little shocked by the writers choice of that. I expected better based on seasons 1-4. Anyway, the final two episodes look fantastic! Reminds me of some season 2 or 4 action coming up. Let’s see how well Michaels plan goes. They better not get sloppy with it. That’s been my biggest issue this season….I expect a plan on par with his season 1/2 genius to make up for his sloppiness thus far!

    • ravynrobyn says:

      @ Alex-Michael has been literally through HELL, not one, not two, not three, but approximately 11 years. He’s doing his very best, but he’s tired, he’s discouraged, he feels guilty about what he was forced to do, and he feels regret and shame for giving up his lovely Sara, Linc and Mike. He has more than earned the right to not figure it out right away like he did when he was a much younger and healthier man. And he was working with Ja and Whip and other not-on -their-games dudes. Now that he’s working to save and get back to his family, he’ll have hope and his brain will fire on ALLLLL cylincers :)

      • the3rdwatch says:

        Think it is around 7 years….

      • Alex says:

        That is understandable! I’m not a genius and probably expected him to be sort superhuman! I expect the “end game” to be good! I love the preview when Jacob tells Michael he will always be one step ahead of him. That always backfires when someone tells Micheal that! It will be nice to see him go against the smartest rival since Mahone!

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I have to agree about the reveal of Poseidon. Even though most of us had already figured it out it would have been better to leave the scenes out where Sara sees the vid from T-Bag and then the part where the two get arrested, then released so quickly. And she fell for it, that was just bad. Then when Michael sees the picture of Jacob and Sara, BOOM!!! That would have been soooo much better.

    • Luke says:

      Can anyone tell me who kidnapped micheal Junior at the beginning of the episode… because the next time you see him is with Jacob asking if that was mommy on the phone ‘Sara’ without a care in the world

  7. Sheila says:

    Who snatched Mike when his drone crashed in the bushes? Why did evil Jacob not remove the gun from Sara’s hiding place? Perhaps he exchanged her bullets for blanks. ..keeping up the act. How could the navy seal team fire on a civilian vessel with crew on deck? Is Sara’s only friend Heather? Of course, Jacob would look there. I hope Sucre retrieved that ring. Although, I would not have traveled wearing it. Nice reunion between Michael and Sara. I liked that Linc told Whip he was family. I agree the Jacob reveal was not surprising. Suspected him before the fake out. Looking forward to the next two episodes. I want to see Mike and Michael together. This is my first season watching this show.

  8. the3rdwatch says:

    How could anyone who watches this show really think Jacob was innocent coming into tonight. How did Sara think that? They did a terrible job writing and selling that. Also, did Sucre say that he has a criminal record? I am so confused as to who got their pardons at the end of the original series. With an exoneration, all of their past crimes are wiped away. So clearly this was not the case with Sucre, but it worked for C-Note and Linc. Who can keep up…? Beyond that, where the hell is T-Bag and his robotic arm? It also seems super silly to have this super secret villain in the intelligence community, that Michael was able to just ID at a moments notice. How was he not able to ID him before, after working for him? Also, how did he not know Sara was married to him after clearly following Sara throughout the years? Sloppy writing.

    Also, why was it so hard for Poseidon to kill Michael or A&W/Van Gogh to find him? Didn’t Poseidon know he was in this prison in Yemen, and if not, how hard could it have been to figure that out?

    • MLO says:

      If you ever want to enjoy a TV show, you cannot overthink it. Just go with the flow… don’t be a fun sucker.

    • Alex says:

      I am guessing their past crimes were wiped clean only in regards to what they did after breaking out of prison. Maybe Sucres robbery was still on his record? OR the employers recognize him from the huge nation wide manhunt and refuse to hire him regardless of his record being wiped clean? Those are my guesses

  9. John says:

    Whatever happened to Sucr’s wife (girlfriend?) and their child? Where’s T-Bone? Where’s Mahone?

  10. ANGELA EGBOR says:

    Am so in love with the show. Michael so meek and gentle, a loving devoted husband and father, and yet so smart with a complicated brain. Love it! !!!!!!

  11. Yvonne Gorman says:

    Getting more exciting with each episode.Hope it keeps going.Looking forward to watching more series.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was really good. Good to have Sucre back. I figured Jacob is Poseidon. Messed up he set up Michael that he had him to go into hiding. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  13. Leesa says:

    Last nights episode was action packed and entertaining as usual. I was hoping for more passion between Sara and Michael but it was still great to see them reunite. Jacob is so hateful and hopefully he will get all that he deserves. I thought it was so funny when Sucre was made fun of about those “dolls”. There is so much more that can be done with this show, I hope there will be more seasons . I love this show!

  14. Gift says:

    Sweet, how wonderful you see you again captain cold oh yes it is Micheal scoldfield here. Hahaha Love u men….. And Sucre, what took you so long? Happy u to see u too just like old times. Excellent episode.

  15. Dominique says:

    nice episode, loved seeing sucre again! for a second there i was worried the cargo were girls and my jaw dropped cause i could never see sucre do that. especially when he did that whole weird thing where he pretended they couldn’t be picked up at first. so glad i was proven wrong.
    whip’s constant reactions to michael reuniting with his loved ones are hilarious, he just seems so SHOCKED michael has people. and perhaps a little jealous too.
    i think this is the episode filmed during/after dominic’s accident? he had some cuts etc on his nose, which was broken during the accident.
    the only complaint i have about the revival so far is how little they use original characters. paul kellerman had only been in two episodes before he was killed (which i still don’t buy), sucre was gone for 6 episodes before he popped up again, t-bag hasn’t been seen in a whle (although i still wonder why he’s even around. he’s a terrific character but there is no place for him in this storyline.)
    by the way… did i miss something regarding mike? didin’t he get grabbed by someone while he was looking in the bushes for his plane/drone? what happened there?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Michael was dreaming his son getting snatched, apparently.

    • Alex says:

      T-Bag is kind of unnecessary! Unless he has a more realistic connection that is later revealed I don’t buy it. He only seems to be involved because he is such a fan favorite and great character! I don’t understand how Paul didn’t see Mahone having a reason to be back but put T-Bag in it for apparently no other reason than just be back for the fun of it!

  16. Guadalupe Salinas says:

    I want see more episodes prison break.i just can’t wait next Tuesday 😍😍😍😍😍

  17. Nilsa says:

    This TV Show is outstanding, Paul should consider continuing the show, no reason to end with season 5. The characters have synergy together, there’s lots of ways the writing team can take this to further seasons.

  18. Tom K says:

    Sex dolls float? Not out of the plot just yet.

  19. tomkellyxy says:

    Sex Dolls float? Not out of the picture just yet.

  20. cole says:

    One thing I found extremely odd in this episode: the shot where mike jr gets snatched…. why was that scene included? The edit intentionally made it seem like he was kidnapped but then in the next scene he was with his step dad…. but why would his step dad be in the woods and snatch him like that.. when five second prior it showed the dad in the house did it not?

  21. Lisa says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that Mike the kid was kidnnaped in the beginning of the episode – and then came back after a few scenes like nothing happened?! Lol looks like an editing mistake

  22. Ernie Banks Busagwa says:

    Am watching from Kampala Uganda East Africa and enjoying every episode though we get it late here after two days

  23. Joe Heise says:

    It was sooooo good!!!! What’s even better is I have Jacobs wedding band and you saw it a lot in last nights episode. Prison Break Ressurection has been awesome! Fox is on fire!

  24. kate says:

    Anyone have any theories besides that T-Bag never bought the excuses from two weeks ago and maybe slipped Mike a little something to get him out of his situation as to who grabbed Mike when he went looking for his helicopter and Jacob’s back was turned?

    And also, why couldn’t the ‘lesson’ that kept Michael in line be something more believable (he would have just figured out he was in Lincoln’s original situation) and that he did reach out to someone in his past who could help and maybe wasn’t automatically vulnerable but was taken out in explanation for why Alex isn’t in the show and why they didn’t apparently bother to ask. I mean, an object lesson like that would seem more likely to keep Michael in line than just being set up for a murder he didn’t commit.

    • Arnie says:

      Assuming that the Mike Jr. snatching was not an edit error, I’m guessing that somebody put a GPS location device on him, possibly some still unrevealed ally in the show. Guessing that if it was an edit error, it will probably be too late for the writers to get ideas from our comments to include it with something like I mentioned, since I’m sure they’ve filmed the rest of this season already.

  25. Victoria Quigley says:

    I’m still confused as to what happened with Lil Mike in the bush. It couldn’t have been a dream because the boy walked back in the house to Jacob and Micheal woke up saying Lincoln’s name and I was waiting on the big reveal all the way through to the last minute of the season. Was it an editing mistake??? I know I’m probably over thinking and I never really read to kych into TV shows but this just irritates my 😀