NCIS Finale Recap: No Paraguay Out — Whose Life Was Left in Limbo?

NCIS Recap Finale Gibbs Dead

The fate of some of NCIS‘ own was left up in the air as Season 14 of the CBS drama came to a close on Tuesday night.

Setting things in motion was the mystery of a Navy SEAL whose hand (and only his hand) was found in Paraguay, where he was not even supposed to be. At first, Gibbs & Co. suspect that the SEAL and his buddy had returned to the scene of their most recent mission to steal from some wealthy local warlords. But in truth, the one-handed SEAL is alive and well and hiding out in Paraguay, having gone there with his pal, off book, to rescue some boys who had been stolen by a rebel group to be forced into combat.

With the SEAL dedicated to completing the rescue mission — in part because the son of a villager who saved his life has been abducted — Vance clears Gibbs to find and retrieve the SEAL, period. Gibbs grabs Torres and, begrudgingly, dad-to-be McGee, who insists on joining the op.

Upon arriving in Paraguay, Gibbs, Torres and McGee are able to find and free the stolen children, then race them to a waiting chopper with a narrow window to fly to safety. When the rebel army arrives on the scene and starts firing on the chopper, Gibbs hangs back to hold them off as the others take to the air. But before they do so, McGee hops off the bird and joins Gibbs. And as Torres, the SEAL and the kids fly out of the jungle, Gibbs and McGee find themselves massively outnumbered by the rebel forces….

How do you think Gibbs and McGee will get out of this Paraguay pickle? Also: grade the finale below!

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