12 Monkeys EP on 'Satisfying' Season 3 Binge Rollout, Welcoming New Viewers

12 Monkeys Season 3

12 Monkeys‘ Season 3 binge-a-thon this weekend may just be the key to deciphering time travel’s sometimes confusing intricacies.

Syfy’s decision to air the new season over three consecutive nights (starting this Friday at 8/7c ) is a good move for the heavily serialized, time-hopping drama, executive producer Terry Matalas believes.

In today’s TV environment, “this is how people like to consume this show,” Matalas says. “More and more, people just want to get it all at once, and this is a story [where] it’s great to have all the puzzle pieces fresh in your mind as you move on to the next episode.”

In Season 3, which premieres with four episodes on Friday (with limited commercials!) and continues with three installments each on Saturday and Sunday, “what fans and new viewers are going to see is one full, cohesive story… that’s intricate, with all its puzzle pieces,” Matalas adds. But since it will have just aired in its entirety, the journey is “fresh in your mind when it comes together. So I think it’s a more satisfying experience.”

And yes, the EP did say new viewers. The season opener starts with “a pretty clean recap” for those who have yet to catch up on the TVLine Peak TV Treasure and fear they have missed too much mythology to jump in now.

“You may not be up to speed on all the time-travel jumps, but the emotional story is really linear,” Matalas notes. “It’s a man trying to find the woman he loves, and a woman who is going to give birth to what, someday, will be a bad seed.”

That’s not so complicated, is it? Hit the comments to let us know if you’ll be tuning for the 12 Monkeys binge-a-thon.

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