New Girl Twist: Final Season Will Kick Off With Huge Time Jump

Zooey Deschanel’s dyed-in-the-wool liberal Jess is going to fly through Donald Trump’s first (and last?) term as POTUS.

New Girl‘s upcoming seventh and final season will pick up three years after the events of last month’s Season 6 finale, our sister site Deadline reports. The game-changing twist was apparently part of a hail-mary pitch series creator Liz Meriwether made to Fox execs last week when the series was on the verge of being cancelled. 

The network ultimately commissioned an eight-episode farewell season that, per Deadline, will span an entire year and feature “major milestones for all main characters… including a big one in the series finale.”

Last month, TVLine asked co-showrunner Brett Baer how he planned to keep the Nick-Jess dynamic interesting in a potential Season 7 now that the on-again/off-again couple have been happily reunited. “We have options in a potential Season 7 to keep some level of [excitement] in that relationship,” he teased. “We’ve been talking about creative solutions to that dynamic and how to move forward in a way that wouldn’t just be like a one-directional approach.”

Thoughts about the New Girl time warp? How many children do you think Cece and Schmidt will have when we pick up? And will Jess and Nick already be married? Hit the comments with your hopes/wishes/theories. 

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