Fall TV Preview

Fox Trailers: Our Knee-Jerk Reactions to Seth MacFarlane's Sci-Fi Spoof Orville, LA to Vegas and More New Shows

Fox Fall Trailers 2017 Reactions The Orville

Fox on Monday unveiled its fall 2017 schedule, along with previews for its upcoming series, including Seth MacFarlane space farce Orville and the X-Files-esque Ghosted, starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson.

Here at TVLine, we immediately jumped at the chance to screen each trailer — which you can also do by clicking here — and we’re ready to divulge our totally unfiltered, brutally honest snap judgments. (The Gifted trailer, which was released on Sunday, can be found here.)

Below, Michael Ausiello, Matt Mitovich, Kimberly Roots, Andy Swift, Dave Nemetz, Vlada Gelman and Ryan Schwartz share their gut reactions to each new series based on the first footage released by the network, then turn it over to you to tell us whether you agree or disagree with our pithy reviews.

Now, keep in mind: The following trailers are just the very first glimpse we get of a series and are often not wholly indicative of quality. As such, don’t take the following analysis to mean the series below will necessarily be good or bad. Previews can be deceiving — and we’ve all been fooled before.

Keep scrolling to see how Team TVLine reacted to each respective preview…

GHOSTED (Sunday at 8:30/7:30c) [WATCH TRAILER HERE]
AUSIELLO | My gut told me Adam Scott and Craig Robinson would ooze chemistry and this trailer that my gut was correct.
ROOTS | My X-Files-loving heart weirdly got all defensive — “Stop making fun of Mulder’s quest!” — but yeah, it looks funny.
SWIFT |Maybe I’m being too literal, but I counted zero ghosts in that entire trailer. (Also, I’m kind of secretly hoping this show tanks, no matter how good it is, so we can get more of Adam Scott on The Good Place.)
SCHWARTZ | If it were possible, I’d have already set my DVR. It’s going to take awhile, though, to get used to seeing Adam Scott without a beard again, post-Big Little Lies.

MITOVICH | I have some concerns about casting (as well as what the “Smippys” are in vending machine), but I’m probably in. Bonus points for getting the X-Men reference out of the way!
ROOTS | Wait, I thought they already revived Heroes?
SWIFT | If we’re comparing it to other Marvel shows — and, hey, why not? — I’d say this looks infinitely better than ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but not nearly as creative as FX’s Legion. Consider me cautiously optimistic.
NEMETZ | I’m intrigued. Lots of whiz-bang special effects in this new drama about a ragtag band of mutant kids, and digging into the kids’ true feelings of alienation could set it apart from TV’s current comic-book glut.

MITOVICH | Covering as it does the same flight route with new passengers every episode, I’m gonna say it: This could be the new Love Boat. And that’s a good thing.
ROOTS | Ed Weeks has really been typecast as “Character who has random sex with lead female in series pilot,” eh, Mindy Project fans?
SWIFT | That is the most spacious airplane bathroom I have ever seen — and that’s all I have to say about that.
GELMAN | It’s fun to see Dylan McDermott playing against type, but I will never find jokes about an airplane pilot drinking before a flight funny.

MITOVICH | A Star Trek spoof? With Adrianne Palicki?? Oh Fox, I may forgive you for axing Pitch just yet. (Not really.)
SWIFT | I was never a Trekkie, but this show looks more my speed. In fact, I dare say Seth MacFarlane might have finally redeemed himself after cursing the world with Dads.
NEMETZ | Sci-fi comedies are totally my jam, but the laughs on this one seem to be lost in space. Plus, Seth MacFarlane as an actor is comedy antimatter.
GELMAN | I now have a strong desire to rewatch Galaxy Quest.

Reisdent Fox Drama NewTHE RESIDENT (Midseason) [WATCH TRAILER HERE]
AUSIELLO I’m going to need confirmation from Fox in writing that Emily VanCamp’s role will be beefed up considerably as the series progresses. 
MITOVICH | A primo case of “Can stars that we like elevate otherwise humdrum medical drama material?”
GELMAN | I’m already a medical show junkie. You add in Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp, and I’m definitely watching.
SCHWARTZ | Finally, a decent looking medical drama that won’t require me to keep tabs on four different shows about Chicago! (The trailer itself needs about 85 percent more Emily VanCamp, though.)