NBC Boss: Timeless' Un-Cancellation Was Not a Publicity Stunt

Timeless‘ whiplash-inducing resurrection was not a buzz-generating stunt.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt shot down speculation that the network’s unprecedented decision to renew Timeless for 10 episodes just days after officially cancelling it was a covert marketing ploy.

“I wish that we were that clever,” the exec said with a laugh. “We would never do that to the creators of the show. That did not happen. These negotiations are really tricky… It just happened the way it happened.” 

How did it happen? “We all love the show creatively,” Greenblatt said. But as a result of its subpar ratings, “We decided to move on from it,” he added. “And then we woke up the next morning, heard [about] the [fan] outcry and went back to the drawing board with our partners at [producing studio] Sony. And I’m happy to say we were able to figure out a way to bring it back. It’s extraordinarily well produced and it deserved to come back.”

Scheduling wise, Greenblatt confirmed that Timeless won’t return until midseason at the earliest, and also didn’t rule out a summer launch for Season 2.

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