SNL: Watch Melissa McCarthy Join the Five Timers' Club, Trump Stymies Lester Holt and More Highlights

Melissa McCarthy was officially inducted into Saturday Night Live‘s Five Timers’ Club this weekend, with a little help from Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.

The Bridesmaids star was presented with her honorary club robe at the end of a so-so episode, which is likely only to be remembered for McCarthy’s Sean Spicer and Baldwin’s President Donald Trump making out at the end of a press-briefing sketch.

Marrieds Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were also on hand for an endearing Mother’s Day-themed monologue, which found McCarthy take a fellow mom (whom she plucked out of the audience) backstage to show her how the late-night sketch comedy series comes together. It wasn’t particularly funny, but that describes much of this week’s 90 minutes, six of which were spent watching McCarthy get pied in the face.

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“This show is going to run for eight years,” Trump insisted, referring to his presidency as seasons of a TV show in the NBC Nightly News cold open. “In an upcoming episode, we will find out that Kellyanne [Conway] has been dead this whole time.” But perhaps funniest of all was when Michael Che’s Holt got Trump to admit to obstruction of justice in the wake of FBI Director James Comey’s termination, only to realize that nothing Trump says seems to be punishable by law.

Kate McKinnon’s Debette Goldry made her triumphant return in this post-Weekend Update sketch, where she finally met her match in McCarthy’s Gaye Fontaine. Appearing on a panel about women in Hollywood opposite Marion Cotillard (Cecily Strong) and Lupita Nyong’o (Sasheer Zamata), the centuries-old gal pals reminisced about the “glory days” of Tinseltown — an age where women were cast in roles like “Woman No. 2” and “Woman No. 3,” even if there was no “Woman No. 1” of which to speak.

Mooney and Jones made their relationship official in this laugh-out-loud short, marrying in front of all of their co-stars and eventually having a child named after someone extremely important to them. They eventually hit a rough patch as Mooney grew jealous of her working relationship with Colin Jost, resulting in a sit-down with McCarthy (who was simply trying to memorize her lines) and an altercation we wouldn’t dare spoil. (Those paying close enough attention probably noticed a bit of continuity at the end of the episode.)

One of SNL‘s funnier fake advertisements as of late promoted an AARP “upgrade” to the smart speaker, allowing the “greatest generation” to use pretty much any name vaguely similar to Alexa to request the device’s (modified) services. Among the enhancements: the ability to adjust the thermostat and the option to check in on what the neighborhood kids are doing outside your window.

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