Drag Race Recap: Who Got Roasted? And Who Got Burned?

Drag Race Recap

At this point in the season, we know the eight remaining RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants can dish is out — but can they take it? After Friday’s episode, I’m not so sure.

Hell, the queens couldn’t even get through a practice for the annual #RuPaulRoast without fighting amongst themselves; Alexis Michelle, in particular, wasn’t thrilled that the other queens’ jokes tended to target her weight. But like most of the “drama” this season, things were quickly swept up under the rug. (Not that I’m advocating for queen-on-queen violence, but does anyone else feel like things should be a little more tense at this point in the game? This is reality TV, no one wants to see people getting along!)

When it came time for the actual roast — of which Michelle Visage was the target this time around — a few queens (particularly Peppermint and Sasha Velour) brought their A-game, while other went down in flames. For example, Valentina’s set was so nonsensical that Michelle actually said, “I’m so confused” out loud, while Trinity’s bit about Michelle looking always looking like she has to poop… well, it stunk.

Then came Farrah Moan, who took failing to the next level by introducing guest judge Tamar Braxton as “Toni Braxton’s less-talented, more-annoying sister.” (I’m not saying it’s not true, it just wasn’t clever.) And by the time she got to her joke about Michelle’s stinky “dick breath,” I knew she was going to end up in the bottom. Again.

And bottom she did, alongside the weakest comedienne of the night: Alexis, for whom the crickets chirped the loudest. (I snorted with laughter when Michelle said, “I literally forgot there was an audience.”) Trinity also ended up in the bottom three, but was mercifully allowed to stick around for another week.

Farrah put in a decent effort in her lip sync battle, but given that the song of the week was Dolly friggin’ Parton, let’s be real — she never stood a chance against Alexis. Were you surprised to see Farrah sashay away this week? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the competition below.

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