The Originals' Danielle Campbell Previews Davina's Return: Does She Hold the Key to Defeating the Hollow?

The Originals Davina Returns

The Originals‘ head witch in charge makes her triumphant return to New Orleans on Friday (The CW, 8/7c), but while fans may be excited to see Danielle Campbell back in action, her character isn’t exactly thrilled about reuniting with the Mikaelsons.

“She’s never happy to see Klaus, and I don’t see that dynamic changing much,” Campbell tells TVLine. “But in order to protect the people she loves, Davina needs to bring Klaus and Hayley up to speed.”

Which brings us to the purpose of Davina’s spiritual stop-and-chat: “The Hollow is creating all this trouble for everyone, so Davina’s visit is basically to give Klaus and Hayley as much background as they can in order to defeat her,” Campbell explains. “Since she’s been in the ancestral realm, Davina’s gotten to watch everything unfold. She can see everything that’s happening, so she has a lot more knowledge on her end, while the others are still trying to figure things out.”

Unfortunately, Campbell doesn’t exactly share her character’s newfound omniscience. “I had no idea what was going on,” she admits. “I was reading my script and had no idea why anything was happening. It was so much easier when I was on the show full-time and could watch how certain stories were progressing.” (Not that Campbell didn’t also need a few “refreshers” when Davina was still alive. As she notes, “You’re always challenged with this show.”

As for the excitement surrounding Davina’s return, Campbell says it “means the world” to know that her character has been missed by the show’s fans. “It’s such a big compliment to have someone enjoy your work and the story you’re telling, and the writers do such a good job of making it all feel real,” she adds. “I’ll always be honored to play her.”

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