Scandal Recap: Who's the Boss?

Scandal Recap

Following weeks of complicated conspiracies, ridiculous drone strikes and obnoxious ponytailed terrorists, Thursday’s Scandal finally allowed Olivia Pope and Associates to resume business as usual.

Of course, “business as usual” for OPA isn’t any less insane than what we’ve seen in recent weeks. Tasked with proving the innocence of a man on death row, the remaining Gladiators — Quinn, Huck and the other guy — traveled to his backwoods hometown to confront the racist bartender whose testimony led to his arrest. (And I mean this guy was, like, cartoonishly racist.) Anyway, guns were drawn and confessions were awkwardly made, but the fight wasn’t over yet.

Despite Olivia ordering Quinn to drop the case — Liv even told her that she was no longer welcome in her office, Steve Harvey-style — Quinn persisted, marching into the Oval Office and demanding that Fitz grant a pardon. Which he did. And in the end, Liv rewarded Quinn with the keys to the kingdom. (But as TVLine Executive Editor Kim Roots noted to me over AIM: Is this supposed to be an honor? Who else was Liv going to put in charge? Huck? That other guy?)

Back to that annoying terrorist I mentioned earlier: a lovesick David Rosen spent much of Thursday’s episode looking into the true identity of the woman he thought he loved. Was it really Samantha? Or Grace? Or possibly “Ponytail Bitch,” as Abby suggested? Frankly, I would’ve settled on that last one and called it a day. But David Rosen has always boasted the tenacity of a proud woodland beaver, so he just couldn’t let it go. Instead, he sought assistance from Rowan, who literally gift-wrapped the damn woman’s severed head to aid David Rosen in his search.

But because David Rosen doesn’t know the first thing about frozen heads — except how to poke them with chopsticks, which David Rosen seemed oddly excited to do — he invited Jake over to join the post-mortal party. And what he discovered was far more disturbing than just the woman’s name, which did actually turn out to be kind of disturbing in its own right. (Gertrude?!) He also unmasked the criminal mastermind who had been calling the shots for Gertrude (ugh) and Peus all along.

In what is somehow the most and least surprising twist all season, it turns out that Olivia’s mother — good ol’ Maya Lewis, played by Khandi Alexander — was the one pulling the strings this whole time. And she’s baaa-aaack!

Assorted thoughts:

* As much as I wish Marcus would remain in the White House and work with Mellie instead of leaving to run Fitz’s foundation, I can’t say I’m surprised that he rebuffed her request for him to stay. I never took Marcus for one who would live by the rules of Dawson’s Creek.

* Of all the countless pairings this show has assembled in its lengthy history of assembling pairs, I have to admit that David and Abby always made more sense to me than most others — so I was thrilled to see them getting all weird and flirty this week. Maybe they’ll head down the aisle next, right after Quinn and that other guy!

* Re: the mention of AIM earlier in this recap… Please don’t make fun of me for still using AIM. I’m too fragile to be cyberbullied.

Your thoughts on this week’s big Scandal reveal? Hopes for next week’s two-hour finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.




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