Daily Show Reunion: Jon Stewart Defends Colbert Amid Controversy, John Oliver as 'Steve Carell' and More

How’s this for your moment of zen?

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday reassembled “the best f—king news team ever,” gathering Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry and Ed Helms for a Daily Show reunion on CBS’ The Late Show.

The festivities commenced with a pre-taped cold open, during which Stewart and Colbert rushed over to Comedy Central’s World News Headquarters to present The Daily Show‘s current host, Trevor Noah, with his pre-show meal.

Later, viewers were treated to a “flashback” to Colbert’s last day as a Daily Show correspondent circa 2005, where Samantha Bee asked her colleague how he could leave smack dab in the middle of the George W. Bush administration.

“There will never be another president this good for comedy,” Bee insisted. “I mean, this guy does something ridiculous, like, at least once a month. I know there’s one thing for sure: There is no scenario in which I will ever say, ‘God, I wish George W. Bush was president.'”

Before long, a mustached Helms and a not-so-follically challenged Corddry entered the scene, followed by John Oliver, who assumed the role of Steve Carell. Stewart would arrive moments later, via the break room refrigerator.

Before properly reuniting all of the correspondents for an in-studio interview, Colbert sat down for a one-on-one with “gentleman farmer” Stewart, during which they discussed President Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey and Fox News’ dismissal of Bill O’Reilly. Later in the heavily edited interview, Stewart came to his former sidekick’s defense, seemingly in response to the recent hullabaloo surrounding his joke about Trump, whom he referred to as Russian president Vladimir Putin’s “c—k holster.”

“The things that you say — even if they’re crass or even if they in some ways are not respectful enough to the office of the presidency…. We can insult; he can injure,” Stewart argued. “And for the life of me I do not understand why in this country we try and hold comedians to a standard we do not hold leaders to. It’s bizarre.”

Oliver, Bee, Helms and Corddry then joined Colbert and Stewart for the kind of sit-down interview “we’d make fun of on The Daily Show.” What followed was a trip down memory lane, during which Colbert credited Stewart for creating Comedy Central’s flagship late-night program, completely dismissing the Craig Kilborn years.

“There is no proof that The Daily Show existed before you got there,” Colbert deadpanned. “I’ve looked at the Comedy Central website, and I think they’ve burned all the tapes.”

Watch The Daily Show reunion in its entirety via the clips above, then chime in below and tell us which segment (or segments) you enjoyed most.