Chicago Fire PD Med Renewed

Chicago Fire, P.D. and Med Renewed

The #OneChicago franchise — or at least part of it — is in no danger of going anywhere.

NBC has renewed Chicago Fire and the spinoffs Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med, TVLine has learned.

Fire — which celebrated its 100th episode last December — will be heading into its sixth season.

The offshoots P.D. and Med, meanwhile, have been picked up for Season 5 and Season 3, respectively.

No decision has been made yet about the future of Chicago Justice.

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  1. flowerduh says:

    Yeah, like they were in any danger of not being renewed.

  2. Adam says:

    What about justice?!

    • Kevin Tran says:

      No official word yet but I hope it gets renewed before the upfronts begins on Sunday and Philip Winchester needs his series to break through after his last show The Player (NBC) got cancelled.

    • Ray says:

      I like the cast of Justice but man it’s hard to watch. The other Chicago shows work because they have well developed characters. Justice is plain and simple the case of the week, Law & Order Chicago.

      • Mollilyoos says:

        Well it’s hard for the characters to have Fire’s five years worth of relationships if the show only aired 13 freaking episodes.

        • Every other Chicago show had characters that were way more developed by this point in their run, which says something considering Justice has the least amount of series regulars of any of them (and one of them is borrowed from another show, which means he already comes with backstory).

      • Wordsmith says:

        My other problem with Justice is that it just doesn’t feel distinct enough from PD. Sure, it has courtroom scenes, but so much of it is just the same CSI and interview/interrogation detective work.

        • Mollylips says:

          Well dawson and nagel are INVESTIGATORS.

          • kalli says:

            Investigators yes. But when they have to take two minutes every week to explain why they have jurisdiction over something we’ve seen Voight handle before? There’s a problem. The SA office investigators are meant to be gathering and cross-checking evidence for cases while they’re being prepared for trial, or providing support to the police, or transporting evidence/serving subpoenas/providing security for witnesses. The only things they have original jurisdiction over are things like corruption, election fraud, and misconduct by public officers. They don’t investigate murders on their own. They certainly don’t take them over from day one.

        • But so far they haven’t threatened to torture anyone (unless I forgot), so that’s different!

      • Morgan Lee says:

        Well, I have learned that:
        1) Nagel is a hard-working single mom fighting for custody of her daughter after an experience with prescription drugs and comes from alcoholic, abusive parent(s)
        2) Valdez is Univ of Michigan alumni who is career-oriented with little interest in marriage or kids; may or may not have been sleeping with a judge BUT it is none of our business
        3) Jeffries is happily married but at odds with his kids at times and has to continually walk a line between lawyer and politician
        4) Stone is somewhat estranged from his father but still craves his approval and has had an affair with another (possibly married) woman and loves to relax at bars
        5) Dawson: I have learned more about Antonio in 13 episodes then almost 4 seasons of PD—was an altar boy, at odds with his daughter, lost someone close to him when young (expand please!!), soured on marriage and his ex, but always still loyal and dedicated to his work. (Yeah, he’s my favorite)
        So for those saying there is NO character development—translation: Where are the ships to obsess over?

        • Jo B. says:

          Why does a show need ships to be good? That is a fallacy right there. Law & Order lasted 20 seasons and while there were two ships that I can remember there – it was never really the focus. In fact, the ships were in the background – you had to be really in tune with the show to even notice. Justice like the original Law & Order is STORY DRIVEN. The character develops along with the job….you will see their backstories affecting the way they work, the way they think and they will reveal that in chat here and there but it will never be the focus. And that’s the genius of it. You can go and starting watching mid-season and you’ll be fine.

          • Morgan Lee says:

            I agree. Writers catering to the whims of shippers instead of focusing on good, intriguing stories is what ruins most shows.

  3. Cosmin says:

    OMG! amazing news. i love this 3 shows!

  4. Dave says:

    Isn’t Justice already doing better than Shades of Blue, which was renewed? I get they want to keep in good with Lopez but wouldn’t they want to keep Dick Wolf happy as well?

  5. T.W.S.S. says:

    Justice had a slow start, but the characters, namely Nagel and Dawson, are interesting and I’d like to see more of them.

  6. Temperance says:

    ChiMed’s OK, but it was no Code Black.

  7. Cassie says:

    I feel like Justice is the weakest of the four, I gave up after three episodes. With the others I became invested in the characters fairly quickly, but with Justice I just didn’t care about any of them (with the exception of Antonio). That said, I won’t be surprised if they end up renewing it at the last minute, but I definitely won’t be upset if they don’t.

    • Pia says:

      My feelings exactly. The courtroom scenes are weak as well.

    • westwingwolf says:

      This is exactly how I feel. Antonio was the only one I connected with and that’s only because I already liked him from PD. If it doesn’t get renewed, I hope they bring him back over to PD. Don’t care how silly it will sound of him changing back and forth.

      • Mollylips says:

        So you want him back on a show that only cares about Erin and her drama?

        • westwingwolf says:

          I like Erin and her drama. If Justice gets cancelled, better to see him back on PD than nowhere if he doesn’t get another show.

    • kalli says:

      I think it says a lot that when Voight needs an ASA, it’s some dude who’s not on Justice, but when they go to the hospital, it’s always Will, and April or Maggie. When they’re at a scene, and there’s a truck there, chances are someone from 51 is there to explain things. On Med, we see Sylvie bringing people in occasionally, and if they call the police it’s usually Erin.
      Justice seems so isolated in comparison, even with Antonio there.

  8. Beth says:

    I’m enjoying Justice.. hope it gets renewed too!!

  9. Chicago Justice Fan says:

    Re: ChiJustice: I would have liked to learn something about P. Winchester’s ADA Stone. His character has been all serious and jaw clenching. Need to learn more about his character other than he comes across as a very moral ADA with a strong sense of right and wrong. I hope NBC gives it a chance. As we all sometimes it takes a second season for people to find the show or develop connected fan. Let’s hope 6.1Million is enough fans to keep it around.

    • DJ Doena says:

      A strong sense of moral but he uses this morality to bend the existing laws to breaking point just to get a conviction. Like he did with the woman’s suicide or the run-over alderman.

      • Sam says:

        THIS!!!!! Sometimes the way they moralize is so absurd and it drives me bananas

      • Jo B. says:

        You obviously have not watched Law & Order. What Stone is doing here is NOTHING compared to what Jack McCoy did in Law & Order. There was time he indicted a gunmaker for a shooting in Central Park. There was a time that he wanted to indict the Catholic church. And so much more. Chicago Justice is so similar but it has not even begun to push the envelope yet. In my opinion, it is a strong show. Well written, very similar to the original Law & Order which last 20 SEASONS.

        • DJ Doena says:

          “You obviously have not watched Law & Order.”
          No i did not.
          “Well written, very similar to the original Law & Order which last 20 SEASONS.”
          So what you’re saying is that it will get worse and that I should jump ship rather sooner than later. Thanks for the heads-up.

          • Jo B. says:

            It is not bad at all….in fact for me of all the Chicagos, Justice is most well written one. If you want to give up on quality, then that’s your decision.

    • Jo B. says:

      I would definitely like to know more about Peter Stone too. However, this show is very much modeled after the original Law & Order where it was all about the case rather than the personal lives of the characters. But just to give you some insight – Peter Stone is the son of Ben Stone who was the Executive Assistant District Attorney during the first four seasons of Law & Order. Jack McCoy later replaced him. Ben was a boy scout type of lawyer. Very dry and by the book compared to his successor Jack who was more of a rebel…. Shambala Greene whom we saw in the beginning of the season was Ben Stone’s nemesis. And Paul Robinette whom we saw earlier in the season too – was Ben’s second chair. I would like to know what happened to Ben actually. To be honest with you, the way I see it Chicago Justice is easily Law & Order: Chicago. The writers and the show runner are all from Law & Order before. And you can see their fingerprints all over the show. If I learned anything from 20 seasons of L&O – you will find out more about the characters but not all at once and the show is story driven vs. character driven. And I think this last fact is what separates Justice from the rest of the Chicago series. Fire, PD and Med are all character driven rather than story driven.

      • Well said. Yes … it’s Law & Order: Chicago. But after botching Law & Order: Los Angeles, they were understandably skittish about calling it that; the idea probably didn’t even occur to them. (But hey, we got Megan Boone out of L&O:LA!)

        And we know Ben Stone’s around … I fully expect that if there is a season two, they’ll either try to get Michael Moriarty in for an episode, or he’ll die off-camera and we’ll see his son deal with that. The other detail you didn’t mention, for those who stopped watching or came in late or slept through some parts ;) , is that Peter Stone, the first chair on Justice, is a former Chicago Cubs baseball player!

        • Jo B. says:

          You do know Michael Moriarty did not leave L&O in good terms. He was pissed that Sam Waterston got the job after him and that Dick Wolf stated that Jack McCoy was a sexier character than Ben Stone. Michael Moriarty also at one point started thinking he WAS Ben Stone. Not good. Plus he also started thinking that the US government was after him and thus moved to Canada. Of course the hope is that he’ll do at least one scene. But if there is a season 2 – and there should be – I’m thinking it is more likely we will see Chicago native, Jack McCoy rather than Ben Stone. Peter is also more like Jack. :-)

  10. Cobra says:

    So, if Justice doesn’t make the cut, can Dawson return to PD?

  11. Mollylips says:

    When will people understand that Antonio has no place on PD? They only care about ERIN LINDSAY. Just her, bunny and her little boy toy jay.

    • Cobra says:

      Do you watch the same show as the rest of us?

      • AHW says:

        I’m with Cobra. PD seems balanced in its storylines. Some weeks, we see more of Voight, while some other weeks, it’s Erin or Jay or Olensky or one of the other detectives. Trudy has also had her share of stories this season. If you don’t like PD, then stop watching. I enjoy the whole franchise. I also had to build my tolerance for Justice, but I think after a few weeks, they seemed to catch their stride by further developing the characters aside from Antonio, whom we already knew pretty well. It certainly deserves another season to work on strengthening its plots, etc. It already has decent ratings, unlike that horrendous Shades of Blue, with the excruciatingly wooden JLo and Ray Liotta, who ruined his face with plastic surgery.

        • Morgan Lee says:

          We get GLIMPSES of the other characters BUT we have extensive knowledge of Erin’s mom Bunny; almost-but-turned-out-to-not-be Dad; sexually abused brother; honorary brother Justin; friend Charlie; mentoree Nadia; her fellow federal task force a$$holes; her loves, i.e., Severide, the ex druggie boyfriend who was almost killed, Jay, etc. etc. etc. I’m waiting for her Cousin Sue and Uncle Jimbo to show up soon. What other character except for maybe Voight do we know that much about? So many questions about the other characters that are ignored . . . .

          • Tina Walker says:

            I agree, Erin is my least favorite. They need to do more stories about Jay and Adam.

      • Delores Dee Picogna says:

        yes that knocks Erin Seriven they said 6 who are the other 4

  12. It will be very disappointing if Justice doesn’t get a renewal. Thirteen episodes isn’t much of a chance. Fire has been repeating it’s own tropes and it’s getting old. PD is being taken over by the Halstead/Lindsay nonsense. Justice is the only show offering some serious thoughtful storylines.

    • Morgan Lee says:

      I agree with this comment 100%.

    • Jo B. says:

      Chicago Justice focuses on the STORY and the way a character reacts to the case at hand based on their backstories rather than any relationship drama. And that’s the genius of it! I need Chicago Justice to CONTINUE!!

  13. Jess says:

    I prefer Justice over Med. Most the characters on Med I can’t stand lol

  14. Rose Maos says:

    I’m delighted with the renewals and not surprised with Justice still questionable. Unfortunately, the acting is stilted and even the story lines are dull. I have been watching because of Jon Seda (Antonio) but have decided not to follow this show any longer.

  15. Marmee Cruz says:

    I watch Fire and PD, not Med.

  16. Rachel says:

    I like Chicago Justice, but I think that Nagel lacks chemistry with everyone. She just does not fit in. I do like the others characters and hope it doesn’t get cancelled…but…if it does Dawson back to Chicago pd. This time I hope they value his character and give him more to do.

    • Morgan says:

      So if you are smart, sassy, bad ass Erin Lindsay, you are wonderful, worthy of praise and should be the focus of almost all stories. BUT if you are smart, sassy, bad ass Lauren Nagel, you don’t connect . . . lol

  17. Sarah D says:

    This is great news.

  18. REALLY hoping Justice gets renewed. If they do, they have to work on fleshing out the characters. We’re at the end of the season and Peter Stone is still a hollow shell. We know very little about him. Do your work writers! I love Philip Winchester and I really want to root for this show.

  19. Eli says:

    Justice is by far the weakest of the Chicago shows. Mainly I do not find the two leads (Winchester and weathers) to be that Likable. No offense to the actors I think they are great it’s the characters I hope to see it picked up though I love the Chicagoverse.

  20. TDXI says:

    Justice is just a really poor, low quality, badly acted, copy of Law and Order. They should never have cancelled it.

    • Jo B. says:

      Yup, it isn’t Law & Order…but I think it’ll get there. :-) They should have actually just called it Law & Order: Chicago. People would buy into it more…. but they still have the specter of Law & Order: LA hanging over them.

  21. Cosmin says:

    Yes! I’m thriled!
    Chicago med against Scandal did so so good chicago med will be awsome if NBC come back in September with a good show at 8 and better at 10
    Pd and fire the same
    hope justice will be renewed

  22. Jane Murphy says:

    so happy love all the shows

  23. Kathy says:

    Chicago Fire has gotten very boring this past season… The whole cast has really gone downhill and if it stays like this next season I will not be watching it and I know a lot of people feel the same way😝 Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Chicago Justice are really exciting and deserve to continue😘 I hope Chicago Fire gets rid of some of the cast ( Casey, but stop with the politics, Severide, Dawson, Boden, and the new guy should stay and everyone else leave…. Especially the other female fireman, Otis, Mauch, Hermann, Cruz, and the minor roles….

    • Tina Walker says:

      If they didn’t have those other characters on it, it wouldn’t be Chicago Fire. The whole cast ( except for the female firefighter) is what makes it exciting. I didn’t get to see a lot of the episodes from this season, but what I did see was pretty exciting. I am more interested in the background stories of the characters than the other aspects in all four of the shows.

  24. Pamela Powers says:

    I really like Chicago Med; the others are ok.

  25. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    Very happy to hear this. Hope Justice is next!

  26. jericho says:

    Come on… Renew Justice. I like having my old school Law & Order back on TV again.

    • Jo B. says:

      RIGHT? It’s no Law & Order yet but it can get there..especially since we have Michael Chernuchin as executive producer! I would LOVE to see Rene Balcer do an episode too!

  27. GB says:

    Chicago Justice is the only one that my wife and I don’t pay much attention to when we watch. So, we started a drinking game. Every time Carl Weather’s comes on screen, you gotta say Apollo Creed and take a drink.

  28. Nora says:

    I hope justice gets renewed I know lots of people like myself that have to record the shows and watch later

  29. joey says:

    I know dang on well they are not getting rid of Sophia Bush, she is the show,, pLease do not leave us hanging out to dry on this ” OUT COLD POLICE DRAMA, the best since New York UNDERCOVER!,, They really need to add some Color to VOIGHT”S TEAM. Like maybe Lucy liu or Queen Latifah, or maybe jill Scott,, Just think about it, That would really spice it up for the beginning of the season Premiere. Do something ” ELSE like out of the box,, Peace,

  30. Patricia says:

    I love Chicago Fire its a great series I love watching it every Tuesday and when I can’t watch it I record it. I watched Chicago Meds but have never watch the justice one

  31. Devonte says:

    I love Chicago fire and Chicago PD and svu

  32. Sharon Ferraro says:

    Please renew the “Chicago Justice”. It’s one our favorites.

  33. Preston Rainey says:

    They keep on putting BULL instead of RETURNING great shows like my favorite Chicago fire and Chicago PD. Take off crap only boring people watch with no life that don’t even watch midlife Generation 30-18 yrs old do not understand society reality.