Arrow Recap: Father Daze — Was Oliver Finally a Step Ahead of Chase?

Arrow Recap Season 5

Robert Queen was front and center (though, you know, still dead) this week on Arrow, as a special delivery to Oliver’s doorstep revealed a blast from Dad’s past.

In the midst of dealing with 36 baddies put back on the streets as disgraced D.A. Chase’s prosecutions get dismissed, Oliver takes delivery of a concrete slab, inside of which is a skeleton. A remarkably swift bit of detective work by Dinah reveals the deceased to be Glades councilman Henry Goodwin, while the DNA underneath his fingernails matches Robert Queen.

Sensing that Dad is being framed by Chase, Oliver seeks out the lawyer who was last to see Goodwin alive, and he has nothing to say — but delivers, on Chase’s behalf, a thumb drive containing incriminating security cam footage, of Robert and Henry getting into a squabble, at the end of which the former trips into a vat of concrete mix. And Robert then obviously covered it all up.

That eyeful was quite the “welcome home” present for Thea, whom Oliver summoned as soon as Chase went missing, so he might better protect his self-described “hot mess” of a sis. Sired by Malcolm, and with Moira and Robert for parents, it’s “no wonder I turned out to be a monster,” Thea notes. Later, though, Oliver gives Thea a video that their father had made for her, years ago. Oliver worried it would place too great a burden on Thea at the time, seeing as Robert cheers his daughter’s strength, and urges her to use it to be the stronger one that Oliver can lean on. Afterward, Oliver says to Thea that mom and dad would surely both be pleased if they simply led their own lives.

Elsewhere, the Villain of the Week was pain-averse Derek Sampson, who was out to not just recreate but supercharge the deadly weaponized tuberculosis virus that Chase’s dad tried to whip up back in the day. Team Arrow including a suited-up Oliver, manage to stop his plan. Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Prometheus get into a tussle that Oliver ends by dropping a bombshell that his adversary for once didn’t see coming: Jason Claybourne was meeting with his lawyer to disown his insane son! Shaken, Chase lays down his sword and surrenders, since Oliver chose justice over killing. Afterward, Adrian smirked inside his A.R.G.U.S. holding cell as Oliver gave a shmaltzy presser about Robert’s and his own legacy, to make Star City safe for children and what not. Speaking of kids: Where’s William?!

In flashbacks, Oliver flew back to Lian Yu — better to pretend he was simply a castaway all these years, he reckons — where Anatoly leaves him with a costume/wig to complete his castaway role. Anatoly then leaves, the plan being for him to find a boat to send Oliver’s way. But after he’s gone, and Oliver prepares his signal fire, who shows up to KO the “castaway” but Kovar!

Oh, and Rene was a no-show for the hearing to get custody of his kid.

What did you think of the episode “Honor Thy Father”?

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