Prison Break Recap: Just Deserts

Prison Break Recap Season 5

We are now two-thirds of the way through Fox’s nine-episode Prison Break revival. How much closer to freedom did Lincoln and the Ogygia Four Three get this week?

After letting C-Note fly Sheba and the girls to safety, and having already burned through their train options, Michael, Linc, Whip and Ja sought out Sheba’s pal Omar, who was about to get himself out of dodge ASAP, though he doesn’t have room for everyone in his vehivle. Omar does offer up a van he has parked in a garage down the street, if the boys can get it started, but that turns out to be a trap.

Michael, Linc and Ja managed to escape in the van and very quickly make nice with Omar, who had also pistol-whipped Whip but also represented their only “map” out of Sana’a and to Phaeacia, an idyllic-sounding little village of mud huts. Back in the States, meanwhile, A&W called in a favor from a sometime-lover at the NSA, who let her and Van Gogh “observe” as their drone tracked Kaniel Outis. But when Van Gogh — egged on by dearly departed Kellerman’s slithery No. 2, Henry Kishida — relayed Kaniel Outis’ whereabouts to ISIL forces in Sana’a, leading to a firefight at a filling station, NSA lady quickly showed her rude guests the door. And not before Michael had been able to use the gas station’s computer to send a screen capture of himself, tattooed palms up, to an Elvis-loving individual with a Southern twang, whom A&W and Van Gogh were quite puzzled to later track down and confront.

Omar wound up dying from a gunshot wound, leaving the gents to brave 300 miles of desert without guidance — and with pesky Cyclops in relentless pursuit. Michael got the idea to give Cyclops two sets of tracks to follow, and peeled off by his lonesome in one of the cars. Cyclops followed, only to have Michael “vanish” on him, by pulling the old Brick on the Gas Pedal trick. Michael and Cyclops then got into a scrape, which ended with the latter getting a screwdriver driven into his good eye, but not before Michael sustained a nasty stab wound.

Thanks to some seagulls, Lincoln and the others meanwhile found their way to Phaeacia, where they were warmly welcomed — and where Ja got the idea to use the fireworks that Omar had brought for the kiddies to signal their whereabouts to Michael. Sure ’nuff, though bleeding out and on his last legs, Michael saw the bursts and just barely made it to the village, where he promptly collapsed, desperately in need of a doctor… that doesn’t exist. (Can Sara make a “house call” via FaceTime?)

What did you think of Prison Break‘s trek to “Phaeacia”?

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