Pretty Little Liars Recap: Mrs. D's Killer Revealed, Plus 5 Other Insane Twists

Pretty Little Liars Recap

One of the longest-running mysteries in Pretty Little Liars history — even longer than the identity of A.D., if you can believe it — was finally put to rest on Tuesday’s episode with the reveal of Mrs. DiLaurentis’ killer.

Unlike the show, however, I won’t beat around the bush: It was Mary Drake — at least according to Spencer’s father, who blew into town this week like a handsome tornado of secrets. “She used my pills to do it,” he claimed. “She buried her in the backyard, and she framed me for it.”

Spencer seemed horrified that a woman could do something so vile to her own sister — but, honestly, would any of us have been surprised if Spencer snapped back in the day and put Melissa six feet under? … I didn’t think so.

Of course, Mrs. DiLaurentis’ killer was only one major reveal this week. Let’s break down the rest, shall we?

* Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby. Even though anyone with a pulse already predicted that Emily’s egg was used to impregnate Alison, watching the girls process their discovery was surprisingly heartbreaking. And the nature of the reveal wasn’t any better; forcing Alison to assemble a registry for the child she intended to abort was easily A.D.’s cruelest test yet.

* Ted is (was?) Charlotte’s father. Hanna’s town-wide search for Mary Drake led her to the doorstep of good ol’ Pastor Ted, who later revealed that he and Spencer’s birth mother dated in college — and that he was Charlotte’s father! What’s more, he told her that “Charles” had a childhood best friend named Lucas. As in Lucas Gottesman. As in the guy whose couch Ted was literally sitting on when he relayed all of this information to an understandably slack-jawed Hanna. (Then again, maybe she should have saved some of that jaw-slacking for when she learned she has to play a second round of the #PLLEndGame.)

* Sydney shot Spencer and made the game. She may not be A.D., but with everything Sydney has done to the Liars, she might as well be. During a shady limo ride with Aria — more on that later — Sydney admitted to shooting Spencer during the incident at the blind school. Additionally, the girls apparently have Sydney to thank for the #PLLEndGame.

* Aria might be going dark. With her and Ezra’s relationship more fragile than ever, Aria is starting to realize that A.D. can’t be beaten — but is she desperate enough to betray her friends and join the dark side? That’s the offer Sydney presented her with during the aforementioned limo ride: “There is no out,” she said. “You can change sides, become part of the winning team.” And the fact that Aria still hadn’t made up her mind by the end of the episode has me worried. You know, along with the promo for the next episode, which straight-up confirms that Aria will go dark.

* Emily and Paige are back together. Maybe. Hi, I have a lot of questions about the status of Emily and Paige’s relationship. Paige started this week’s episode by announcing that she was transferring to the University of Iowa — which makes sense, as even she admitted that “coming back [to Rosewood] was a mistake” — only to change her mind at the end of the hour… because Emily… beat her in a bike race? That whole interaction, including the subsequent makeout, was a little confusing to me. (Then again, I’ve never been able to predict what these two are going to do.)

Which Pretty crazy twist surprised you the most this week? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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