American Gods Video: Easter in Action, Enter Vulcan, Mr. Nancy Holds Court

American Gods Season 1 Video

Holy moly, there’s a lot going on in this exclusive, new American Gods video.

The featurette is filled with insight about the Starz series based on Neil Gaiman’s book, courtesy of the stars and executive producers who appear in it.

“The gods thrive on worship, on belief,” Ricky Whittle explains. “When that’s taken away, when people start to worship other things, they lose relevance. Their power starts to fade away.”

Throughout the clip (which also features Whittle’s co-stars Pablo Schreiber and Bruce Langley, as well as EPs Bryan Fuller and Gaiman), we’re treated to never-before-seen footage from upcoming episodes. These glimpses ahead include a look at Kristin Chenoweth’s Easter in all her finery, fondling a rather large sword; Langley’s Technical Boy chatting up a down-on-her-luck Bilquis; Mr. Nancy delivering a speech to a semi-rapt audience; and Corbin Bernsen’s Vulcan getting testy with some taxidermy.

And then, as a kicker, Schreiber reminds us that we might want to look up from our Candy Crush games every once in a while: After all, the show “asks you to look at what you give your time to,” he says, which is a form of belief, isn’t it?

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the gods frolic. 

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