Big Bang Theory Finale: Sheldon Wouldn't Dare Cheat on Amy... Right?!

The Big Bang Theory Finale

Amy picked the wrong summer to go back to college.

In Thursday’s Big Bang Theory finale (8/7c, CBS), Sheldon’s onetime crush interest Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome) conveniently resurfaces just days into Amy’s summer research fellowship at Princeton University. With Amy on the other side of the country, “Ramona is looking to take advantage of Sheldon and he is innocently blind to it,” previews showrunner Steve Molaro. “But all of his friends are acutely aware of what’s going on.”

And before you know it, Amy catches wind of Sheldon’s rekindled friendship with Ramona and she is “very unhappy,” Molaro teases. “She tells [Penny and Bernadette] to stay on top of things on her behalf while she’s 3,000 miles away.” And her BFFs rise to the occasion. “They give each other a hard time and they have fights, but they really do have each others’ backs,” the EP confirms.

While it’s hard to imagine Sheldon knowingly two-timing the love of his life, Molaro cryptically confirms that the quasi-love triangle builds to a surprising cliffhanger. “In the Big Bang writers room, we like to write stories that make us nervous,” he hints. “Because then it feels like it matters. Well, [this ending] is one of those.”

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