Supergirl Recap: 'A Hero Without a Suit'

Supergirl Recap

Much of James’ inner turmoil on Monday’s Supergirl hinged on his inability to understand why the citizens of National City were so afraid of Guardian, to which I counter: What isn’t scary about Guardian?

I mean, I understand that Guardian is one of the good guys, but I also have the added benefit of watching his story unfold through the magic of my television. Objectively speaking, James’ alter ego — with his shadowy armor and terrifying cover-up voice — is a walking nightmare.

In the end, it took the innocence of a child — not Winn, an actual child — to help James understand that he’s of great use to mankind. The DEO needed to get close to Marcus, a young alien whose mother was responsible for a telekinetic attack on the city, and James turned out to be just the man for the job. (Meanwhile, your guess is as good as mine how Cat Co. is still afloat with James at the helm. Do we ever see him doing his actual job?)

When it was discovered that Lena and Rhea’s portal-in-progress was the cause of Marcus’ mother’s freakout, the whole crew descended upon their lab for a little chat an explosive smackdown that ended with Mon-El threatening to shoot his own mother in the head. And had she told him the truth about his father’s death, rather than claiming he committed suicide after Mon-El’s betrayal, he might have actually done it!

(Side note: Did no one in the lab overhear Rhea’s incredibly incriminating phone call with Supergirl earlier in the episode? Maybe they did, but believed her when she claimed it was a telemarketer. I’ve been known to threaten them with intergalactic destruction, myself.)

In the end, Rhea revealed her master plan — or, rather, it revealed itself when thousands of Daxamites began flying though the portal, hovering over National City as Rhea declared, “Welcome to New Daxam!”

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