The Arrangement's Lexa Doig Teases 'Wild' Finale, Megan's 'Painful' Plight

The Arrangement Spoilers

The Arrangement star Lexa Doig has some words of advice ahead of Sunday’s season finale (E!, 10/9c) of the dark Hollywood romance: “Buckle up, buttercup! It’s a pretty wild ride,” the actress says. “You don’t know what to believe right up to the very, very end, and then suddenly you go, ‘Oh, my God!'”

Last we saw her, Doig’s Deann had come to Megan to reassure her that everything was going to be OK… and then a black bag was placed over the starlet’s head. So what exactly does the Institute of the Higher Mind have in store for Megan, whose killer secret and blackmailer threaten to upend everything?

“What they want to do on the surface is ‘help’ her,” Doig previews. “The process of them ‘helping’ her is what you get to see.”

Deann’s part in Megan’s kidnapping is a somewhat reluctant one, overpowered by a desire to protect her “entire livelihood” from being destroyed by the actress’ hidden past.

“I wouldn’t necessarily put her as being the mastermind behind that plan,” Doig shares, “but when there’s a mess that needs to be cleaned up regarding Kyle — and Megan, as Kyle’s fiancée, is an extension of that — then Deann shoots right in there, getting her hands dirty.” And while “good can come out of” IHM’s scheme, “it’s going to be a painful process to get there.”

The Arrangement SpoilersOn the bright side, husband and wife Terence and Deann are “on the same page, finally” as they deal with the latest complication Megan has brought upon them and IHM. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the pair, who sometimes seem more like business partners than a loving married couple.

“I remember when we were filming the pilot, [Michael] Vartan turned to me, and he’s like, ‘They love each other, right?'” Doig recalls. “I said, ‘I think they love each other as much as they know how to do.’ I don’t think either of them know how to do love like normal people. It’s definitely a strategic partnership, for sure.”

As for Deann’s dalliance with screenwriter Annika, Doig admits she “had trouble deciphering that in the script” and had “quite a few discussions about it” with creator Jonathan Abrahams. Then she offers this explanation for the brief relationship: “Deann is attracted to talent, and at the end of the day, Annika, as bats–t crazy as she is, is quite a talented writer.”

“The intention, at least from the writers’ end, was Deann, [who] has to take care of everything all the time, doesn’t want to be in charge for once,” Doig adds. “I, personally, kind of disagreed with that take on it because, at that point in the series, we hadn’t yet seen how in control Deann was supposed to be. But at the same time, it was an interesting mentality and thought process to explore.”

The Arrangement fans, hit the comments with your hopes for the season ender! And come back to TVLine on Sunday for our finale post mortem.

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