Once Upon a Time Musical Sneak Peek: Evil Queen Brings Heat, Hating on Love

Once Upon a Time Musical Evil Queen

“Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance,” the Evil Queen declares in this rockin’ and rousin’ tune from Once Upon a Time‘s musical episode (airing Sunday at 8/7c, on ABC).

Released earlier on Wednesday by the Oh My Disney Facebook page (but too 🔥 not to pass along), this sneak peek showcases Lana Parrilla and a chorus of other familiar faces as the Evil Queen makes clear her stance on that thing called love.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Parrilla raved of this particular number, during my visit to the set. “Basically the lyrics are ‘down with love, down with hope’ — so, all the things that she doesn’t believe in that everyone else does. She’s basically saying that she’s going to rip [the songs] out of everyone, and she’s going to break the spell. It’s just the queen being her typical self!”

In both this number and the “Charmings vs. Evil Queen” sing-off, Parrilla performs as Regina’s fairy tale alter ego, which she said “really made a big difference, because as the Queen she has more of a guttural kind of alto, deeper voice.

“It’s more raspy,” she noted, than Regina’s, which is featured a bit in the big group number, “A Happy Beginning.”

Check out this bit of magical deliciousness below:

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