Supergirl's Mother of a Twist Threatens to Pit Kara Against Lena and Mon-El

Supergirl Spoilers

Supergirl‘s Rhea and Lena might seem like an unlikely duo at first, but if you strip away the ladies’ stoic exteriors, their potential partnership actually makes perfect sense.

“Lena has just suffered a great deal of loss; she lost her brother, she just lost Jack and she’s in a very fragile emotional state,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reminds TVLine. “What she could really use is a mother, and her own mother is sadly not up to the task. So along comes Rhea, who’s eager to fill the role of the supportive mother. They become this newfound family, as Rhea’s needing to be a mother, and Lena is needing to be mothered.”

Following last week’s end-of-hour meeting, Rhea will continue to sink her claws into Lena on Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c). And although Kreisberg can’t say exactly what Mon-El’s menacing mother is up to, he promises that it will have major repercussions for Kara and Lena’s friendship as we head towards the show’s May 22 season finale.

“[Kara and Lena’s] loyalty to each other is certainly put to the test,” he says. “Lena is very firmly on Kara Danvers’ side, but is she on Supergirl’s side? That’s an interesting question that gets asked. We love their relationship, and we think they’re great together. We have some great plans for next season in terms of exploring that relationship and having it travel in new places.”

Also on the chopping block: “Karamel”!

“By design, [Kara and Mon-El] have always had this tumultuous relationship, but they finally settled into a good place,” Kreisberg says. “His parents definitely complicated things for the two of them, but now they seem even more firmly committed to each other, thinking that Rhea has left the planet. Little do they know, she’s up to something sneaky. One thing we’ll ask is: Where exactly do Mon-El’s loyalties lie? He’s already made the decision to stick with Kara over his family, but is he going to be able to abide by that as Rhea’s plans unfolds?”

And here’s one final note on Rhea: You can, sadly, stop holding your breath waiting for former Lois & Clark stars Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain to share the screen.

“Storywise, it became difficult to make that happen, much to my, Dean and Teri’s dismay,” Kreisberg says. “There’s an episode in which they both appeared, and even though they weren’t in any scenes together, just to see their names together in the credits blew my mind.”

Supergirl fans, what do you suspect Rhea is cooking up in that crazy little head of hers? Drop a comment with your theories below.

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