Pretty Little Liars: Who's the Father of Alison's Baby? And Will She Keep It?

Pretty Little Liars Alison Baby

Alison has some big decisions to make on Pretty Little Liars, and the clock is ticking — the biological clock, that is.

Though it’s by no means the only obstacle she’s currently facing, Ali is now pregnant with a mystery man’s child; it could be Archer’s, but the cast recently confirmed at PaleyFest that nothing is certain. So, what’s next?

“She’s not sure what she’s going to do with this thing growing inside her,” Sasha Pieterse admits to TVLine. “You’ll have to keep watching to see if she starts thinking of it as a baby — or if it remains just another complicated part of her life.”

All Pieterse can say is that she thinks “the fans are really going to love the outcome, as well as the beauty and the romance in this season.”

Perhaps our answer will arrive during PLL‘s May 9 episode, in which it becomes Alison’s turn to play the #PLLEndGame. Here’s the official synopsis for that hour, titled “Power Play”:

Ali’s turn at the game forces her to face a monumental personal decision, made even more difficult when A.D. triggers Ali to remember a forgotten trauma. Spencer has a long overdue conversation with her father about his past sins and recent whereabouts. Emily continues to navigate working at Rosewood High with both Ali and Paige, especially when Ali comes to a troubling realization about her pregnancy, and Paige makes a big decision. Aria continues to question the fate of her relationship with Ezra and bristles under A.D.’s taunts. And, in the search for Mary Drake, Hanna and Spencer run into a familiar face with a shocking secret.

A “troubling realization” and a “big decision”? Sounds like an answer to me!

PLL fans, how do you predict this situation will resolve itself? Any theories about Ali’s baby daddy? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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