Baby Daddy Sends Danny and Riley Down the Aisle — Were You Surprised?

Baby Daddy Recap

Baby Daddy on Monday served up the biggest surprise since Angela left an infant on Ben’s doorstep all those years ago: Danny and Riley got married!

That’s right, folks. In an extremely rare moment for the Freeform comedy, a wedding actually happened without a hitch — or should I say with a hitch? The surprise nuptials went down towards the end of the episode at Ben, Tucker and Emma’s apartment, appropriately adorned the way you’d decorate your college dorm room for a wedding. (Come on, this is still Baby Daddy.)

Of course, Danny and Riley didn’t exactly have the smoothest road to the faux-altar. Danny spent most of the episode trying to convince his fiancée to elope on their cruise, failing at every turn — and causing an elderly cruise guest to fall off the side of the boat. (Oops?) But in true Baby Daddy fashion, things worked out in the end, with Riley taking the wheel (boat pun!) and surprising Danny with a wedding.

When TVLine spoke with series creator Dan Berendsen at the end of Season 5 — following the reveal of Riley’s pregnancy — he told us, “We’ll definitely visit [the idea of Danny and Riley getting married] next season.” (I guess Berendsen spent so much time “visiting” the idea that he decided to stay full-time!)

Were you surprised by Danny and Riley’s spur-of-the-moment wedding? Drop a comment with your thoughts on their big day below.

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