President Show: Is Comedy Central's Trump Talker Gonna Be Yuuuge?

Comedy Central on Thursday introduced viewers to an intentionally funny version of President Donald Trump, as portrayed by comedian Anthony Atamanuik in the new late-night comedy series The President Show.

The episode began with a press conference, during which President Trump addressed his first 100 days in office.

“In my first 100 days, I signed 30 executive orders, fired 59 missiles into Syria, took 16 golf trips, got 500 holes-in-one and talked to a lady astronaut on the computer,” Trump said. “All of that is 785 things, which if you round up is a million. And I did it all ahead of schedy and under budgy.”

He also took time to explain the format of the weekly talker.

“Every show, we’re going to have a beautiful new theme to set the agenda,” he said. As for Episode 1? “America First.” When a member of the press then asked whether “America First” was a white nationalist slogan, “POTUS” gave the following inexplicable answer: “Excuse me, I’m white [and] I live in this nation, so I guess that makes me a white nationalist.”

Trump then made his way over to his desk in the Oval Office, where he was joined by his version of Ed McMahon — or, “America’s answer to white rice with no salt” — Vice President Mike Pence (played by comedian Peter Grosz). After some awkward banter, Trump cut to his first desk piece, “Nice! Not Nice!,” where he characterized the German people as “not nice” for booing First Daughter Ivanka Trump during a recent conference in Berlin.

“Disgusting,” he said. “This is the worst thing the Germans have ever done. Ever!

Trump then queued up his first remote: A visit to Trump Tower, where he arrived to learn that Melania had changed the locks on his penthouse apartment. Afterwards, the host relocated to Mar-a-Lago for a sit-down interview with Keith Olbermann, host of GQ.com’s The Resistance. Among the president’s questions for the political commentator: “Are you resisting me? Isn’t it easier to give in? That’s what I say to every woman I meet.”

Trump finally closed the show with his “farewell address,” which proved to be a biting commentary on the nation as a whole. On a screen above his shoulder, the slogan “America First” was changed to “Me First,” before Trump argued that the reason he was ultimately elected was because the American people have a tendency to put themselves before others.

“‘Me First’: Isn’t that what we’re all about?” Trump asked, before launching into an impression of the American people. “‘My candidate didn’t win the primary, so I’m not going to vote.’ ‘I want jobs to move back to America, but I also want 24 socks for a dollar.’ ‘I want lower taxes. I don’t care if you poison our water and deport my neighbors.’ … A ‘Me First’ country gets a ‘Me First’ president: Me!

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