The Originals Recap: Party Monsters

The Originals Recap

Ain’t no party like a Mikaelson party, ‘cuz a Mikaelson party… literally always ends with someone’s bloody corpse being thrown off a balcony.

To be fair, we all knew that Klaus’ shindig on Friday’s episode of The Originals was doomed from the moment he announced that it was for “New Orleans’ most influential creatures.” (Like, how is that not going to end in bloodshed?) Not to mention, as Hayley astutely pointed out, it was a fake party to celebrate a fake truce with Marcel, the event’s special guest, who was currently being held captive in a dungeon.

But just like the masterminds behind #FyreFestival, Klaus wasn’t going to let a little thing like “logistics” stop him from throwing the party of the year. Elijah and Vincent, unfortunately, didn’t get to revel in the festivities, as they were tasked with tracking down the party goer most likely to be in league with the Hollow — and wouldn’t you know, it turned out to be the creepy guy with questionable facial hair who refers to himself as a high priest.

And while it’s often difficult to assess relationships on this show, the high priest — or “Dominic,” as he’s known on the streets — didn’t exactly mince words when he delivered this chilling message to Elijah: “The Hollow will take what it wants. Vincent and Marcel will be ours, regardless. But if you insult us further, we will take your entire family. … Do you still doubt our power? Well, you shouldn’t. We came here tonight for one thing, and we already have it.”

The “thing” Dominic was referring to was one of four objects — bones, I believe? — required for the Hollow to assume a physical form; Hayley uncovered one more this week after Freya helped her relive the night her parents were killed. (You know, helpful best friend stuff!) Though it was haunting watching baby Hayley screaming as her mom and dad were murked in front of her, there was a silver lining in that she remembered her dad hid a key in the floor… which opened up a storage unit… which contained the object. Whew.

On a more romantic note, Klaus’ party also doubled as Freya and Keelin’s first real date — even if neither of them acknowledged it as such. I’m already thinking of these two as a full-blown couple, so I really need them to start figuring their feelings out. Keelin’s big ol’ grin when Freya told her, “The night is young… and I know a great jazz bar” was just the cutest. (And don’t even get me started on Hayley telling Freya, “I like her, for what it’s worth.” Cuuuute.)

Stray thoughts…

* I was really intrigued by the sexual tension between Klaus and Sofya — and really disappointed to hear that she blames him for the death of her entire family. (So much for that ‘ship, I guess.)

* Speaking of Sofya, was anyone else expecting her to kill Josh in that last scene? Like, I definitely thought he’d be joining Aiden and Cami in Originals heaven this week. Glad I was wrong!

* And speaking of Josh, why didn’t he take Eddie to the party? (Wait, Eddie’s still alive, right?)

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