Blind Item: Which New Drama Series Is So Bad Its Network Tried to Dump It?

Blind Item

That foul odor assaulting executives at an unnamed broadcast or cable network is the stank emanating from an upcoming drama series that is allegedly so bad it’s actually unwatchable.

How pungent are we talking? Well, according to sources, the network behind the ambitious project tried mightily to pawn off the entire first season on one of the big streamers at a steep discount (we’re talking pennies). But the influential Powers That Be behind the series put a kibosh on the fire sale. So now the net in question is forced to sit back and watch the stink bomb smell up its airwaves (beginning at some point in the next seven months).

Making matters worse, this small-screen Ishtar was, by all accounts, a costly disaster, with most episodes coming in way, way, way, way, way over budget.

I’ve said too much, so I’ll stop now and hand this case over to you to solve: What once-buzzy series is destined to make Viva Laughlin look like Mad Men? Speculate away.

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