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S.H.I.E.L.D. Poll: If Evil Fitz's Machine Could 'Bring Back' One Fallen Hero....

The Chekhov’s Gun principle tells us that every dramatic element in a story must be necessary. And ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gave us much food for thought this week, with the revelation that Dr. Fitz’s Project Looking Glass is a nearly complete doohickie that will allow Aida, an AI stuck in android form, to inhabit a fabricated flesh-and-blood vessel. To be human… ish.

Which is “interesting” and all, but of far greater value to the larger S.H.I.E.L.D. narrative — especially if it gets renewed for Season 5 — is the prospect of Looking Glass eventually being co-opted by the good guys to bring back “home” with them a fallen hero who right now exists in the Framework as but a string of code.

Yes, the “mission” for Daisy, Jemma et al will be to stop power-hungry Aida from achieving her goal, but you have to think that before destroying the Looking Glass machine, there might be some discussion about first using it to, say, give Mack back his dearly departed daughter Hope, back in the real world. Or to have Agent “Trip” Triplett back on the team (or at least alive and well, given B.J. Britt’s brewing Fox pilot).

Or… to have Grant Ward assume yet another form, to live yet another life, this time as the charming, uncorrupted hero he appears to be in the Framework.

If the S.H.I.E.L.D. heroes decide to fire up Looking Glass for their own purposes — and supposing that they only have enough, I dunno, “fake skin goo” to give human form to one and only one person who now exists as only Framework code — who would you choose to “bring back to life”?

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  1. LOL, this is rude because I want all three (but I voted Ward and wouldn’t be opposed to Trip coming back too).

  2. JCPrime1 says:

    It has to be Ward.

    • slay says:

      Clearly it should be WARD. But – what would be great is to bring him back just to have Coulson and Daisy reject him – saying he reminds them too much of their Grant Ward. Which will then leave Ward to find a reason for SHIELD to want him – whether he becomes Deathlock 2.0 or some other Marvel hero – Brett Dalton is too good a talent to just let go. I really hope Season 5 will be Ward’s redemption arc – well, some of it at least.

  3. Nerdbot says:

    I liked Hope, but I don’t see the point of bringing her back unless, somehow, she becomes an Inhuman. Either Ward or Trip would be a better option. I think Trip is the best one, because he was a good agent. On the other hand, Ward spent most of the show as a villain and was brought to life also as a villain, so unless he becomes a full-time hero, I wouldn’t want to see him in the real world.

    • Jonathan Carpenter says:

      Hope reminds me so much of Moon Girl from the current comics. I would love it if they brought her in.

  4. Taylor says:

    I love Fitz but I swear to God if his machine brings ward back I’ll hate him forever

  5. tamim says:

    Okay so this one is hard because 1. Hope is probably the most noble choice, especially if she gets to continue to grow (a no-do if she would stay a kid forever) 2. Tripp is just so damn cool, and had so so so much story potential that it really sucked when he died. 3. I really hated what they ended up doing with Ward and the idea that they could reboot him a little bit and maybe cover ground that I wished had happened is really tempting…. I ended up choosing Hope because I didn’t want to get any bad karma points for not saving a little girl, but if I had to choose I think I would respectfully abstain – or roll dice or draw straws – well, if I was actually looking people in the eyes, I think everyone in the room would save Hope.

    • Danny says:

      My thoughts exactly. Mack deserves it to be Hope, this version of Ward deserves it to be Ward, and literally everyone else deserves it to be Trip.

  6. drzod says:

    The framework version of Ward would be most welcome. Give Brett a chance to fully portray Ward as a good guy.

  7. just_me says:

    Write in vote: Eric Koenig

  8. T.W.S.S. says:

    Come on, girls, Trip was cut too soon. This is justice.

  9. KCC says:

    I abstained from voting. I would need a choice to not return anyone. The characters in the Framework are not fully the individuals from the physical world. Their brains were not scanned to they would be incomplete versions of the characters that previously existed. So Mac getting a version of Hope back would seem off to him. He would have all his memories from before the Framework and she would only remember what happened within the Framework and whatever memories Aida included from Mac’s brain scan.
    I always hate when a show brings back a dead character, no matter how beloved. It lessens the drama of any character dying going forward if there’s always the possibility they can be resurrected.

    • The show’s premise was literally on a dead character coming back to life.

    • Vala says:

      yess, thank you. No one should come to the real world.

    • Jack says:

      Hopes the only one that WOULD make sense/not clash with the other characters’ real-world memories right? Since she was only 4 days old when she passed away, Hope’s personality/character that is developed and observed by Mack in the framework is essentially all anyone in either world knows about her, including herself.

      Ward would be incomplete and seem off obviously, but that’s exactly why bringing him back would even be considered…if his brain was scanned and it was real Ward, that’s bad Ward haha.

      Trip is the one that fits your description the best; he probably would seem somewhat off since his framework self is only based off the others’ memories and not his actual brain scan.

      I may be way off but that definitely makes my vote for Hope.

  10. Staci says:

    I don’t mind Ward in the Framework, it’s nice seeing Brett Dalton again. I just can’t see him actually coming back, whether he’s “good” or not. I can’t imagine the team wanting to see his face everyday after the things he’s done

  11. laurelnev says:

    Much as I’d like to see characters back, using anything associated with the Darkhold just leads to no good, so my vote is no one.

  12. Dominique says:

    ward, no doubt. i love trip and his death was rather abrupt and unnecessary, but at this time, i don’t think he’ll add much to the team.
    ward, given the OTHER ward’s antics, would present a very interesting factor. plus, i’m not gonna lie; i just wanna see brett back on this show again. i’ve always found ward to be one of the most fascinating characters on this show, no matter what version was presented to us. and brett delivered time and time again (those scenes where other personalities resurfaced in Hive was just incredible).
    and hope.. oh how i would love for mack to have his daughter back. but again; in the grand scheme of things, it wouldn’t add much to the show. and lets face it; how often would we really see hope once she goes with them to the real world?

  13. DreamRose311 says:

    Is there an actual poll on this? For some reason it isn’t showing up for me…

    My initial thoughts were
    Should be – Hope, the ‘nobel choice’ as someone described above, as long as she’s able to grow up
    Want it to be – Trip! It’s been so nice having him back, The loss of him really stung
    Will be – Ward… because it almost feels like they created this storyline just so they could have a way to bring Brett Dalton back for good. Totally wouldn’t surprise me. It would be nice to have him as a good guy though.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      He’s dead everywhere now. Nothing to salvage.

      • Vala says:

        Yes you could save Mace. The “brain” is in the data of the framework (just upload before death or original scan used on LMD) and now you can create the real body. It is completely possible.

  14. ZB says:

    The Chekov’s gun principle in this case makes me thing that Aida will awake from her machine form only to be killed with no where to download her mind for preservation.

    But to answer the question: Ward. Tripp was too good – read boring – and Hope presents a few icky moral, ethical, and political issues (not the least of which is explaining her to the world since she would a brand new person created from out of nothing, and the plot issue of adding a child to any longstanding show: it doesn’t usually add anything valuable).

    At least with Ward it would be a 1:1 (ish) replacement of a person who was awful with their better version and could ratchet up some fun dramatic tension with the characters who have not interacted with Framework Ward.

  15. Mark says:

    I want other adding to the vote — and then add characters the show can bring back

  16. Trip. Not only because he makes the most sense (Hope wouldn’t really show up on the show, because she’s far too young to go on adventures with dad/Mack, and Ward had his shot to not be a jerk, and look what happened), but because it would bring more story in for him and Daisy. She’s technically responsible for his death, so that could be interesting. It would also diversify the cast, and I’d love to see him alongside Mack and YoYo.

  17. Rick Katze says:

    Voted Ward over Trip in a close decision. Hope would be the humanitarian gesture but would not improve the story.

  18. In real life I’d pick Hope, because, well, cute smart and innocent kid, it’s the right thing to do. But children are boring on TV.. I have four of my own and I watch TV to escape all that! I hate seeing children in peril.

    Tripp just wasn’t in it long enough to make much of an impact for me, I’m afraid (sorry to his fans!) as I can barely remember him. I’ve not missed an episode so I don’t know why he’s so not memorable to me but there you go.

    For the sake of the plot though, it has to be Ward. There’s a goldmine of stories he can generate, not just interpersonal stuff within the team but outside the team too.

  19. Alice Camerlengo says:

    Listen Looking Glass might be the one chance I get at having Ward back as the Good, Pure, Lovable soldier I fell in love with I ain’t gonna take no for an answer (though it’s way too hard to choose – ’cause Trip, my god, Trip. My heart blew up when I saw him, I swear).

  20. Carrie says:

    Voted for Ward but Ward AND Trip would be the best.

  21. Jimmy says:

    I hope you they’re not using this as a way to bring back Ward. The series has not suffered without him and doesn’t really need him anymore.

  22. ndixit says:

    Ward no doubt. And not because of Skyeward. I think it opens a lot of interesting stories for the character for him to inhabit a world where he is a hated Hydra agent, has lost the woman he loved, killed the woman who was his mentor in his world etc… It has interesting dramatic potential.

  23. Jim says:

    trip, we have seen enough of Ward.

  24. RichieS says:

    If they could only revive dead people I would like to see Powers Boothe have another go ’round.

  25. Suzie2013 says:

    If I can only have one. Ward hands down… I’m greedy, I want Ward, Trip, and if he becomes free Lincoln.

    I like Hope she cute but she was just a mention in the earlier shows. I am not invesred in this character.

    On a secondary note, this storyline deals directly with the Dark Hold and while I thought the last pass at the story was badly written and felt the addition of Ghost Rider was just all around bad. I felt the idea had merit. It was just poorly exicuted. They could revisit leaving GR in whatever

  26. Dave says:

    Why isn’t evil Fitz on the list

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Why would the good guys give Evil Fitz human form, when they have THEIR Fitz handy back in the real world?

      • Dave says:

        The good guys? AIDA would give him his human form. They have already set it up when he asked to go with her. What makes you think the comatose good guys in the real world can take control of looking glass? AIDA can bring through anyone she wants.

  27. Dave says:

    I think it would be cool to discover that Mack is actually an Inhuman inside of the machine. Then the dilemma that he has in the real world if he wants to go through the process or remain human. Especially since we know he really isn’t the biggest fan of inhumans.

  28. Amy J says:

    If the actor had been available it might have been Tripp. But no to Hope – cute kid but I lived through Buffy and the Dawn ‘the fake child brought to life’ storyline already. Plus Ward, as polarising as he is, has good potential for story.

  29. Brent says:

    I haven’t seen anyone mention Dr. Radcliffe yet. He is the only real person without a body to go back to. Obviously not a popular choice but a possibility.

  30. Mr. John says:

    I think we end up with an ‘all of the above’ scenario with Evil Fitz, Ward, Trip, the daughter, Aida, etc… all coming through.

  31. Steve F. says:

    Man – much as I want all three, knowing that BJ Britt has some upcoming commitments means we won’t be getting Tripp back any time soon. And while I really would like to see a redeemed Ward (of sorts) rejoin the team, it would make great storytelling if he gave up his shot to save an innocent. So… Hope it is (though I wouldn’t mind Ward)!

  32. Carla Krae says:

    Voted for Tripp.

  33. Fido says:

    My vote is for Evil Fitz. :)

  34. Agent Big says:

    I don’t think that Aida’s machine is going to bring back anyone except Ghost Rider.

  35. Berrylicious says:

    I have to say Ward, and that’s coming from someone that absolutely hated the “old” one and was hoping every episode it would be his last. Out of everyone he would give the writers the most story to work with and I kinda think he deserves a second chance. One were he wasnt corrupted from his youth on. Just if he does come back please please please dont’ let him turn bad again, that would really be the last straw.

  36. Jason says:

    She’s not dead, but can we just have Bobbi back instead. She’s the one I miss the most.

  37. Vala says:

    Anyone but Ward, enough with him in any form. Sorry Brett.

  38. Jane says:

    First pick – none, second – Trip, third pick – anyone except Ward. He is dead. He was a boring character before he was shown to be evil. He is still a coring character.

  39. mike says:

    NO MORE WARD! I want Bobbie back. But i suppose of those listed, Trip then hope. I guess. Really don’t care about either. BRING BACK BOBBIE

  40. zblfb says:

    I so badly want to vote for all of them. I think this version of Ward deserves a chance, and I would never oppose to Trip coming back. And of course, I want Mack to be happy with Hope.

  41. kate says:

    Honestly, I can’t decide. I want them all back, but I see Ward and Hope being the ones to make it through. I love Trip but his character might be a bit superfluous since they couldn’t seem to handle have Bobby and Hunter there at the same time. And while Trip was friends with everyone, I think Ward’s potential as love interest for Daisy gives him more room to grow and have more of a place (and plus, I want to see our May have a reaction to this Ward, of anyone, she will have the hardest time with it and if they return to a status quo then Mack and Daisy are partners again unless Yo Yo is on mission and Coulson is back in charge, then May needs a partner. And, I don’t think you are getting Mack through the machine without Hope (and she’s easy enough to deal with by being in school and whatnot).

  42. talia says:

    Won’t Hope still be alive in the real world as the version of her in the framework is not real

  43. Aeol says:

    The mother in me says Hope, the woman in me says Trip. ;)

  44. Lila says:

    I feel like Mac wouldn’t want that though – you can’t replace a child.

  45. Lila says:

    But how was Mace not included in this?

  46. Mary says:

    Why would they need to bring Hope out of the Framework if she’s alive and well in the real world anyway?
    They should bring back Trip if they could bring back anyone. He died trying to save Daisy, not knowing that she was going to be okay.

  47. Marco Piazzo says:

    I can’t choose, sorry.

  48. tamim says:

    So, I was thinking, if they brought back Hope, would it be possible for her to become a version of Moon Girl? It’s the only way I can think of that they could have a little girl on the show and not have her become a “Wesley” – Hope is already shown to be an extremely smart and gifted kid.

  49. Roadpig says:

    I’d like Tripp to come back, the characters would choose Mac’s daughter but the show runners will probably choose Ward. :/