The 100 Star Talks Raven's New Low: 'She's Basically Killing Herself'

The 100 Spoilers

Raven can officially add “martyr” to her incredibly long list of accomplishments.

When The 100 returns on Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c), Arkadia’s resident tech genius is “definitely at her lowest point yet,” actress Lindsey Morgan tells TVLine. “Her brain is deteriorating at a rapid rate because she’s using it so much. In trying to save everyone, she’s basically killing herself.”

It’s a frightening experience for Raven, though Morgan insists her own experience with the storyline also proved to be… emotional.

“Let’s just say I had plenty of crew members pull me aside and tell me how much they’re going to miss me,” Morgan says. “It was very frightening, very shocking. But what can she do? Her brain is deteriorating. She’s either going to be a vegetable with complete brain damage for the rest of her life, or she’s going to die.”

As The CW recently revealed in photos, Raven comes face to face — or at least mind to mind — with Becca in Wednesday’s episode, a reunion Morgan finds very interesting.

“It’s funny, even as scientific and logical as she may be as a woman, you’ll be surprised to see what her mind manifests when it’s pushed to the limit,” she says. “It’s a treat, actually, and I’d say Becca isn’t the only one visiting Raven.”

Your hopes for the final five episodes of The 100‘s fourth season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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